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Free Speech - October 1995 - Volume I, Number 10

Separation or Annihilation

by Kevin Alfred Strom

MY WISH CAME TRUE during the Simpson trial. I hoped that the evidence of Simpson's guilt would be so overwhelming that no reasonable person could doubt it. And I hoped that the jury would reject the evidence and set the murderer free. Not because I believe that murderers should go free -- far from it. But because White Americans needed to be rudely awakened to the end of justice in a Third World America.

My main wish didn't come true for the Million Man March. I was hoping that the marchers wouldn't stop in Washington, but would instead keep marching to the Chesapeake Bay, where Allah would part the waters as the marchers proceeded to the Eastern Shore, where the waters of the Atlantic Ocean would part and chitlins would fall from heaven as the happy marchers made their way to the promised land of Africa. That didn't happen. But maybe the march did awaken a few slumbering White people to what they have allowed to happen and what they now face.

Separation or annihilation. That is the choice we face in America today. That is the choice that we, the people of European descent, face everywhere we still live in the world today. That is the question that our people should be thinking about every day of our lives. Separation or annihilation. That is the question upon which we must take sides. That is the question upon which, whether you know it or not, you have already taken sides.

For if you are not for separation, you are for annihilation. There is no middle ground.

The races have been forced together unnaturally and without the consent of the victims by an evil government under the control of evil men who want to destroy all races, all cultures except their own. The conflicts caused by this unnatural forced togetherness are exploding all around us every day. A Negro sports star marries a White woman, abuses her, and she ends up slashed to death, lying in a pool of her own blood. A jury which contains not a single White man will not convict him despite mountains of evidence of his guilt, including his attempt to flee the country and go into hiding. This case wakes us up, but it is just the tip of the iceberg. The rape of White women and girls by Black criminals go on by the tens of thousands every year, by the dozens every day, and little is heard or said about it. The Jewish media bosses see no need to make that an issue. Why, we've got more important things to talk about, like ball games and Seinfeld. How many of these Black rapists are even arrested? How many times does the White girl fear being called a racist if she reports the crime? How many times do mostly Black juries refuse to convict? And what about other crimes? What about for the 90% of interracial attacks that are Black on White? How often do the perpetrators go free? How often are White people the victims of diverse juries who decide against the White accused or for the non-White accused because of a perception that we Whites have got it coming to us? I've seen it. It has happened to me and to people that I know, and it will happen to you and your family tomorrow. And it isn't going to get better. The lack of justice, the racial group think of hate Whitey, the non-White crime, the increase in the population of non-Whites and the decrease and aging of the White population are all going to accelerate and reinforce each other. We need to be ready for this or we will not survive. We need to decide which side we will be on. We need to answer the question in our own minds, and answer it firmly and decisively and then take action on that decision -- separation or annihilation.

If you are like most Americans, you watched the television coverage of Louis Farrakhan's Million Man March last week. You saw what they were like -- you heard what they believe, at least the part that they are willing to present before the White folks on TV. What do you think they really believe in private? Do you still think that a peaceful accommodation can be made between Whites and Blacks in this country? Are our interests the same? Really? Are our beliefs the same? Do we want the same future? Do we see our history in the same way? Can we ever make them see it our way? Will we ever see it their way, and if we did would it reduce by one iota their thirst for vengeance? Do you think that, continually forced together with us against their will, that the collision between our races will be anything but bloody? It has always been bloody, and it can only get bloodier. And liberal whining about how we're all the same and all we need to do is to love everybody and put `haters' in jail won't work, isn't working, and has never worked. And conservative con men like Rush Limbaugh, who prattle on about how we just need equality of opportunity and lots of free enterprise and then crack gangs will change into accounting firms and the races will live in harmony forevermore, are nothing but just that -- con artists paid for by and carried over the satellite transponders of the Jewish media corporations of New York City.

Think, man! Think! Even if it is for the first time in your adult life, think for a moment. Do you really believe that a bigger dose of liberal love-everybody propaganda in the schools and the churches and on television is going to make Louis Farrakhan and other Black leaders say, OK, we forgive you White folks for all the injustices you heaped on us over the years. You've said you were sorry and you won't do it again. You've given us jobs in preference to your own people. You've spent trillions to support us. It's enough. We won't ask for any more compensation. We won't ask for any more welfare or subsidies or affirmative action. We'll never mention race again.

Keep thinking. Do you really believe that the Blacks will ever walk up to the so-called conservatives and say, OK, Jack Kemp and Phil Gramm. You've convinced us. Equality of opportunity is the way to go. We don't want preferential hiring or enrollment anymore. We happily accept big cuts in the dole we're getting now. You won't hear a peep out of us from now on. Our new goal is to become good producers and consumers and live in the suburbs just like you. Our new role models are Newt Gingrich and Donna Reed.

Do you really believe that is going to happen? That that could ever happen? I really don't think you do. For thirty years and more most of us have just been afraid to think about the racial problem in this country. Because we don't think about it, we let the Jews who control our newspapers and radio and television networks do our thinking for us. And so the problem just gets worse and worse. And the day of reckoning gets a minute closer every minute, a year closer every year. The question will be forced on us sooner or later, and maybe, just maybe, if we face it now the solution will be one that does not involve so much death and misery for ourselves and our children.

The question is -- separation or annihilation? The solution posed by the liberal need not even be considered. His solution is all races living together in harmony. But even a schoolboy can now see that the more we are forced to be together, the less harmony there is. Those of us old enough to remember the pre-1965 America know that harmony decreases in exact proportion to the increase in racial diversity. And the liberal cannot point to a single multiracial, multicultural society that has been a success. In every case -- Brazil, India, ancient Rome, the old Soviet Union -- the result is conflict, decline, and much death. So the liberal solution of let's mix the races and have peace and happiness forever need be considered no more seriously than the proposition that we all turn into rabbits and hop to the moon to try out the green cheese. That might be fun, but it's impossible. And grownups have serious problems to deal with that preclude our indulging in opium-dreams just now. Separation or annihilation. Which shall it be, my friend?

Let us listen to the words of a former leader of the Black Muslims, a colleague and mentor of Louis Farrakhan, the subject of an adulatory film by Black director Spike Lee, and a hero to millions of Blacks, Mr. Malcolm X, as he tells us what his god has in store for White people:

Can there be any compromise with such a position? Should we say, OK, Black Muslims, you want to kill all 200 million White Americans and we don't want you to kill any. Let's compromise. You kill 50 million and we'll call it even. Separation or annihilation, my friends, there is no other solution.

Can Malcolm X's god, can the Black Muslim god, be a god that we of European descent can ever accept in our hearts? Can a White Christian accept a god that kills little White children with horrible diseases? Can a White freethinker accept a Providence that casts down DC-9s from the sky so as to kill innocent White grandmothers on the way to see their grandchildren? Can any White person accept a vision of the divine and the infinite which defines himself and his ancestors and his children as devils who deserve nothing but torture and painful death? Except for the most deranged of liberals, I think not.

The Million Man March brought some of this anti-White hate out into the open. And that's a good thing. It's always better to know the truth. It's better for us when other races tell the truth instead of lying, instead of politely pretending, instead of telling us what they think we want to hear. But what has been the reaction of most Whites to the anti-White rhetoric from Farrakhan and many other Blacks? It has been to argue rationally against it. And that is a mistake.

That is a mistake for two reasons. One reason is this: As bad as the expressions of anti-White feeling are from many Black leaders, if we argue against them and try to get them to agree and be nice and live with us in peace, we are arguing against a solution to the problem. We should encourage general acceptance of the fact that the races just can't live together and it is to our great benefit to live apart. Let them go as far as they want in the Black people won't put up with this direction. That is good. That will eventually lead more and more and more of them to the conclusion that separation is the solution. And it will lead White people who are listening to the same inescapable conclusion. It is the one subject upon which interracial unity is possible, between us and all but one of the myriad races now swarming over this country.

Another reason we should not argue against the anti-White rhetoric is that it would just be a waste of time. And we do not have time to waste. Racial feelings operate at a sub-rational level and really cannot be argued against. You might as well try to convince normal men and women that they shouldn't be attracted to the opposite sex. You can make people neurotic and guilty about their normal instincts but you can't make those instincts go away. We White people are blessed -- or cursed -- with a great ability for rational thought, and we sometimes overlook the power that instinct has over us and over others. We hear the wrong and crazy things that Louis Farrakhan says and we try to make a reasoned argument against them. But listen to these words of Minister Farrakhan himself:

What can you say? It is funny, of course, but I didn't offer that excerpt just to make you laugh. I included it to convince you that the appeal of Black racial nationalism is so powerful, so visceral, that it supersedes reason and cannot be successfully argued against. His followers suspend their reason to the point where they will believe that Elijah Muhammed is piloting a flying saucer and keeps in regular contact with Calypso Louie. Should we care that large numbers of Black people believe such things? Should we try to convince them otherwise? I don't think so.

Farrakhan's group does not represent all Blacks yet, but he is typical of Black religionists in his wild invocations to the irrational, the magic, and the fantastic to dramatize his appeals to his followers. He is just giving voice, in a totally emotional and non-rational way, to the deep feelings about race and nation which lie within the breasts of his people. And we should not discourage Black people from going in that direction. As bad and as frightening as it sounds, as irrational as it may often be, in that direction lies separation and separation of the races is the only solution.

Nature and Nature's God never intended the races to live together; and there is a general rule of life which goes like this: no two subspecies of the same species will inhabit the same territory for long. One will always be driven out, absorbed, killed, or starved out by the other. That fact of Nature may not be pleasant, but it is a fact regardless of our wishes on the matter, and we are very foolish indeed if we think that laws of Nature do not apply to us as they apply to all living things. We do, however, have the option of ceasing to force the races to live and work together; we do have the option of separating peacefully. The only other option is the gradual escalation of the racial cold war into a racial hot war, with the attendant loss of our liberty and many of our lives. Which do you choose? Separation or annihilation?

Since Farrakhan and other Black nationalists want a nation of their own, let them have one. That means that we can have a nation of our own. Since Black nationalists want to go to Africa, let them go. That means that we can have our America back again.

Black nationalists also demand reparations, payment for what they perceive as historical injustices committed against them. In some cases, they demand hundreds of thousands of dollars per Black person as compensation for what they see as their suffering. Should we argue with them on that point? I am not so sure.

Even if we had to double the national debt to pay them off, it would be a drop in the bucket compared to what our children and their children will pay ad infinitum if we do not put an end to multiracialism now. So reparations would be worth the cost if they would leave. It would only cost us around $3 trillion to give every Black man, woman, and child $100,000 to give them a nice start in their own country. We've already spent that much and more on the insane Marxist experiment of multiracialism in this country over the last three decades, so to get off the hook forever for a mere $3 trillion is a bargain. For a little bit more we could get the Mexicans and the Asians to leave too. Even giving them a million apiece would be worth it. Racial separation is necessary for our survival. It is worth any amount of toil or money to attain it. If we had to give them the entire wealth and land area of the United States, and we would get Africa and the shirts on our backs in exchange, that would be worth it too. In 20 years, trees would be growing up in the middle of Wall Street, and shining new cities and spaceports would be rising from the African savanna.

Attaining racial separation and avoiding racial annihilation is worth any cost. We should be willing to give up every material thing we own to achieve it. But once we unite our people to achieve that goal, we will probably find we don't have to give the non-Whites a dime. Because once White people are united they will be a mighty force to be reckoned with, more powerful than all the Louis Farrakhans and La Razas and Jewish media bosses put together ten times over. That is what the enemies of America are so afraid of.

Set your mind on the positive goal of peacefully separating the races; set your mind on freedom and independence for our people; set your mind on a happy, safe, and progressive future for our beautiful children. And together we will achieve great things.

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