Ukraine: David Duke Earns Doctorate in History
News/Comment; Posted on: 2005-09-09 16:54:30

White leader successfully defends dissertation at leading university in eastern Europe.

by M. P. Shiel

JEWISH GROUPS are enraged but powerless today as pro-White American writer and thinker David Duke, by presenting and defending his dissertation before an official panel, earned a doctorate in history at the leading private university in Ukraine -- the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management, also known by its Ukrainian acronym MAUP.

Organized Jewish groups are condemning MAUP for awarding a full doctorate -- Mr. Duke had already received an honorary doctorate from the school, where he also teaches -- to what they call "the notorious American anti-Semite David Duke."

According to a report from the David Duke official Web site as well as wire service reports, MAUP awarded the degree "after a successful completion of exams and all doctoral academic requirements, and a spirited Doctoral Defense in an art-adorned academic conference hall adjacent to the office of the MAUP President Professor Georgy Tchokin. (ILLUSTRATION: David Duke, right, with Professor Tchokin during the ceremony.)

"MAUP is one of the leading universities in Ukraine as well as all eastern Europe. Formerly a national university system run by the Ukrainian government, it was privatized after the fall of Communism. It has grown to over 51,000 students with branches throughout Ukraine. Cooperative arrangements exist with other universities in a number of other nations and it has the highest academic accreditation possible both in Ukraine and on the international level. UNESCO recognizes the MAUP university system as one the world's high-level educational institutions. MAUP is the source of most of the bachelor and post-graduate degrees of Ukrainian government officials and administrators. Such influence over governmental employees disturbs many Jews in the Ukraine who are concerned about 'lingering anti-Semitism.'

"Jewish spokesmen had decried Duke's earlier Honorary Doctorate awarded him by the University and his subsequent quiet participation in MAUP's Post Graduate Degree Program and his recent achievement of a full doctorate. They say it is proof of the 'anti-Semitic stance of the university and its staff.' Duke's dissertation was entitled Zionism as a Form of Ethnic Supremacism.

"[Jewish spokesman] Abraham Ribacoff, who read Duke's dissertation, which was similar to his book, Jewish Supremacism, commented, 'No matter how many examinations David Duke has passed, the volume of his research, number of academic citations of his dissertation, or the cleverness of his literary style, his work libels the Jewish people. It concludes that Zionism is an ideology of ethnic supremacy and that Israel is a Jewish-supremacist state. It's all a lie. In truth, Israel is the only true democracy in the Mideast.'

"Markus Gollman [another Jewish spokesman] of Kiev said, 'No matter how camouflaged in a pseudo-intellectual his historical and scientific inquiry, for such anti-Semitic writings, he should be stripped of his Doctor's robes and given a prison uniform. We will not rest until Duke and the fascist President of the university, Georgy Tchokin, rot in jail.'

"The ceremonies awarding David Duke a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in the field of history came just one day after Israel's Ha'aretz newspaper reported that Israel formally demanded that Ukraine's president Victor Yuschenko forbid MAUP president Dr. Georgy Tchokin from being a candidate in the upcoming elections for the Ukrainian Parliament.

"Some members of the Jewish community, though, are afraid that such demands from Israel will be viewed as Israeli interference in the internal policies of Ukraine and will be seen as an attempt to stifle freedom of speech and political expression. They say they 'fear that such moves will only serve to validate the shrill claims of MAUP President Georgy Tchokin and David Duke that Israel wants to control all nations and seeks to stifle political freedom.'"

David Duke, who has been a frequent lecturer at MAUP in recent years, is a former Louisiana state representative and elected Republican party official in that state (though some in the party, beholden to -- or fearing -- Jewish power, distanced themselves from him). Duke also received over 60 per cent. of the White vote in runs for U.S. Senator and Governor there. He was defeated mainly because of organized minority bloc voting and vicious smears against him in the largely Jewish-controlled media. The attacks on Duke culminated in federal prosecution for alleged financial crimes. This prosecution was at the behest of fanatical Zionist Michael Chertoff, whom Duke has exposed as having suspicious connections to Israel and the 9/11 terror attacks. Chertoff is now George Bush's embattled Homeland Security czar: Chertoff's claims about the Katrina debacle are as widely doubted as are his allegations against Duke.

The official report on the ceremony states: "Today, September 9, a senior academic council of twelve MAUP professors sat in judgment of Mr. Duke's doctoral dissertation and defense. The academics included some former high officials of the Ukrainian government. The council was headed by University Rector, Prof. Mykola Golavatiy, the former Minister for Ukrainian Youth Affairs. He is the MAUP First Vice-President of socio-scientific work. The rest of the academic council included the following members:

* Prof. Olga Babkina, head of MAUP's Presidential University. She is famous as the first Doctor of Political Sciences awarded in Ukraine (from the State University). (The discipline came into existence only after the fall of Soviet Communism).

* Prof. Oksana Rubliuk, PhD, Secretary of the council of Social Work and Political Science.

* Prof. Uriy Surmin, Deputy Director of the Institute of State Management under the President of Ukraine; a Professor in Social Sciences.

* Prof. Olexandr Antoniuk, Chief of MAUP's Ukrainian-Russian Management and Business Institute; a Doctor of Political Science.

* Prof. Volodymyr Sudakov, Director of Sociological Sciences; Doctor from Moscow State University and author of a number of influential books and scientific papers in Ukraine and in other Eastern European nations.

* Prof. Mylola Tulenkov, Vice-President of the Personnel Training Institute of the State Employment Service of the Work and Social Politics division of the Ministry of Ukraine.

* Prof. Igor Hzhniak, former government administrator, Doctor of Historical Sciences.

* Prof. Svetlana Kayanova, Chief of the Ukrainian-South African Institute of Political Leadership and Linguistics; philologist.

* Prof. Alla Padun, General Director and Executive Secretary of the Scientific Institute of International Education; PhD in biology.

* Prof. Alla Bilous, Chief of Scientific Personnel Department; head of MAUP Doctoral Program; PhD in History.

"During his doctoral defense Duke alleged that Jewish supremacism and extremism were becoming even more radical. He said that the extremists have taken over Israel to such a degree that 'Soon their only choices for a leader will be a mass murderer such as Ariel Sharon, of Sabra and Shatila -- or a maniac who wants to ethnically cleanse all of Palestine, Benjamin Netanyahu.'

"All the members of the Academic council agreed on the academic excellence of the dissertation and, after his successful defense, they unanimously voted to approve it and grant him the Doctor of Philosophy degree.

"Abraham Ribacoff said that Jews had to be concerned: In spite of the fact that David Duke fulfilled the technical academic requirements for the Doctorate, awarding such a degree and title was 'dangerous' because a legitimate doctoral degree adds authority to his statements and writings. 'The fact that David Duke now has the formal title of Dr. David Duke is maddening,' he said. 'It seriously hampers the intellectual struggle against anti-Semitism. Someone has to do something about MAUP; it is a national disgrace for Ukraine.'"

Chilling words indeed -- award a well-earned degree to a person whom the Jewish supremacists do not like, and "someone has to do something" about the university.

Those who believe in academic freedom and freedom of speech -- even those who do not agree with David Duke on any subject -- should condemn the words of Ribacoff and fight any punitive measures against the University or its leaders, who have done nothing wrong.

David Duke receives doctorate

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