Do ya hate school? by The Jolly Roger

- One of my favorites for getting out of a class or two is to call

in a bomb threat. Tell 'em that it is in a locker. Then they have

to check them all, whilst you can slip away for an hour or two.

You can even place a fake bomb (in any locker but YOURS!). They

might cancel school for a week while they investigate (of course,

you will probably have to make it up in the summer...).


- Get some pure potassium or pure sodium, put it in a capsule, and

flush it down the toilet (smells awful! Stinks up the whole school!).


- Use a smoke grenade in the hallway.


- Steal the computer passwords & keys. Or steal the 80 column cards

inside if they are (gag) IBM.


- Make friends with student assistants and have them change your

grades when the teachers hand in their bubble sheets for the report



- Spit your gum out on the carpet in the library or whatever and

grind it into the carpet. Watch the janitors cry!


- Draw on lockers or spraypaint on the building that the principal

is a fascist.


- Stick a potato in the tailpipe of the principal's car.


-Get a virus from The Black Gate BBS, and infect their computers!

Most likely they use WordPerfect, Excel, and shit like that.