How to make a landmine by The Jolly Roger

First, you need to get a pushbutton switch. Take the wires of it

and connect one to a nine volt battery connector and the other to

a solar igniter (used for launching model rockets). A very thin

piece of stereo wire will usually do the trick if you are

desperate, but I recommend the igniter. Connect the other wire of

the nine-volt battery to one end of the switch. Connect a wire

from the switch to the other lead on the solar igniter.



\ /

\ /

\ /

\ /

solar igniter






Now connect the explosive (pipe bomb, m-80, CO2 bomb, etc.) to the

igniter by attaching the fuse to the igniter (seal it with scotch

tape). Now dig a hole; not too deep but enough to cover all of the

materials. Think about what direction your enemy will be coming from

and plant the switch, but leave the button visible (not TOO

visible!). Plant the explosive about 3-5 feet away from the switch

because there will be a delay in the explosion that depends on how

short your wick is, and, if a homemade wick is being used, its

burning speed. But if you get it right... and your enemy is close