The Arts of Lockpicking I courtesy of The Jolly Roger

Lockpicking I: Cars and assorted other locks


While the basic themes of lockpicking and uninvited entry have not

changed much in the last few years, some modern devices and

techniques have appeared on the scene.




Many older automobiles can still be opened with a Slim Jim type of

opener (these and other auto locksmithing techniques are covered

fully in the book "In the Still of the Night", by John Russell

III); however, many car manufacturers have built cases over the

lock mechanism, or have moved the lock mechanism so the Slim Jim

will not work. So:


American Locksmith Service

P.O. Box 26

Culver City, CA 90230


ALS offers a new and improved Slim Jim that is 30 inches long and

3/4 inches wide, so it will both reach and slip through the new

car lock covers (inside the door). Price is $5.75 plus $2.00

postage and handling.


Cars manufactured by General Motors have always been a bane to

people who needed to open them, because the sidebar locking unit

they employ is very difficult to pick. To further complicate

matters, the new GM cars employ metal shields to make the use of a

Slim Jim type instrument very difficult. So:


Lock Technology Corporation

685 Main St.

New Rochelle, NY 10801


LTC offers a cute little tool which will easily remove the lock

cylinder without harm to the vehicle, and will allow you to enter

and/or start the vehicle. The GMC-40 sells for $56.00 plus $2.00

for postage and handling.


The best general automobile opening kit is probably a set of

lockout tools offered by:


Steck MFG Corporation

1319 W. Stewart St.

Dayton, OH 45408


For $29.95 one can purchase a complete set of six carbon lockout

tools that will open more than 95% of all the cars around.


Kwickset locks have become quite popular as one step security

locks for many types of buildings. They are a bit harder to pick

and offer a higher degree of security than a normal builder

installed door lock. So:



1151 Wallace St.

Massilon, OH 44646


Price is $11.95. Kwickset locks can handily be disassembled and

the door opened without harm to either the lock or the door by

using the above mentioned Kwick Out tool.


If you are too lazy to pick auto locks:


Veehof Supply

Box 361

Storm Lake, IO 50588


VS sells tryout keys for most cars (tryout keys are used since

there is no one master key for any one make of car, but there are

group type masters (a.k.a. tryout keys). Prices average about

$20.00 a set.


Updated Lockpicking:


For years, there have been a number of pick attack procedures for

most pin and tumbler lock systems. In reverse order of ease they

are as follows:


Normal Picking: Using a pick set to align the pins, one by one,

until the shear line is set and the lock opens.


Racking: This method uses picks that are constructed with a

series of bumps, or diamond shape notches. These picks

are "raked" (i.e. run over all the pins at one time).

With luck, the pins will raise in the open position and

stay there. Raking, if successful, can be much less of

an effort than standard picking.


Lock Aid Gun: This gun shaped device was invented a number of

years ago and has found application with many

locksmiths and security personnel. Basically, a

needle shaped pick is inserted in the snout of the

"gun", and the "trigger" is pulled. This action

snaps the pick up and down strongly. If the tip is

slipped under the pins, they will also be snapped

up and down strongly. With a bit of luck they will

strike each other and separate at the shear line

for a split second. When this happens the lock

will open. The lock aid gun is not 100%

successful, but when it does work, the results are

very dramatic. You can sometimes open the lock

with one snap of the trigger.


Vibrator: Some crafty people have mounted a needle pick into an

electric toothbrush power unit. This vibrating effect

will sometimes open pin tumbler locks -- instantly.


There is now another method to open pin and wafer locks in a very

short time. Although it resembles a toothbrush pick in

appearance, it is actually an electronic device. I am speaking of

the Cobra pick that is designed and sold by:


Fed Corporation

P.O. Box 569

Scottsdale, AR 85252


The Cobra uses two nine volt batteries, teflon bearings (for less

noise), and a cam roller. It comes with three picks (for

different types of locks) and works both in America and overseas,

on pin or wafer locks. The Cobra will open group one locks

(common door locks) in three to seven seconds with no damage, in

the hands of an experienced locksmith. It can take a few seconds

more or up to a half a minute for someone with no experience at

all. It will also open group two locks (including government,

high security, and medecos), although this can take a short time

longer. It will not open GM sidear locks, although a device is

about to be introduced to fill that gap. How much for this toy

that will open most locks in seven seconds?


$235.00 plus $4.00 shipping and handling.


For you hard core safe crackers, FC also sells the MI-6 that will

open most safes at a cost of $10,000 for the three wheel attack

model, and $10,500 for the four wheel model. It comes in a sturdy

aluminum carrying case with monitor, disk drive and software.


If none of these safe and sane ideas appeal to you, you can always

fall back on the magic thermal lance...


The thermal lance is a rather crude instrument constructed from

3/8 inch hollow magnesium rods. Each tube comes in a 10 foot

length, but can be cut down if desired. Each one is threaded on

one end. To use the lance, you screw the tube together with a

matted regulator (like a welding outfit uses) and hook up an

oxygen tank. Then oxygen is turned on and the rod is lit with a

standard welding ignitor. The device produces an incredible

amount of heat. It is used for cutting up concrete blocks or even

rocks. An active lance will go through a foot of steel in a few

seconds. The lance is also known as a burning bar, and is

available from:



7748 W. Addison

Chicago, IL 60634


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