How to make Potassium Nitrate by The Jolly Roger

Potassium Nitrate is an ingredient in making fuses, among other

things. Here is how you make it:


Materials needed:


-3.5 gallons of nitrate bearing earth or other material

-1/2 cup of wood ashes

-Bucket or other similar container about 4-5 gallons in volume

-2 pieces of finely woven cloth, each a bit bigger than the

bottom of the bucket

-Shallow dish or pan at least as large in diameter as the bucket

-Shallow, heat resistant container

-2 gallons of water

-Something to punch holes in the bottom of the bucket

-1 gallon of any type of alcohol

-A heat source

-Paper & tape




- Punch holes on the inside bottom of the bucket, so that the

metal is"puckered" outward from the bottom


- Spread cloth over the holes from the bottom


- Place wood ashes on the cloth. Spread it out so that it covers

the entire cloth and has about the same thickness.


- Place 2nd cloth on top of the wood ashes


- Place the dirt or other material in the bucket


- Place the bucket over the shallow container. NOTE: It may need

support on the bottom so that the holes on the bottom are not



- Boil water and pour it over the earth very slowly. Do NOT pour

it all at once, as this will clog the filter on the bottom.


- Allow water to run through holes into the shallow dish on the



- Be sure that the water goes through ALL of the earth!


- Allow water in dish to cool for an hour or so


- Carefully drain the liquid in the dish away, and discard the

sludge in the bottom


- Boil this liquid over a fire for at least two hours. Small

grains of salt will form - scoop these out with the paper as they



- When the liquid has boiled down to 1/2 its original volume let

it sit


- After 1/2 hour, add equal volume of the alcohol; when this

mixture is poured through paper, small white crystals appear. This

is the posassium nitrate.




- Redissolve crystals in small amount of boiling water


- Remove any crystals that appear


- Pour through improvised filter then heat concentrated solution

to dryness.


- Spread out crystals and allow to dry




Compiled by -= Exodus =-