The Arts of Lockpicking II courtesy of The Jolly Roger

So you want to be a criminal. Well, if you want to be like James

Bond and open a lock in fifteen seconds, then go to Hollywood,

because that is the only place you are ever going to do it. Even

experienced locksmiths can spend five to ten minutes on a lock if

they are unlucky. If you are wanting extremely quick access, look

elsewhere. The following instructions will pertain mostly to the

"lock in knob" type lock, since it is the easiest to pick.


First of all, you need a pick set. If you know a locksmith, get

him to make you a set. This will be the best possible set for you

to use. If you find a locksmith unwilling to supply a set, don't

give up hope. It is possible to make your own, if you have access

to a grinder (you can use a file, but it takes forever).


The thing you need is an allen wrench set (very small). These

should be small enough to fit into the keyhole slot. Now, bend

the long end of the allen wrench at a slight angle (not 90

degrees). Now, take your pick to a grinder or a file, and smooth

the end until it is rounded so it won't hang inside the lock.

Test your tool out on doorknobs at your house to see if it will

slide in and out smoothly. Now, this is where the screwdriver

comes in. It must be small enough for it and your pick to be used

in the same lock at the same time, one above the other. In the

coming instructions, please refer to this chart of the interior of

a lock:


\ K

| | | | | | / E

| | | | \ Y [|] Upper tumbler pin

^ ^ / H [^] Lower tumbler pin

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ \ O [-] Cylinder wall

/ L (This is a greatly simplified

\ E drawing)



The object is to press the pin up so that the space between the

upper pin and the lower pin is level with the cylinder wall. Now,

if you push a pin up, it's tendency is to fall back down, right?

That is where the screwdriver comes in. Insert the screwdriver

into the slot and turn. This tension will keep the "solved" pins

from falling back down. Now, work from the back of the lock to

the front, and when you are through, there will be a click, the

screwdriver will turn freely, and the door will open.


Do not get discouraged on your first try! It will probably take

you about twenty to thirty minutes your first time. After that,

you will quickly improve with practice.


Add to TACIV, '94.


-= Exodus =-