Harmless Bombs by the Jolly Roger

To all those who do not wish to inflict bodily damage on their victims

but only terror.

These are weapons that should be used from high places.

1) The flour bomb.

Take a wet paper towel and pour a given amount of baking flour in

the center. Then wrap it up and put on a rubber band to keep it

together. When thrown it will fly well but when it hits, it covers

the victim with the flower or causes a big puff of flour which will

put the victim in terror since as far as they are concerned, some

strange white powder is all over them. This is a cheap method of

terror and for only the cost of a roll of paper towels and a bag of

flour you and your friends can have loads of fun watching people

flee in panic.

2) Smoke bomb projectile.

All you need is a bunch of those little round smoke bombs and a

wrist rocket or any sling-shot. Shoot the smoke bombs and watch the

terror since they think it will blow up!

3) Rotten eggs (good ones)

Take some eggs and get a sharp needle

and poke a small hole in the top of each one.

Then let them sit in a warm place for about a week. Then you've got a

bunch of rotten eggs that will only smell when they hit.

4) Glow in the dark terror.

Take one of those tubes of glow in the dark stuff and pour the

stuff on whatever you want to throw and when it gets on the victim,

they think it's some deadly chemical or a radioactive substance so

they run in total panic. This works especially well with flower

bombs since a gummy, glowing substance gets all over the victim.

5) Fizzling panic.

Take a baggie of a water-baking soda solution and seal it. (Make

sure there is no air in it since the solution will form a gas and

you don't want it to pop on you.) Then put it in a bigger plastic

bag and fill it with vinegar and seal it. When thrown, the two

substances will mix and cause a violently bubbling substance to go

all over the victim.