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Free Speech - August 1996 - Volume II, Number 8

Reports from Our Correspondents

Racial News from Around the World

By Kevin Alfred Strom

In this article we will be looking at news items, both profound and absurd, sent in by ADV listeners around the world, which have been overlooked or underreported by the controlled media. In a previous article I detailed a few of the many so-called "hate crimes" that actually turn out to be hoaxes perpetrated by the so-called oppressed groups themselves. Just after I filed that article another item was sent to me which continues the long list of such hoaxes. It's from the Pensacola News-Journal, June 1, 1996:
MIAMI -- A Jewish father and son team were convicted of staging hate crimes by defacing a Jewish school's buses to drum up repair work.

Al and Steven Rubin arranged for two teenagers to vandalize school buses and spray-paint anti-Semitic slogans and swastikas around Hillel Community Day School last year.

. . . Steven Rubin, the school's transportation director, directed repair business to his father, who owned Priority Car Care. The son also was accused of faking work for his father, including $79 oil changes billed at $4,000.

David Michael Brown, a mechanic who once worked for Al Rubin, testified he acted as the middleman, paying the vandals $50.

. . . Steven Rubin was found guilty of nine counts of theft, three counts of burglary, two counts of criminal mischief, and burglary conspiracy. Al Rubin was convicted of nine counts of theft.

In this case, fellow Jews were the monetary victims of this "hate-crime" hoax but had the real perpetrators never been caught, who would have been blamed for these incidents? How many such "racist" incidents, which make their way into the frightening "hate crime" statistics that the Jewish lobby now requires our police agencies to compile, are in reality as-yet-unexposed hoaxes?

* * *

The San Jose Mercury News reports that two Baltimore Sun reporters paid $1,000 to slave owners in Sudan for two Sudanese brothers who had been abducted from their home six years ago and since then had worked as slaves in the fields. The reporters, after purchasing the pair, granted them their freedom.

This recent item demonstrates the absurdity of the controlled media's anti-White guilt-mongering on the subject of slavery. The enslavement of one tribe of non-Whites by another tribe of non-Whites, or by their own tribesmen, is still taking place on the continent of Africa and elsewhere in the non-White world.

Slavery in Sudan is notorious, and despite government denials, and more than one official banning, it still flourishes. It is also endemic in Mauritania, likewise on a massive, institutionalized scale. In these cases it is usually Islamic Berbers or Moors who hold Blacks in captivity, though some Blacks participate in the marketing of their own kinsmen. Blacks hold other Blacks as slaves in Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, and Rwanda according to Michael Harris of Anti-Slavery International.

Jews, along with European Whites, were prominent in the historic Atlantic slave trade. That trade lasted for about three hundred years, until it was abolished by White Europeans. But Blacks had been capturing and enslaving neighboring tribes since time immemorial, and had been supplying Arab slavers with their fellow Blacks for 1,000 years before the Europeans arrived -- and they are still doing it. Scholars estimate that over 14 million Blacks were transported to the slave bazaars of Arabia, a greater number than were shipped to North America. At those slave bazaars, by the way, Blacks were offered up for sale on the same blocks where White slaves were being sold. In fact some of the slave-trading Black kingdoms, notably the Ashanti, enslaved all foreigners they could get their hands on and traded them for Arab gold and trinkets. These captives sometimes even included Europeans shipwrecked off western Africa.

Long before the arrival of the White man, Amerindians owned slaves. "Slave-catchers" were sent out after battles to round up the enemy wounded for a lifetime of slavery. In some tribes the slaves accounted for 15% of the population. Sometimes Indian "potlatch" ceremonies included the killing of large numbers of slaves just to show off the wealth of the slave owner.

In Thailand, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, and other parts of the Third World, it is well known that parents sell their children, girls and boys, into slavery to sex club operators who use their young bodies to attract the shekels, yen, and dollars of "sex tourists," foreign and domestic, with various types of perversion. Some of these children are as young as six years old. Many are sent to other countries, and slave merchants report that they can get five or six times the price for a child under sixteen as for an adult slave. This differential reflects the high demand for young sex slaves to satisfy the unnatural urges of perverts.

Anti-Slavery International estimates that 55 million children between the ages of 4 and 14 are enslaved in India. Some work in brothels where they may endure dozens of sexual violations daily. Some work 18 hour per day, seven day per week in textile, fireworks, or other manufacturing sweatshops. These child slaves are often burned, branded with red-hot irons, starved, whipped, chained, raped, and kept locked in cupboards for days.

In the Oaxaca Mountains of Mexico, women often sell their children and ask few questions about what will become of them. The going rate is from under $10,000 to about $20,000, depending on the child's complexion and whether the purchaser is a Mexican or a rich Westerner. The highest prices are fetched by children whose fathers are White men and who inherit their fathers' coloration. These are used to supply the huge adoption market in Europe and America, where abortion has literally thrown a generation of White children into the trash, forcing would-be adoptive parents to look elsewhere. A White man traveling in rural Mexico can often have his choice of young Indians or mestizas to sleep with -- so anxious are they to give birth to a child of "high value." The "adoptees" are the lucky ones. Not so lucky are those sold into lifelong slavery to rich Mexicans, who may treat them as they will. Unluckier still are those sold to pedophiles and pimps.

In this short time I have just barely sketched the outlines of slavery as it existed and still exists, and I haven't even mentioned the historic enslavement of Whites or the existence of White slavery in modern Israel, which I wrote about several months ago in this newsletter. Suffice it to say: Slavery has been a factor in virtually all human societies since the dawn of history. It has not been a phenomenon peculiar to White societies, and in a sense quite the opposite is true. It was White people who first abolished the institution of slavery, since many rightly came to view it not only as pernicious to the well-being of the slave, but also degrading to the master, inimical to the interests of the White laborer, and destructive of the racial integrity of the nation. It was White people who first introduced the concepts of self-government and individual freedom and responsibility into the world.

The Black writer Orlando Patterson just about said it all on this subject when he stated: "There was no word for `freedom' in most non-Western languages before contact with Western peoples."

* * *

Let's review a few news items that have crossed the wires recently: In Baltimore, Maryland, an outfit called Healthy Start Men's Services, which undoubtedly is funded by your tax money and mine, purports to have as its purpose teaching inner city Black men how to be good fathers. According to a report in the San Jose Mercury News, they describe as a "typical case" a 44-year-old Baltimore man who, during those periods when he was not incarcerated, fathered eight children by five different women and who candidly admits he never took fatherhood seriously. If this is their typical case, I would shudder to think about the bad ones.

* * *

LAGOS, NIGERIA -- Newspapers report that over sixty people became sick after drinking Sun Light dishwashing detergent. The labels were clearly marked "detergent" but did show a picture of a lemon and the words "real lemon juice."

Instances similar to this also were reported, several years ago, in large, heavily Black metropolitan areas in the United States when detergent samples were delivered via the mails.

* * *

And, on a much more serious note:

LIBERIA -- Sensi Momoh is a Liberian living in a village to the northwest of the capital, Monrovia. A civil war has been raging in Liberia, and a few weeks ago soldiers from one of the factions arrived in the village. Did they arrive to establish control and enlist the support of the villagers. No. Garnering support was the farthest thing from their minds. In fact, when they arrived -- unopposed -- in town the first things they did were fire their guns at random and ransack the huts. But that was far, very far, from the worst of it. Listen to Sensi Momoh's own words:

They killed my brother. They opened up his body and took the heart out. They put it in a big pan and cooked it in palm butter. Then they ate it.
Was Sensi Momoh's brother a member of an opposing faction in the civil war? No. The driving force behind this savagery is not politics, and this was not an isolated case. The driving force is an ancient African belief system that posits that by eating certain human body parts the cannibal may gain in power and strength.

Many of the refugees from the war, now in camps outside Monrovia and accessible to the few Western journalists still remaining, described similar acts of cannibalism, which are believed to confer supernatural powers upon the bloody feasters. A woman related how she had seen young soldiers of Alhaji GV Kromah's "United Liberation Movement" cut out the heart and testicles of five young boys and eat them. While this was taking place Kromah himself sat as a member of the Council of State in Monrovia, put there by Western peacemakers trying to reform Liberia's bloody ways.

Liberia may be an extreme example, but parallels in Rwanda, Kenya, Rhodesia, Angola, Katanga, and pre-colonial Africa abound. Absolute autocracy is the only way that African societies have been able to maintain a measure of order and peace. The slightest vacuum of authority results in chaos.

It is also interesting to note that across Central Africa the eating of ape meat is commonplace. The Africans indulging in this practice believe that consuming the ape will endow them with the strength and cunning of the beast. This is clearly a variant on the beliefs of the cannibals, and may be a relict of cannibalistic practices which have been at least partially suppressed. It is hard to imagine that the similarity to cannibalism is lost on the participants.

The vice president of the Wildlife Conservation Society, John Robinson, is worried that the practice of killing and eating apes is so prevalent that extinction is a real possibility. He stated, "Except in locales where the hunting is light, the exploitation of most species is not sustainable."

The World Society for the Protection of Animals launched a large ad campaign beginning in 1990 to protect these animals and discourage the killing and eating of them at ritual feasts. The result was no change in the African's beliefs or eating habits, but there were charges of "cultural insensitivity" from the more dedicated equalitarians.

Foolish indeed are those who think that Western money or "ideals" will have any lasting effect on the African manner of political succession or spiritual beliefs. And even more foolish are those who think that we can become one genetically with the African without becoming like him intellectually, morally, spiritually, and politically as well.

* * *

WASHINGTON, DC -- The most recent crime statistics, as you may have heard trumpeted in the media, indicate small decreases in violent crime over the last few years. Despite this, of course, crime is tremendously greater today than it was before the Third World invasion of America and the so-called "civil rights" revolution. And I have a healthy skepticism about these reports of decreasing crime, and I'll tell you why after we review some of the statistics: Overall crime has diminished slightly, but some crime levels have exploded. Currently there is one violent crime every 17 seconds; one property crime every 3 seconds; one murder every 23 minutes; one forcible rape every 5 minutes; one robbery every 51 seconds; one aggravated assault every 28 seconds; one burglary every 12 seconds; one larceny every 4 seconds; and one motor vehicle theft every 20 seconds.

In the next thirty minutes six more women will be raped.

According to the Department of Justice: In 1960 there were 160 violent crimes for every 100,000 Americans.

In 1994 there were 715 violent crimes for every 100,000 Americans.

They also say that since 1990 violent and property crime have declined by respectively by 2.2 and 8.5 percent.

Now those are fascinating figures; but I think that crime in non-White areas is vastly understated in the statistics for several reasons.

In some of these areas the crime situation is so bad, crimes are so omnipresent and so routine, that only a fraction are reported. Secondly, of those reported some are "lost in the shuffle" of paperwork because of an inefficient and/or vastly understaffed and overworked police force who must make the time to deal with "priority situations" and let the rest slide. Even many of the reported and recorded crimes are not really investigated, and never show up in arrest or conviction statistics. Remember that these conditions exist mainly in heavily non-White areas, so the huge difference between Whites and non-Whites in their propensity for crime is probably considerably understated.

I worked for many years in the occupied Washington, DC, area. My work took me often into the areas where the tour buses (and sometimes even the U.S. Mail) won't go. I have personal knowledge of what such urban hells are like.

* * *

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORIA -- Those of you who are skeptical of that New Age therapy, "Past Life Regression," will probably not be surprised at the innovation of psychiatrist Adrian Finkelstein, which he calls "Future Life Progression." No slouch, Finkelstein does not merely claim to see your future incarnations but claims he can "reconstruct" your future lives so as to ensure that you'll come back as someone rich and famous. Such a service would undoubtedly be worth millions of dollars, but so full of altruism is Dr. Finkelstein that he only charges the suckers, uh, . . . I mean clients, two hundred dollars per hour.

* * *

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz published an article by Jewish columnist Ari Shavit in which Jewish control of the United States was frankly admitted. The really strange thing is that this column was reprinted on May 27 by the New York Times, and except for courageous commentator Joseph Sobran Americans are averting their eyes from the forbidden and embarrassing truth.

Shavit is not pleased by the cold-blooded killing committed by his fellow Israelis in Lebanon. He states in the article:

We killed them out of a certain naive hubris. Believing with absolute certitude that now, with the White House, the Senate, and much of the American media in our hands, the lives of others do not count as much as our own. . . .
It is just as I wrote several months ago -- some Jews now believe that they can get away with anything. Non-Jewish lives count for nothing. Do whatever you want, and our spin doctors in the media will keep the American cattle from lowing. Kill at will, and the President and his appointees and the Congress will smile and hand you even more billions of the U.S. taxpayers' money. Remember, "the White House, the Senate, and much of the American media are in our hands."

Now if I stated such a thing, or if any White American stated that the government and the media in this country were "in Jewish hands," we'd be talking "hate crimes" and "bigotry" and that most terrible crime of all, "anti-Semitism." Let us thank Ari Shavit for clearing the air and speaking the truth, and forever making it impossible to deny exactly who is responsible for America's decline to the status of an occupied nation.

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