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Free Speech - July 1995 - Volume I, Number 7

Democracy: Mask of Tyranny

by Kevin Alfred Strom

Have you ever heard of implanted memory? It is a psychological reality and it was illustrated quite pointedly by a recent item in the quarterly The Skeptical Inquirer. In one study, a young boy was told by a researcher the completely false statement that the boy had gone to the hospital because his finger got caught in a mousetrap. He was then asked "Did this ever happen to you?" This process was repeated once per week for eleven weeks.

The first week, the boy's response was "No. I've never been to the hospital."

The second week, his response was "Yes. I cried."

The third week, his response was "Yes. My mom went to the hospital with me."

The fourth week, the boy said "Yes. I remember. It felt like a cut."

The fifth week, he said "Yes" as he pointed at his index finger.

By the eleventh week, his implanted memory had grown so much and gained such a wealth of detail that it sounded quite believable. When he was asked about this nonexistent incident for the eleventh time, he said: "Uh-huh. My daddy, mommy, and my brother [took me to the hospital] in our van.... The hospital gave me ... a little bandage, and it was right here."

When asked "How did it happen?" the child continued: "I was looking and then I didn't see what I was doing and [my finger] got caught in there somehow.... The mousetrap was in our house because there's a mouse in our house.... The mousetrap is down in the basement next to our firewood.... I was playing a game called `Operation' and then I went downstairs and said to Dad, `I want to eat lunch,' and then it got stuck in the mousetrap.... [My brother] pushed me into the mousetrap.... It happened yesterday. The mouse was in my house yesterday. I caught my finger in it yesterday. I went to the hospital yesterday."

Some may say that this might not actually be an implanted memory, that it might only be a conditioned response. For my purposes here, that distinction is not important. The important point is that the boy responded and behaved precisely as if the incident had occurred, precisely as if the memory was really his. I think there are at least two factors at work in this and other cases of implanted thoughts, ideas, and memories.

One, of course, is suggestibility. We are all suggestible to a certain extent, some individuals more than others. If I were to suggest how good some hot buttered popcorn would taste right now, a certain percentage of my audience would suddenly develop a craving for it, even if they hadn't been thinking of food and even if they hadn't eaten popcorn for months.

We have all heard the story, perhaps apocryphal but it illustrates the point, about the movie theatre which flashed the words "have a Coke" on the screen for a fraction of a second and found that cola sales went up immediately afterward.

If I were to take a poll on an average Autumn afternoon, asking a group of people if they thought it relatively warm or chilly today, the responses might be divided, let us say, 50/50. If I then suggested to them that, whatever they had said in the poll, the truth was that it was relatively warm for this time of year, I predict that a significant number of members of the group would change their responses if I took the same poll again.

Another example, and I am sure that you can think of hundreds of them: Many individuals immediately begin to itch all over if they are told that an ant or mosquito has just crawled down their shirt.

In addition to suggestibility, there is the additional factor of wanting to do what is expected of you. In the case of the boy with the implanted false memory of going to the hospital after getting his finger caught in a mousetrap, he undoubtedly perceived that the researcher who was interviewing him once every week invariably asserted that the incident had happened. The researcher was an adult and an authority figure. There searcher always asked the boy to tell him what had happened, and it didn't take much prodding, for by the second interview the boy was telling him what he apparently wanted to hear.

The same sort of thing occurs on a larger scale when there is a change in government, particularly a revolutionary change where fear and a desire to do what is expected are combined. When El Presidente takes power, many are they who proclaim their love for El Presidente, how happy they are that the revolution has succeeded, and how they supported him from the very beginning. But when El Presidente is deposed in a war or coup, many of the same individuals will have nothing good at all to say about him, and will volunteer the fact that they were secret members of the "resistance" all along.

For many if not most individuals these factors -- suggestibility, a desire to do what is expected or what is considered "good," and a fear of being in opposition to one's fellows -- can be so powerful that the ideas behind the induced behavior are actually accepted as true or real. They are accepted as true or real even if they are at complete variance with the observed facts of Nature. They are accepted as true or real even if they are in complete opposition to beliefs formerly held by the same individual.

Such sheeplike behavior, such "follow-the-leader" behavior, is a reality in our race and others. Nature endowed a majority of us with such traits for a good reason. Society would quickly collapse if we were all leaders with no followers. Society would also collapse if most of us did not accept the moral norms formulated by our best men. Up to and including our race's present state of development these traits kept us alive as families, tribes, and nations so long as the myth-makers, trend-setters, and leaders were people of our own race, who, at least most of the time, shared our innermost values and shared our destiny.

Today, however, television and our other mass media have passed largely under the control of an alien people, the Jews, the elite of whom consider themselves a distinct and separate people with values and goals very different from those of ordinary Americans, and who use their influence over our people's thinking to promote self-hatred and suicidal ideas among us.

If the young boy I spoke of in the beginning of this program can be made to believe or at least to act as if he believes that a completely fictional event, the catching of his finger in a mousetrap, is true -- merely by being given a 10-second-long suggestion once per week for eleven weeks -- then what can he be made to believe by the masters of the media, who rub his face in leftist excrement seven days a week for six or more hours per day for his entire life? I'll tell you what they can and do make him believe. They make him believe that his ancestors were evil bigots, whose legacy must be overcome if he is to become a "world citizen." They make him believe that it is especially virtuous to tolerate and practice homosexual sodomy. They make him believe that all enlightened people sanction the slaying of healthy White children in the womb. They make him believe that if he loves forests and animals then he must support world government and the end of American independence and freedom. They make him believe that his moral goodness is measured by the degree to which he approves of the conversion of his country into a Third World nation. They make him believe that it is morally wrong to oppose homosexuality and racial mixing, aberrations which were illegal in most states of this union only a few decades ago.

Almost no television program or motion picture is allowed to be produced today unless it contains at least some anti-White or anti-American propaganda. From the multiracial playgrounds of Sesame Street to the interracial romances in soap operas and dramas, to the anti-White bias in the evening news, to the near worship of the American Indian invading even our nature and science programs, the barrage is endless and steadily increasing in viciousness and intensity.

Television, as long as it is in the hands of malevolent aliens who hate us and everything we stand for, is far worse than any illegal drug. Do you allow your children to be turned against you by these evil masters of the media? If you do not allow them to snort cocaine or inject heroin, then why do you allow them to inject the poison of broadcast or cable television into their brains?

Our children commune with the masters of the media more than they play with their friends, far more than they attend their churches and Sunday Schools, more than they spend time with their parents, and more than they attend school. The same is true of the last two post-WWII generations, who no doubt form a majority of those listening to my words today. Your generation, too, has been subjected to a lifetime of misinformation and mental conditioning.

What implications does this have for the form of government which our masters have fastened upon us, called "democracy"? This form of government can be expressed succinctly with the phrase "one man, one vote." One of the ideas which the media masters have promoted is a quasi-religious faith in democracy. We have been taught that democracy was the form of government established by our founding fathers. We have been taught that a government is good or bad precisely to the degree that it is democratic. We have been taught that democracy is so holy that we are justified in sending our young men to kill and be killed to "restore democracy" where it is supposedly absent. All of these things which we have been taught are lies.

Democracy is a form of government which our founding fathers explicitly rejected, and strove to avoid in our founding documents. The word "democracy" does not appear in the Constitution or in the Declaration of Independence. At the constitutional convention which brought our founding document into existence, democracy was debated and soundly defeated as a form of government. It was said at the time: "Democracies are as short in their lives as they are violent in their deaths." Our founding fathers did indeed give us a representative form of government, a republic, but it was not remotely similar to "one man, one vote." For one thing, citizenship was limited to those of European descent. Even for citizens, there existed many qualifications for the franchise which guaranteed that the ignorant, the illiterate, and the rabble of the cities had no chance to govern or to vote themselves largess from the public treasury. Now no doubt there were some faults in the government established by our founding fathers, but in the broad view it was a government where the able and the decent had control of affairs, a government in which aliens were not permitted to rule our people.

The much-vaunted Athenian democracy of ancient Greece also limited political participation to a racial and social elite who alone were believed able to govern themselves.

Look at the streets of your city. Look at the gibbering beggars, at the drug users and the drug sellers in their gold and sports-jacket finery. Look at the ignorant mestizo peons now flooding into our country by the milli ons. Look at the declining intelligence and educational level of the White population, too. See them as they walk down the street, with an obscenity or a brand of beer or the name of some rock group or TV star on their T-shirts and baseball caps. One man, one vote. The vote of the knowledgeable and upright is now guaranteed to be canceled out by the votes of the ever-growing mob of aliens and morons. Even if all our politicians were paragons of morality and wisdom, they would have to appeal to the rabble's tastes and opinions in order to be elected, something that most honorable men could not stomach. And when in office, they would have to implement policies acceptable to the mob or they would quickly be supplanted by a smiling liar who made the appropriate promises. And every politician in our democracy is aware that the mood of the mob is managed quite effectively by the controlled mass media. If he wants to stay in office, he must never violate the taboos established by the media.

Democracy as practiced in the United States of America today is a total fraud.

Those who believe that democracy is working well because of the recent Republican victories are deluding themselves. Most of you are old enough to remember the Reagan years. Do you remember how the Republicans and conservative Democrats effectively controlled the Executive and Legislative branches of government? Do you remember the phrase “The Reagan Revolution”? Do you remember the landslide re-election? Let me ask you this, then. In eight years of almost total governmental power by Republicans and so-called conservatives, did they reverse in any significant way even one major liberal policy or program? Were the gun-grabbing laws then on the books repealed? Were the American people given relief from big government and high taxation? Were the affirmative-action laws and minority favoritism laws repealed? Was the "foreign aid" to the Zionist entity and its client states stopped or even reduced by one penny? Was the flood of illegal and legal Third World immigrants across our borders halted or even slowed down? Were those who were here illegally convicted, punished, and expelled -- or were they given amnesty for their crimes? And let me also ask you this -- Were any of these things even attempted?

No. The agenda of the aliens who control our media, deceive our people, and thus control both political parties continued through the Reagan years and will continue even as the Republicans posture as the legitimate opposition. The advance of the anti-American agenda is much like the action of a ratchet wrench. The liberals and Democrats tighten the vise around us tighter and tighter, so we periodically throw them out and invite the Republicans to turn the wrench. And the conservative Republicans smilingly turn the wrench in the opposite direction, but except for a lot of noise nothing happens. The wrench ratchets only in one direction: the direction leading to the loss of our freedom and ultimately to the death of our people and our culture. I predict quite confidently that the Republicans will make no move to repeal the unconstitutional Brady Bill or the unconstitutional ban on semiautomatic weapons. In our phony democracy, the wrench only ratchets in one direction.

Democracy as practiced in ancient Athens could only work so long as the voters were of a uniformly high quality intellectually, morally, and racially. Even then, mass democracy could never have worked.

Mass democracy is not a viable form of government when you have a low average level of intelligence and moral character in the population.

Mass democracy is not a viable form of government when a malevolent alien elite controls the mass media.

Mass democracy is not a viable form of government when our votes are being continuously diluted by an exponential increase in millions of racial and cultural aliens brought here for that very purpose -- racial and cultural aliens who have no conception of our moral and ethical standards or form of government and to whom our sacred values and traditions mean nothing.

Do not be deceived. Do not be diverted from our patriotic task of building a new elite of aware and intelligent White Americans. Do not fall for the siren song of the political parties who have sold your sacred birthright for a few dirty pieces of silver for the last 50 years and more. Devote all the resources of your life to the awakening of our people.

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