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Free Speech - October 1995 - Volume I, Number 10

The End of Justice in America
Lessons of the Simpson Trial

by Dr. William L. Pierce

SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT, very significant, happened recently in Los Angeles. I didn't want to comment on it right away, when there was a lot of public excitement about it. But I've waited long enough, I believe, for the initial shock of this event to wear off, and so now we should be able to consider the matter calmly and rationally.

To get immediately to the point, the significance of the O.J. Simpson verdict is that the whole nation, from the empty-headed, trendy viewers of soap operas and football games all the way up to the serious, thoughtful men and women who have a deep concern for the future of our people -- all of us have had an impressive demonstration of the fact that our justice system simply does not work. It has broken down. It no longer deserves our respect or our trust.

And what is a country without a system of justice?

A country which is not ruled by a sound system of justice either will be ruled by tyranny, or it will descend into chaos and anarchy. In America we can see both of these tendencies at the same time: more and more chaos and anarchy in our cities and in the conduct of public affairs, and more and more tyranny by a government trying to keep a grip on things.

I do not mean to say that the Simpson acquittal represented any sudden change in the American justice system. It has been true for decades, for example, that in America's courts a defendant got just as much justice as he could afford to buy. It also is true that the decisions of juries have become more and more capricious in recent years, with the obviously guilty turned loose and the obviously innocent convicted. Terrible miscarriages of justice are happening more and more frequently. It is often the case that Political Correctness is more important in determining the outcome of a trial than any considerations of justice.

Let me tell you about just one such case with which I am familiar. In May 1991 a young White man, George Loeb, and his wife drove into a supermarket parking lot in Jacksonville, Florida, to buy groceries. As they entered the parking lot a car driven by a Black male almost struck their car. The two drivers exchanged angry insults, with the Black calling Mr. Loeb a cracker and a honkie. Then the Black drove off, and the Loebs did their shopping. They had bought their groceries, were back in their car, and were ready to go home when the Black returned -- this time with another Black male and a brick. The Black got out of his car and advanced toward the Loebs' car with the brick in his hand. He announced loudly to Loeb, I'm gonna smash your motherf--ing head in.

As the Black approached, Loeb responded by tearing open the glove compartment of his car, seizing a pistol his wife kept there for her protection, and firing two shots at the Black, killing him. Loeb was arrested and put on trial. At the trial both the defense witnesses and the prosecution witnesses recounted nearly the same sequence of events. The prosecution witnesses -- the slain Black's friend and a White woman who had been in the parking lot -- both admitted that the slain Black had threatened to smash Mr. Loeb's head with the brick he carried. They claimed, however, that he had dropped his brick just before he was shot, whereas the defense witnesses said that he still had the brick in his hand when he was struck by the bullets.

The key to the outcome of the trial, however, was the charge made against Mr. Loeb by the Jewish prosecutor that he was a White racist. The prosecutor introduced into evidence books and personal letters seized in the Loebs' residence, indicating that Mr. Loeb strongly disliked Blacks and believed that they should be sent back to Africa. Mr. Loeb was then convicted of premeditated murder and sentenced to life in prison.

Does that sound incredible? A conviction for premeditated murder, when the shooting clearly was neither murder nor premeditated but instead was an act of self-defense? Life in prison for a family man, a university graduate with a stable marriage who had never been in trouble with the law and was merely defending himself and his wife against an armed attacker? Does that sound like American justice?

I must admit that when I first heard the story about George Loeb's conviction, I didn't believe it either. I thought that I was hearing a biased, exaggerated account of what had happened, that surely Mr. Loeb had done something which justified his conviction and the sentence which was imposed on him. So I obtained a videotape of the trial and viewed it for myself. You can do the same if you want. The complete video record of the trial -- which, by the way, lasted only 30 hours, because, unlike O.J. Simpson, that's all the justice Mr. Loeb could afford to buy -- the complete video record is available from the Courtroom Television Network, 600 Third Avenue, in New York City. It is an astounding record -- and horrifying -- and terribly depressing.

Before I saw that video I didn't believe something like that could happen in the United States. I spoke about it with friends who are lawyers, however, and they told me that it happens all the time.

The difference between the George Loeb trial and the O.J. Simpson trial -- besides the fact that the former is a middle-class White man who always has obeyed the law, and the latter is a multimillionaire Black sports star who buys his way out of his criminal problems -- the difference is that nobody knew about the Loeb trial, and so no one could be shocked by it, while everyone knows about the Simpson trial. The corruption of the justice system exemplified by the Loeb trial remained hidden, while the corruption exemplified by the Simpson trial has been seen by the whole world. That's the important difference.

We not only have seen it: we have had our faces rubbed in it for more than a year. We cannot ignore it or pretend that it doesn't exist. And this is very important, not just because it has shocked us: it is important because when people lose their faith in the system of justice, when they realize that they cannot count on that system to function fairly and rationally, when they see innocent people destroyed by that system and guilty people turned loose, when they realize that the system not only is capricious but that it has been corrupted by Political Correctness and is biased against people like themselves, then those people will withdraw their support from the government of which that failed justice system is a part.

People will put up with a great deal of inefficiency and mismanagement from a government, so long as they believe that there is a justice system which functions fairly and effectively, a justice system which punishes criminals and protects the innocent from government persecution. But when they no longer believe that, they will turn against the government. That's what our forefathers did 220 years ago, when they realized that they no longer could count on justice from the government of Great Britain.

And this recognition of what has happened to the justice system in America is long overdue, especially on the part of middle-class White conservatives. These conservatives want desperately to have faith in the system. They want to believe that if they continue saving money to send their children off to a good university, then their grandchildren will be able to grow up in an orderly and just world, a world in which there will be a place for them. They want to believe that somehow the growing problems in our society will be repaired, and that everything will work out all right.

But things won't work out all right by themselves. The problems won't get fixed up. Instead, things will continue getting worse. It's not just that the American justice system has developed a few flaws which need to be fixed; the problem is that the system is no longer American. We used to have a justice system rooted in Anglo-Saxon common law, rooted in the traditions of our ancestors in Europe. That was an American system. What we have now is the result of 50 years of forced multiculturalism. It's a system which is completely alien to us.

Just look at the Simpson trial itself, completely aside from the unjust verdict: the trial, up to the time the case went to the jury, certainly wasn't anything that a White American could be proud of. It was hardly even a trial; it was a multicultural circus, a long-running soap opera made for television.

It was a paradigm of multiculturalism and trendiness: We had a Japanese judge married to a White woman who is a police captain. We had a prosecution team consisting of a Black male and a Jewess currently being divorced by a White man. We had a defense team which, with the exception of F. Lee Bailey, was entirely Jewish and Black. We had a Black defendant who likes to run with White women -- and beat them up. We had one Jewish murder victim and one White female victim who had been raised by her liberal parents to couple with Blacks. We had a racially mixed but mostly Black jury. And the whole thing seems to have been run more for the benefit of the television networks than for the sake of justice.

Can any White person seeking justice in the courts or accused of a crime by the government have faith that justice will be done for him in such a circus setting?

I think not.

Can the public realistically hope to be protected from murderers and other criminals -- especially if those criminals are rich and Black -- by such a system?

I think not.

Imagine that you have to walk into such a courtroom as a defendant. Imagine that you are charged by the government with being Politically Incorrect -- with, say, failing to rent an apartment to a pair of homosexuals or to hire someone with AIDS -- or, perhaps, daring to defend yourself against an armed Black assailant. Do you believe that you'll get a fair trial?

I think you'll agree with me that you almost certainly will not.

How did this happen to our justice system?

The sad truth is that we let it happen. Remember, it didn't happen overnight. The O. J. Simpson verdict may have burst upon the consciousness of the public like a thunderbolt, but the subversion and wrecking of our American justice system have been going on quietly for decades. And we didn't oppose it. Some of us wanted to be trendy and fashionable, and so we went along with the multiculturalism. Some of us were cowards. We knew what was happening was wrong, but we were afraid to say so: we were afraid of being called racists and anti-Semites. And many of us were just indifferent to what was happening: we were too selfish to get involved. And so we let America's enemies destroy our justice system. We let them destroy the only shield we had against governmental tyranny on the one hand and mob rule on the other hand: our only shield -- and now it's gone.

We didn't stand up for our honest, decent White policemen, for our racially conscious White policemen like Detective Mark Fuhrman, who, God bless him, fought the multicultural terror and anarchy in the streets in the only way he knew, without any support from the politicians and the bureaucrats. He may have been a little rough in his methods sometimes, but he knew the nature of the beast he was fighting. He knew that if we don't destroy it, it surely will destroy us.

We let the politicians and the bureaucrats follow the lead of the controlled media and weed out the racially conscious White policemen and replace them with Politically Correct trendies, who collaborate with the multicultural terrorists instead of fighting them. The same thing has happened in the courts that has happened in the police departments around the country. The honest, no-nonsense judges have been replaced by media-conscious trendies like Lance Ito.

During her closing argument the Jewish prosecutor in the Simpson trial, Marcia Clark, said that we all wish that there were no one like Mark Fuhrman on this planet. Do you remember that? When I heard her say that, it really infuriated me. I suspect that many of you who also heard her say that thought at the time, as I did, that, no, we are happy to share this planet with Detective Mark Fuhrman. Instead, we will welcome the day when there are no longer any Marcia Clarks, or people of her type, on this planet.

So how will we reach that day? How will we oppose the multiculturalists who have destroyed our justice system -- and much else in our country? How will we fight them? How will we reclaim this planet for our people? How will we take it away from her people and undo the damage they've done?

Ultimately, we'll have to fight them the same way our forefathers fought King George. But we have much fighting of another kind to do before then. We have to wake up millions of our fellow citizens who have been indifferent to what's been happening in this country for the past 50 years, and we have to pound some sense into their heads. Maybe we can't change the fact of their selfishness, but we can make them understand that it's their country which is being destroyed. It's their heritage and their future. And as for the millions who are too shortsighted to care about their future or their heritage, we must make them realize that the danger to them of a failed justice system is here and now, not just in the future. The O.J. Simpson trial was real. The George Loeb trial was real. I didn't invent them. The government did. The multiculturalists did. But we have to fight them.

It'll be a tough fight against the government and all of those Jewish television networks, but not an impossible fight. They have some fatal weaknesses. You know, they really didn't want O. J. Simpson back out on the street. They didn't want the insane verdict they got in that trial. It makes them look very foolish, very weak. But they couldn't help it. They couldn't control it. They've built a Frankenstein's monster: a destructive, uncontrollable monster. What they've built won't work, because it's unnatural, but they can't admit that, even to themselves. They think that they can take justice away from us, as they did in the George Loeb trial, and give us a big dose of egalitarianism and multiculturalism and diversity instead, and that everything will run smoothly. But without justice there can be no peace, no confidence in government, no social stability -- and ultimately no society at all.

What that means for us is that there will be more and more embarrassing failures for the multiculturalists, failures like the O.J. Simpson trial, which will expose the unnaturalness and the destructiveness of their policies for everyone to see. It's our job to help people see these things and understand their significance and place the blame where it belongs.

The government and the controlled media will fight back by trying to stop us from explaining these things to people. Any criticism of their policies they will call hate, and they will call for outlawing hate, for making any criticism of them or their policies illegal.

As our society continues to come apart because of these policies, they will claim that it is our exposure of the foolishness and destructiveness of their policies which is destroying our society, rather than the policies themselves.

As people become more frustrated and angry because of the destruction of their justice system, the government and the controlled media will claim that if only we could be prevented from talking about what has happened to the justice system, then the people would no longer be angry.

Do you remember that right after the tragedy in Oklahoma City this spring, Bill Clinton went on television and announced that the bombing was the fault of people who criticized the government? He said it wasn't the fault of his own Justice Department, which had murdered nearly 100 innocent people at Waco and then lied about what had happened, but instead it was the fault of people like me, who criticized the government for killing all of those innocent people. Do you remember that? He wanted to get us off the air, to shut us up, so that his so-called Justice Department could escape blame.

Let me tell you: the multiculturalists will not shut us up. They can pass all the repressive laws against free speech they want, but we will not be silent.

And you know, even if they could shut us up, even if the government locked us up under the so-called hate speech laws they're trying to get passed, the destructiveness and foolishness of multiculturalism would still be exposed by the government's own failures.

The colossal embarrassment of the Simpson trial may be a first, but it's not a last. The justice system has been thoroughly wrecked, and it will continue to be a threat both to innocent individuals like George Loeb, and to the general public, by turning people like O.J. Simpson loose. That can't be hidden. The Simpson trial gave everyone a nice, long look at the emperor's nakedness, and they will be much more alert than before to further revelations. And believe me, there will be more revelations.

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