Under water igniters by The Jolly Roger

Materials needed:


-Pack of 10 silicon diodes (available at Radio Shack. you will

know you got the right ones if they are very, very small glass


-Pack of matches

-1 candle




- Light the candle and allow a pool of molten wax to form in the



- Take a single match and hold the glass part of a single diode

against the head. Bend the diode pins around the matchhead so that

one wraps in an upward direction and thensticks out to the side.

Do the same with the other wire, but in a downward direction. The

diodes should now be hugging the matchhead, but its wires MUST NOT



- Dip the matchhead in wax to give it a water-proof coat. These

work underwater


- repeat to make as many as you want


How to use them:


When these little dudes are hooked across a 6v battery, the diode

reaches what is called breakdown voltage. When most electrical

components reach this voltage, they usually produce great amounts

of heat and light, while quickly melting into a little blob. This

heat is enough to ignite a matchhead. These are recommended for

use underwater, where most other igniters refuse to work. ENJOY!