Hacking Tutorial Courtesy of the Jolly Roger

What is hacking?


According to popular belief the term hacker and hacking was founded at mit

it comes from the root of a hack writer,someone who keeps "hacking" at

the typewriter until he finishes the story.a computer hacker would be

hacking at the keyboard or password works.


What you need:


To hack you need a computer equipped with a modem (a device that lets you

transmit data over phone lines) which should cost you from $100 to $1200.


How do you hack?


Hacking recuires two things:

1. The phone number

2. Answer to identity elements


How do you find the phone #?


There are three basic ways to find a computers phone number.

1. Scanning,

2. Directory

3. Inside info.


What is scanning?


Scanning is the process of having a computer search for a carrier tone.

For example,the computer would start at (800) 111-1111 and wait for carrier

if there is none it will go on to 111-1112 etc.if there is a carrier it

will record it for future use and continue looking for more.


What is directory assictance?


This way can only be used if you know where your target computer is. For this

example say it is in menlo park, CA and the company name is sri.


1. Dial 411 (or 415-555-1212)

2. Say "Menlo park"

3. Say "Sri"

4. Write down number

5. Ask if there are any more numbers

6. If so write them down.

7. Hang up on operator

8. Dial all numbers you were given

9. Listen fir carrier tone

10. If you hear carrier tone write down number, call it on your modem and your

set to hack!