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Free Speech - May 1996 - Volume II, Number 5

News: A New Publisher for The Turner Diaries

A major New York publisher, Lyle Stuart, has purchased the publishing rights to The Turner Diaries. Stuart's Barricade Books is planning a first printing of 60,000 copies of a trade paperback edition to be released on May 20, 1996. The new edition is priced at $12 and will be available at most major bookstores. A limited number of the mass-market National Vanguard Books edition of the Turner Diaries are still available at $12.95 plus $3 for postage and handling. Check the The Turner Diaries page for more information.

The new edition of the book has provoked an immediate reaction from the advocates of thought control. Morris Dees of the so-called Southern Poverty Law Center has been writing letters to the large book distributors urging them not to handle the book. He and other thought controllers want the book to remain an "underground" publication, with all of the sinister connotations that such a status implies. They are very unhappy to The Turner Diaries see moving into the mainstream and lose its aura of danger and illegality. To date, Waldenbooks is the only major bookseller to acquiesce to Dees' call for censorship. Even this compliance may be short-lived if Walden sees any significant sales lost to other booksellers.

A cassette recording of this broadcast is available for $12.95 including postage from:
National Vanguard Books
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