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Top: Jewish Hate Groups

  • Jewish Defense League
    Founded by Meir Kahane, the FBI has listed the JDL as a domestic terrorist organization in the USA.
  • Anti-Defamation League
    For Many Years, ADL Has Committed Acts of Libel by Accusing Presidents, Congressmen, and Other of False or Poorly Researched Accusations. As such, this is a terror group that uses propaganda and threat against would-be opponents, and its Jewish friends who own almost all of the presses usually print their news releases without questioning their veracity.
  • Simon Wiesenthal Center
    For Many Years, the Simon Wiesenthal Center has printed outlandish articles and news releases, many of them without proper foundation, pure speculations designed to hurt people, to wound and to destroy them. Now, the Wiesenthal Center asks the entire world to give up freedom of speech on the internet, as it has given it up by allowing Jews to own 90% of the world's NEWS streaming sources including its NEWS gathering agencies, tv stations, tv networks, radio stations, newspapers, movie, and entertainment industries.
  • ACLU
    Founded and managed mostly by Jews of the atheistic branches which represent two-thirds of Jewry, the ACLU concentrates on defying Christian values in court, promoting atheistic value in schools, denial of school prayer, opposition to public aid for children in religious schools, and church-state matters. In addition, it supports social disintegration legislation and court rulings, especially those which allow criminals to go free and return to prey on the public in the name of "private rights" of various sorts. Although the ACLU does some good, mostly it's lawsuits are intrusions into Christian values in a nation that is only 2% Jewish, and its lawsuits are the tiny flea wagging the tail of the giant dog, denying the majority their right to rule in their own nation. The ACLU has never, as far as Jew Watch can confiirm, entered a lawsuit to deny the religious State of Israel the $3-$10 billion per year it receives from the US Government on the same basis of "separation of church and state" that it uses against those whose instituions are Christian.
  • Jewish World Federation
  • Jewish Usenet Discussions

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