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Free Speech - March 1996 - Volume II, Number 3

The New Slavery

Hidden Aspects of "Equal Employment Opportunity,"

By Kevin Alfred Strom

Part III

The Orwellian doctrines of "Affirmative Action" and "Equal Employment Opportunity" are more than just bad ideas which hurt our economy and punish the productive -- they are setting the stage for a new kind of slavery, presided over by an alien tyranny enforcing a code of values so inverted that it would make Lewis Carroll blush. No matter how bad you think this situation is, I assure you it is far, far worse than you think.

This month we will conclude our analysis of "Equal Employment Opportunity" (EEO) adapted from a treatise by Mr. Jeremy Miller.

Jeremy Miller is the nom de guerre of a graduate student in economics who has worked at a high level in major U.S. corporations, but who cannot reveal his true identity at this time because of possible reprisals.

It isn't only unqualified racial minorities who are forced upon employers by EEO laws. Recently on the "Donahue" talk program there was the case of the male legal secretary from Chicago. He thought it was a good idea to moonlight and strip at a certain sleazy establishment for other men, and he lost his day job. However, Donahue pointed out that a new law in another jurisdiction prohibits employers from terminating workers for their activities off the job as long as those activities are legal, and so the stripper would have been protected in his secretarial job if he were employed in that other jurisdiction. The prestigious law firms in that other jurisdiction are probably looking at all of their associates and saying to themselves: "Any one of our associates may decide to become a male stripper, and we can't do much about it except to let wages erode by inflation, starting now. Any one of our associates may decide to get himself infected with HIV, and then it's `Philadelphia' all over again."

Under the old system prior to equal employment opportunity if a person's behavior deviated from strict social norms, whether the behavior was exhibited on or off the job, that person was summarily fired. The employer did not even have to devote the slightest bit of time to find the party guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Nowadays, people seem to think that the protections afforded by the equal employment opportunity laws have elevated them to sacred cow status and that they can get away with murder. They're right; they can. This is because wimpy employers are so afraid of being targets of lawsuits that they are constantly looking the other way when there is adverse behavior going on right under their noses.

But there is more. Certain laws restrict an employer's discrimination on the basis of criminal records. Wow! When this writer was a schoolchild his teachers warned him: "Incur a criminal record, even for shoplifting a piece of gum, and you'll never get a job . . . you'll starve!" This message is no longer as pungent, meaningful, or valid as it was, and so we see an incentive to toe the line has been extinguished. Is it any wonder why U.S. crime rates have gone through the roof? Is it any wonder why our prisons are bursting at the seams even though more and more prison cells are being created? If we were to send a strong message to the population that their deviant behavior will result in starvation, you would see criminality go way down.

Criminality and homelessness are linked, and EEO laws increase the likelihood of homelessness for the less-able portion of our population. It works like this: The value of the least preferred job candidate is even lower than it otherwise would have been in the absence of the equal employment opportunity laws. This is because EEO laws give the least preferred job candidate the power to impose himself upon the employer any time he chooses. Think about it; any product that is less than your first choice still has a certain perceived value associated with it. But if you are forced to buy that less-than-first-choice product at a time when you are not of a mind to make the purchase, the perceived value of that product will go down drastically in your mind. If the value falls below another federal mandate -- the minimum wage -- the otherwise employable individual becomes instantly unemployable. Is it any wonder that homelessness is soaring among the lower echelons of our society?

On the other end of the income scale, did you know that equal employment opportunity equals $25,000,000.00 salaries? That's right. That's exactly what I mean. But such income levels are reserved only for the select few.

If you have read the previous articles in this series you realize that the labor force of this country is increasingly made up of low-quality people adhering to low personal standards of conduct.

Conversely, the number of people who have the track record and ability to keep an organization of low quality players going as a viable concern is diminishing and diminishing drastically. With a high demand for executives who can handle a delicate balancing act and with a dwindling supply of these executives, you see the compensation levels for these executives going through the roof.

Why aren't these executives subject to the downwardly equalizing effects of equal employment opportunity while the rest of us are having our salaries trampled upon? First, remember that salaries are being downwardly equalized to the value of the least preferred candidate within each job category. Even the least preferred job candidate for the CEO position who can handle the aforementioned balancing act is worth a huge salary in this very odd business environment. Second, with profit sharing, stock options, and other aspects of a high level executive job, the high level executive becomes more like a business owner than a member of labor. Owners of successful businesses are making out like bandits by profiting from the declining wage levels of their workers. These cost savings are significant, and the results are going right to the bottom line of the corporate income statement, and right out of the pockets of qualified productive White workers.

With the work force observing its purchasing power diminishing at the same time as the compensation package of the CEO swells from $25,000,000.00 to $50,000,000.00, it's enough to make the mental stability of anyone crack. Is it any wonder why insanity is at epidemic proportions in the United States? But don't let any of this bother you excessively. What we are seeing are symptoms of a very perverse system in transition to its ultimate state. With the Federal debt hanging over us like the Sword of Damocles and with multitudes of workers being let go in mergers and consolidations, soon millions of middle class White Americans will be wishing for the days when they could get minimum wage jobs.

Equal employment opportunity violates First Amendment rights, specifically freedom of religion.

"Every living thing loves its own kind, every man a man like himself. Every being is drawn to its own kind; with his own kind every man associates."

This verse makes up one tenet of the writer's religion, and it likewise seems to be the religious tenet of many, many other Americans. However, the equal employment opportunity laws seem to make no accommodation for the valid religious beliefs and First Amendment rights of these many Americans.

Under the old system if new immigrants were discriminated against and unable to secure employment, they would form associations with each other and start their own enterprises which eventually thrived and enhanced and enriched the competitive environment. Gee, when you look at it this way doesn't discrimination seem to be a good thing -- a great incentive for economic growth with the added bonuses of religious freedom and ethnic identification!

It is this writer's opinion that the equal employment opportunity laws are unconstitutional since they violate the freedom of the labor buyer to practice his religious tenets as expressed by the verse I quoted, and by the fact that Sunday morning is widely acknowledged as the most racially segregated time of the week. Moreover, the religious freedom of any job seeker is similarly restricted because he can no longer target his applications towards organizations whose demographic makeup match his own, and he is restricted from forming entrepreneurial associations based on his own ethnic identity.

It is this writer's firm conviction that the origins of the deterioration of United States society can be directly traced to the passage of the EEO laws. This deterioration has no letup in sight, and the imposition of a horrid lifestyle dominated by crime, danger, insanity, poverty and homelessness upon the populace is much more than a trivial violation of everyone's right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!

Anyone who has spent time recently on almost any college campus well knows that the Communist movement is alive and well in this country. These Communists are still at it promoting their system. They are pointing to our U.S. capitalistic system and saying: "See! See! The American system is failing! Wages are falling! Unemployment is rising! Labor is being exploited! Communism is the solution!" These Communists are wrong! The traditional American economic system is not failing. It has been abandoned for decades. What is failing is the neo-Communistic system known as equal employment opportunity. And the workers are being enslaved and brainwashed under this new system just as thoroughly as they were in the old Soviet Union, if not more so.

The past tradition of this country was one of peaceful, civilized towns with white church steeples, white picket fences, law abiding citizens, structured classrooms, in other words order. What happened to change all that?

This writer lived for several years in a neighborhood which was dominated by a people of a certain "chosen" persuasion. How would he describe that environment? Chaotic! He went to a certain public university which was dominated by a people of the same persuasion, and what were things like there? Chaotic! In the business world, he worked for a time on a major corporate project which was likewise dominated by the people of the same "chosen" persuasion, and the disorganization and chaos that went flying around his head for fifteen hours a day, seven days a week were similar to being in a washing machine on the high spin cycle. The project manager would constantly rush through the area shouting in rapid succession: "Do it this way. No! Do it that way! No! Do it this other way! No! Put it back the way it was!" The writer found the situation to be so intolerable that he concluded his initial commitment and declined to extend his stay there.

As chaotic as the above environments were, the people who made them that way surprisingly managed to go on about their daily lives, get educated, and even managed to get some work done.

Now think about it, if the "chosen" tribe enters a new social setting as a small minority, and they find that the orderly social setting is not compatible with their being optimally functional, would it not behoove them to slant the playing field in their own favor by insidiously degenerating the environment such that their own functionality goes way up while everyone else's functionality goes way down . . . such that their own competitiveness goes way up while everyone else's competitiveness goes way down . . . such that their own value goes way up while everyone else's value goes way down?

Many deleterious values were slipped into the fabric of our social structure. First came the softening of regimentation in the rank and file of the workplace. Then permissive parenting was ushered in. Then equal employment and housing opportunity, desegregated schools, feminism, and a whole spectrum of liberal ideas and values came falling on us like misguided scud missiles, but the clever public relations presentations always packed and served them up as things which were good for us. And we were fooled. We thought it was great to let our hair down and kick our shoes off. But while our hair was coming down, so too was our guard. Chaos came, but initially it seemed a little nutty, a little novel, but most importantly, a lot a fun. It gradually increased to the point where it put us into a totally confused state. We know we're in the wrong place, but we don't really know how we got here. We're in so deeply that we don't know which way is up. We've abdicated our functionality to societal chaos. This societal chaos was engineered to infect every nook and cranny of our economic, educational, religious, legal, and political structures.

Meanwhile, the rise of societal chaos enhanced the functionality of the "chosen" tribe, sending them on an aggressive feeding frenzy of greedy opportunism whereby they forced their foot in the door of any situation which was undermined by declining societal standards. Their sales pitch to confused management and politicians was that the tribal members were the only ones functional enough, willing enough, and capable enough to tackle extra challenging, unstructured, and seemingly untouchable assignments. This was largely true (not too many people will be willing to stick their unprotected hands into someone else's barrel of manure), and so the sales pitch worked. Major corporations were seized, media empires were seized, school systems were seized, financial institutions were seized, low level governments were seized, and with chaos currently reigning supreme in the Federal government, the undue influence there will soon turn into total control.

Who instigated the social changes that initiated the downward spiral? Who managed to swim against the powerful downward current? And who ended up on top in prominence and power? Who is running the show, and who is commanding those handsome seven to eight figure salaries? You guessed it: the self-chosen tribe. The tribe is in; societal order is out. Dysfunctionality is in; your functionality is out. Some people may say that the tribe rose above the downward current because they are the Godly Chosen Ones, but do you see them using their power or money for the betterment of the society from which they derive their gains? Or do you see the downward trends continuing with no end in sight? Do you see your government's resources being utilized for your benefit or for the benefit of some other foreign country?

With this modus operandi, it is no wonder that this tribe has been expelled from so many of the countries they have entered. Their own behavior is the real reason behind their so-called "persecution."

>From my university behavioral science class and from the mouth of Professor Marks, I learned that there are four principle sources of power: legal power, financial power, power of expertise, and charismatic power.

Regarding legal power, I believe it was Jerry Springer who said that it is a strong cultural tradition of "his people" that when they enter a country the first thing they do is study law so that they may influence legislation and other aspects of the legal system to their advantage.

Regarding financial power, the best way to claim this is to be the keeper of the bank and be a money lender. A money and banking professor threw out this question to the class, "If you take $1,000,000 of depositors' money on which you pay 5% interest, and lend it out at 6%, what is the return on your investment?" Everyone in the class agreed that it was 1%, and the professor answered, Wrong! You didn't make any investment. You used someone else's money, so your return is closer to infinity!"

Power of expertise is gained by stressing education, education, and more education. From there you become teachers and influence education even more.

Charismatic power is gleaned by becoming entertainers. Please the audience, and let them come under your spell.

Power of expertise allows you to pass the bar examination, which grants you the legal power to influence legislation (which was already pointed out).

When you promote your "social legislation," be sure to package it such that it appears you are the champion of the downtrodden, the powerless little guy who needs to be coddled and protected, thereby greatly enhancing your charismatic power.

Now that we're back to charismatic power, its a good idea to frequently advertise your charitable organizations to further the illusion that "your people" is oh so socially conscious like no other. Spend your billions on media time to convince your exploited workers that you and your tribe are saintly and persecuted, deserving of special legal protections; and that your tribe's critics are public enemies who ought to be jailed.

Financial power brings more charismatic power, for it gives one the money to buy charismatic front men from the host population, which simultaneously deprives the host population of those individuals' services and confuses the workers as to just who is ruling them.

Ladies and gentlemen, in these three articles I have outlined in schematic form the new slavery that is being imposed upon us. We, the inheritors of a free White republic are descending to the level of peons in a Third World hellhole of misery, degradation, and rule by an alien people. We can never bring back prosperity and freedom for our children until we see clearly what has happened to us and who is responsible. The time for euphemism and half-measures is long past. The future will depend on our bravery and our boldness in recapturing what has been stolen from us. We must take the first steps toward that future now!

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