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A Whiter Shade of Christmas

By Maria Luisa Tucker, AlterNet. Posted December 19, 2005.

As the holidays draw near, Women for Aryan Unity keeps busy sending Christmas cards to incarcerated white supremacists and raising money for needy Aryans. Tools
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The holiday song "White Christmas" is a favorite among the white supremacist set, for obvious reasons. May your days be merry and bright / And may all your Christmases be white. Put into the context of white nationalism, the tune becomes a jolly anthem for white pride and privilege. And don't think that racist activists can't be jolly or share a little holiday cheer.

In fact, there is an international organization of white supremacist women who devote their energies to holiday activities such as sending Christmas cards to their incarcerated "brothers," and raising money for needy Aryans. This year Women for Aryan Unity (WAU) is holding its 15th annual Yulefund, which has purportedly raised $2,000 over the last three years to buy gifts for children of incarcerated white supremacists. Women for Aryan Unity also publishes a cookbook, sends welcome packages to new mothers, and runs an Aryan Clothing Drive.

The idea of a nurturing neo-Nazi or a charitable skinhead is incompatible with most people's conception of racist activists. After all, a hate group is all about hate, right? Well, yes and no. For many women in the white supremacist movement, their public actions involve the nurturing of their own group. These facilitators of fundraisers, contributors to clothes drives, and community builders represent the "softer side" of hate. They are the "housewives who hate" as one person sarcastically noted on a white nationalist message board. While their actions may be more benign than that of their male counterparts, they are not necessarily less harmful.

WAU's charitable activities are "a way to try to keep the racist movement alive and try to paint [racist inmates] as heroes," said sociologist Kathleen Blee, a leading researcher of hate groups. With the supportive admirers and mother figures WAU provides, prisoners are encouraged to stay active in their racist groups and continue their attacks on blacks and Jews from inside the walls of prison. Perhaps worse, the children of the incarcerated men are ensured a continuing Aryan influence. Women for Aryan Unity, and other female activists, are nurturing new generations of white supremacists in the spirit of a favorite Nazi Party maxim, "In the hand and in the nature of woman lies the preservation of our race."

Diversity Among Racists

Women for Aryan Unity is based in the most urban and international of places, Brooklyn, New York. The group itself is a testament to the ironic fact that, despite its disgust for multi-culturalism and diversity, the world of white supremacy is diverse. Racist activism crosses geographic, class and gender lines perhaps now more than ever before.

"The stereotype of racist groups all being like the Klan -- rural and southern -- is not true anymore," said Blee, noting that the largely urban Nazi and skinhead groups are the most active part of the white nationalist movement. A fast-growing online message board called Stormfront White Nationalist Community is a testament to this new generation of racists.

Stormfront's online community acts as a virtual meeting place for all types of white supremacists, and represented on its pages are all flavors of racist, from those who prefer not to join any organization to the committed members of the National Socialists. While everyone adheres to a doctrine of white supremacy, they have differing ideologies and tactics. Some are supposedly Christian-based, others are more pagan. Some play with radical ideas like joining forces with black separatist groups in order to gain more legitimacy; others berate anyone who has sympathy for the "enemy" races. Gender roles and feminism are hot topics -- one recent string of posts argued over the validity of New York Times columnist's Maureen Dowd's book "Are Men Necessary?"

Clearly, white supremacists are not a monolithic group. During research for her 2002 book, "Inside Organized Racism: Women and the Hate Movement," Blee found that the public's preconceptions about racist activists, and specifically about racist women, were skewed. After interviewing 34 white nationalist women, she wrote that "many did not fit common stereotypes about racist women as uneducated, marginal members of society raised in terrible families and lured into racist groups by boyfriends and husbands." In fact, most of Blee's research subjects were educated middle-class women with decent jobs, and many came to racist activism on their own.

Reportedly, the numbers of women involved in hate groups has risen. In 1980, Klansman David Duke launched a campaign to recruit women to the white supremacist movement. Others followed suit, hoping that a new influx of members would reinvigorate their ranks. It was believed that women would be less likely to become police informants, since they are less likely to have criminal records.

"We have seen women take more of a prominent role in recent years as [hate groups] are more starved for members," said Joe Roy, Chief Investigator for the Intelligence Project, which tracks about 700 hate groups across the U.S. While many women have joined into co-ed skinhead, neo-Nazi or Christian racist groups, others have opted to form their own organizations, like WAU. In 1990, the Intelligence Project began tracking Women for Aryan Unity, which, said Roy, currently has at least six active chapters in the U.S.

Part of the reason for the rise of women-only groups may be due to a delayed battle of the sexes. The traditional role of white nationalist women is to give birth to and homeschool as many white babies as possible, but many ladies aren't so keen on this idea and often challenge their lower status. An Australian WAU chapter recently told its members to buck up, even if their husbands, fathers or boyfriends don't want them involved:

"We have been told that several men in our movement 'scoff' at our work and our magazine, we have even been told that these men don't want their women to be involved! Perhaps these men need to take a good look at themselves, it would seem they're in the wrong movement! Perhaps they feel threatened that their women's knowledge might far exceed their own! Either way, these men should be ashamed of their hypocritical actions."

While part of WAU's mission is to redefine feminism among white nationalists, the projects it publicly advertises are domestic in nature -- a clothing drive, a cookbook, and the annual Yulefund.

Giving Back, the White Supremacist Way

Appeals for WAU's Yulefund are posted repeatedly on Stormfront, where there are sub-boards for members to discuss topics ranging from self-defense and ideology to dating and poetry. Many of the women among Stormfront's 52,463 registered members subscribe to a homemaking message board, a strange window into the kitchens and living rooms of white nationalist families. The normalcy of the posts is eerie. Between cupcake recipes, tips on how to train a puppy and birthday congratulations are rants about the "mudding" of America and the genetic inferiority of Jews and African-Americans.

The women posting to the Stormfront board, and those involved with Women for Aryan Unity, are remarkable only for their racist views. A hospital worker and mother in New York City recently posted a nasty rant about African-American panhandlers. A 34-year-old New Jersey mom and member of Women for Aryan Unity admitted online that she used to tear down posters celebrating African-American history month. Another woman involved in WAU activities is a former nanny who had worked for "non-racialist" families, which she found difficult to do. As one WAU woman, identified only by her screen name as MistWraith, wrote to me:

"Granted, not many women have our views, but scratch that and we're not much different than a lot of women. Most of us work, go to school, eat regularly, interact with people, are married, live in houses, some are professional, some are stay-at-home moms, some are Jills of all trades, etc. We're all different kinds of women... If you're expecting a bunch of high school dropouts living under the thumb of some abusive drunk with no teeth, you're looking in the wrong place."

Indeed, the WAU website describes its members as "normal" looking women, mostly former skinheads, who now "blend in with society." The group is comprised of rural, suburban and urban women around the world. The Yulefund, MistWraith wrote, is "not different than any other kind of fundraiser you've seen, except they're for white families. That's all you need to know."


The major difference between this fundraiser and the one put on by your local church is that WAU raises money to "purchase and send Yuletide gifts to the families of our Prisoners of War." These white nationalist "P.O.W.s," many of whom are serving time for firearms convictions, are white supremacist activists linked to violent crimes.

Take Chester Doles, a fourth-generation Ku Klux Klansman whom WAU paints as a prisoner of (race) war. Doles was a Georgia leader of the National Alliance, a white supremacist organization that government authorities consider dangerous. In the 1990s, he was convicted and served prison time for felony counts of battery and burglary. In 2003, he was arrested again and convicted of illegal possession of firearms; Doles is now serving a 70-month sentence at the Federal Correctional Institution in Manchester, Kentucky. Another interesting tidbit: Doles reportedly owned a video game called "Ethnic Cleansing," in which the object was to hunt down blacks and Jews. A perfect Aryan recipient of the Yulefund, apparently.

Multiple white supremacist organizations view Doles as a political prisoner who was "silenced" by the state for his racist activities. Along with WAU, the National Vanguard is also raising money for Doles, whom they describe as "a family man, a loving husband, and a great father to his children." They ask people to "cheer up" the convict this Christmas by contributing funds.

Gary Yarbrough, another "P.O.W." supported by Women for Aryan Unity, is serving a 25-year sentence for shooting at FBI agents, illegally possessing explosives and firearms, including a submachine gun that police said was used in the 1984 murder of Denver talk show host Alan Berg. (Two other white supremacists were convicted of that murder, and Yarborough has denied involvement. All three men were members of The Order, a white supremacist "brotherhood.")

Women for Aryan Unity also sends Christmas gifts to the young son of Mark Gaudin, a National Alliance member who was killed in 2002 during an apparent robbery. Three black men were accused of the crime; one was convicted of capital murder in 2004. Gaudin, a taxi driver and maker of Aryan T-shirts, is considered a martyr for the cause of white supremacy. His family is only one of 22 recipients of the Yulefund this year.

Antidotes to Hate

What can advocates of peace and tolerance do with the uncomfortable knowledge that dedicated racists live quietly among us? How do we deal with the fact that there are some people with hidden ways of showing their hate, like the New York City nurse who hastily stitches up a black woman's wound in a way that will definitely leave a scar. Or the tech support guy who runs the server for a neo-Nazi website from his home. Or the nanny who works on a fundraiser for violent racists in her spare time.

First, remember that the results of a Google search of "neo-Nazi" or "white supremacy" have been designed to scare.

"You can't take what they say on their website at face value," said Kathleen Blee. "It's just propaganda. A lot of these groups do websites to be provocative, kind of as a low level terrorism." Because so much of the racist community is online, the physical presence of a WAU chapter in your town probably poses no threat. Personally, I gave out my name, phone number and email address to multiple WAU members in my area, with no response. The only responses I received to my interview requests were via the Stormfront message board, a familiar and comfortable setting for dedicated racists where some berated me for being part of the "jewmedia" and others calmly deliberated their thoughts.

Perhaps the best defense against the spread of racist activism is the nurturing of a healthy, multi-ethnic youth culture. Like any group, a lot of what racist organizations have to offer is social: parties, friends and identity. If white kids are encouraged to engage in social activities that are multi-cultural, inter-faith and tolerant they will be less likely to be enticed by a free skinhead concert. Research suggests that committed racists are made, not born, and most members of racist groups become radicalized once they enter a group setting that encourages racist attitudes, so preventing recruitment into racist groups is key.

There are ample materials to help parents and caregivers with the task. The Anti-Defamation League recommends a book titled, "Hate Hurts: How Children Learn and Unlearn Prejudice" and a brochure for youth called, "Close the Book on Hate: 101 Ways to Combat Prejudice." Both are available through the Anti-Defamation League website and at Barnes and Noble.

The best and worst thing to keep in mind is that subtle, everyday racism is widespread, while intense organized hate is fairly rare. Rather than simply hating the haters, the Southern Poverty Law Center encourages the general public to promote racial and ethnic tolerance in general, daily ways. offers practical steps to do this through its 10 Ways to Fight Hate, and suggestions on how to respond to bigoted comments.

In the meantime, you can dedicate your holiday activities to tolerance by giving a year-end gift to one of the many anti-hate organizations and donating to a clothes drive that helps people of all colors. And, for God's sake, please don't sing "White Christmas."

Maria Luisa Tucker is an AlterNet staff writer.

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Don't tell the Aryans that "White Christmas" was written by Irving Berlin
Posted by: milox on Dec 19, 2005 2:54 AM    [Report this comment]
It's rather ironic that Irving Berlin, the writer of "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas", was in fact Jewish. I hope some lets all those Aryans know this. God forbid it would spoil their Christmas. D'oh! Okay, they should definately know.

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» montana freeman Posted by: dean
racism and ignorance
Posted by: menckenman on Dec 19, 2005 4:54 AM    [Report this comment]
Intelligence might be defined as the capacity to comprehend; ignorance is the inability to understand, or stand in the place of, the ability to view from multiple pespectives. Racism arises from the fear of being ridiculed and humiliated, just like kids who can't read will misbehave in class to create a diversion. Racism is a survival mechanism for these women who have no life outside a community united by ignorance.

Ignorance, fear, racism, each depend upon the other. There has never been a lack of ignorant boobs in this God-fearing, Christian country. Hell, half of the country still thinks Darwin is the devil's spawn.

[« Reply to this comment] [Post a new comment »]

» RE: racism and ignorance Posted by: tcx2
» montana freeman Posted by: dean
Posted by: owlbear1 on Dec 19, 2005 5:46 AM    [Report this comment]
Despite being members of the most populous ethnicity and blessed with all the privledges that entails (easier to find work, higher wages, lager support networks, better educational opps) they are still UTTER FAILURES. Rather than face that fact in the mirror their borderline personalities start looking for a weaker monkey to attack.

These pathetic losers run screaming from their own reflections, Terrified of the HATE they hold for THEMSELVES.

It would be sad if wasn't for the fact they have just enough intelligence to be dangerous and SO MUCH self-loathing to project.

[« Reply to this comment] [Post a new comment »]

Posted by: Hierodule on Dec 19, 2005 6:11 AM    [Report this comment]
I wonder if this hate group is on the Pentagon's watch list, along with all the peaceful anti-war protesters that the Pentagon is so concerned about. I'll be it's not!

[« Reply to this comment] [Post a new comment »]

» RE: Hiereodule Posted by: Richie the C
I remember that political cartoon back in Dec 2002 of Trent Lott
Posted by: maxpayne on Dec 19, 2005 6:23 AM    [Report this comment]
singing "I'm dreaming of a white christmas" followed by another republican voice shouting "SHUT UP !" The trick to liking this song is to not think about race at all.

[« Reply to this comment] [Post a new comment »]

Racsism is a mechanism used by the elite to keep us divided.
Posted by: Pepper on Dec 19, 2005 6:43 AM    [Report this comment]
We have rascism in all ethnic groups and they are definitely a minority. Be very careful that you don't paint every organization with a broad brush.

The biggest threat right now to this government and their agenda of repression and tyranny are the "Militia" who are older than the Constitution. They have been under assault for over 4 years now and are being painted with the broad brush of rascism and they ARE NOT RASCISTS. They are not "Supremecists", but they are being set up and their leaders arrested for various and asundry crimes that they have no history of committing.

Right now the major militias in this country have had all their leaders currently in jail and serving sentences for Fed crimes. If this is done under the Bush administration then you should be asking yourself "why", since its their agenda to keep us fighting among ourselves. A house divided will fall, which is what they want. So if these militia were rascist, then wouldn't it be to Bush's advantage to keep them out and point the finger to keep dissension between Americans?

So, why then are they purging, infiltrating and arresting these leaders??? I personally know some of them and they had no history of breaking any laws. They function as back up to many local groups for aiding when disaster strikes, such as fire dept, police, search and rescue. I saw an FBI flyer calling any group that "quotes the Constitution" as a domestic terrorist group and they can be arrested, tortured and incarcerated without a trial under the old patriot act II and they can lose their citizenship.

If there was ever a time that we must come together and ignore our petty differences and don't allow ourselves to manipulation by hate, then its now. Do some research on these groups.

There are some in Tennessee, Kentucky, Massachusets, Colorado and other states like Michigan. I think its important to read about them from a variety of sources, talk to them, their current leaders and maybe even attend some meetings just to see for yourselves.

Liberals are all called "commies" and they aren't, so lets do for others what we want done for ourselves. Lets find out for ourselves and not let the gov or the press make the determination for us. Its the responsible thing to do.

[« Reply to this comment] [Post a new comment »]

National Socialism has been pervated by morons
Posted by: ecofascist on Dec 19, 2005 6:52 AM    [Report this comment]
White Nationalism is racial marxism for whites. The term 'white' can best be described as a social construct. Europe has various races and tribes among them. It's absurd to assume that all whites should mix and create more degenerate whites.

I think National Socialism has been distorted to fit the mainstream worldview(liberal or conservative, both are worthless). Nazism is actually a Third Front worldview and has nothing to do with being a left or right wing ideology.

Nationalism for all races MUST be supported. The enemies of National Socialism and Nationalism are marxism and globalism. The fact that Nazism is equated with anti-semitism shows how people have fallen for Hollywood propaganda. Real National Socialists are not hate mongers. They wish to preserve their races, tribes and local communities including its castes. None should believe these white nationalists. They dont understand Nazism and simply are knee jerk reactionaries. I think its worth mentioning that Europeans should support euro-tribal nationalism not the paranoid WNs in the US.

To understand nationalism and national socialism goto: - excellent source

[« Reply to this comment] [Post a new comment »]

» RE: To Pepper Posted by: philame
Do preferences=prejudice?
Posted by: Talon on Dec 19, 2005 7:52 AM    [Report this comment]
I grew up in very ethnically diverse inner city neighborhoods in Chicago and L.A. And after years of living as a "white" minority member of my neighborhoods, I find I have a preference for living among a more white majority. Is my preference a prejudice?

[« Reply to this comment] [Post a new comment »]

» RE: Do preferences=prejudice? Posted by: lionhead
» RE: Do preferences=prejudice? Posted by: mysticpal
» montana freeman Posted by: dean
» RE: montana freeman Posted by: Talon
» RE: Do preferences=prejudice? Posted by: holojojo
» From simple minds... Posted by: thedude
Posted by: hotar on Dec 19, 2005 7:54 AM    [Report this comment]
Oh boy, a little bait and they start coming out of the woodwork!

The need to "maintain a standing militia" is an antiquated notion, dating from a time when the original colonies had no unified, permanent military force. The idea that these modern day "militias" could somehow serve this function, or serve to defend the rights and liberties of the citizenry against infringement by the ruling class, is absurd on its face: These "militias" are too insignificant to pose any deterrent. They constitute a marginal, fringe element, and despite what Pepper says in their defense, it is well known that there is "bleed over" into these groups from white nationalist/supremacist groups. Nationalism, by definition in this country, is separatism. Nationalism, by its very nature, breeds isolationism and other backward ideologies. If you have any doubts about this, check out the positions of Patrick Buchanan and others of his ilk.

And let's not even get into the "black helicopters" (DEA and Air National Guard) that some of these groups rant about as being manifestations of secret UN activities aimed at undermining our sovereignty. The UN is not undermining anyone's sovereignty: It's a feeble shadow of what it could be, an organization designed to promote peace and community among the nations of the world. Next we'll be reading that fluoridation is a communist plot...

Regarding National Socialism: Why not just call it Nationalism, which is what it is? It's not Socialism; Socialism is a left-wing ideology. "National Socialism", as embodied by the Nazi Party, was a blend of Aryanism and Corporatism, an elitist formation that sought to promote the interests of white, heterosexual, Protestant Germans over those of other ethnic/gender/religious groups. It was backed and bankrolled by cynical corporate interests.

ecofascist said: Nationalism for all races MUST be supported.

Dude! This IS racist! No two ways about it. As soon as you start talking about racial nationalism, you're talking about separatism. As soon as you talk about racial separation, you are by definition RACIST. Any argument to the contrary is self-delusional. And when you argue for racial separation, you are in the same boat as the supremacists, whether you think so or not.

[« Reply to this comment] [Post a new comment »]

» RE: yikes! Posted by: Smiggsy
» RE: yikes! Posted by: Pepper
» RE: yikes! Posted by: philame
» RE: yikes! Posted by: Pepper
» montana freeman Posted by: dean
You guys are brainwashed by judeo-xtian mentality
Posted by: ecofascist on Dec 19, 2005 9:04 AM    [Report this comment]
First of all I am not at all white. I am Indian, as in an Asian Indian. Most people don't understand National Socialism(german version is called Nazism). I don't blame you guys for the masturbatory knee jerk comments. I pity America and it's Zionist agenda(read some Chomsky and Finkelstein). I admire Gandhi and the Nazis. Nazism isn't simply a product of nationalism and socialism. It's a gestalt of various ideas derived from the left and right wing. You cannot put nazism into the right wing basket. The LNSG is the real National Socialist organization which promotes Tradition and not racial rhetoric. I see that Alternet isn't very different from mainstream news sources.


[« Reply to this comment] [Post a new comment »]

» Ghandi and the Nazis -- Priceless!! Posted by: AdamSelene11726
» "My Bad" ... wrong Ghandi Posted by: AdamSelene11726
The Liberals and Conservatives are alike
Posted by: ecofascist on Dec 19, 2005 9:09 AM    [Report this comment]
Smash the Left and Right! They are both outdated and worthless. Either Nader should be the next president or America should embrace National Anarchism. Kick the abusers of power out! No more war for Israel! All nations reclaim your identity and smash globalization!

[« Reply to this comment] [Post a new comment »]

If it weren't for the ACLU...
Posted by: thedude on Dec 19, 2005 10:12 AM    [Report this comment]
...we wouldn't still have these racist scumbags prancing around like they do! I find it disturbing and ironic that a "liberal" organization like the ACLU will file a lawsuit against someone if they want to put a nativity scene, a symbol of peace on earth and the birth of a savior and will turn around and sue to protect some klan member who wants to preach hatred and racism.
But what would you expect from the same people who defended NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) and their website which actually teaches members to coerce and molest little boys!
Groups like the KKK, neo-nazis and skinheads need to be shutdown and their children taken away so they can be de-programmed. I grew up in an area with a lot of racism and it made me sick to hear comments from klan members and skinheads. It's one of the main reasons I left and moved thousands of miles away. What was most disturbing was to hear little children laughing and talking about other races with such maliciousness and hatred mixed with their glee.
And I feel that these racist women are perverting the very message of Christmas which is peace on earth, goodwill toward men and to give of yourself and all you can to others regardless of skin color or ethnicity.

[« Reply to this comment] [Post a new comment »]

» montana freeman Posted by: dean
I'm dreaming of a white...NAZI
Posted by: jeffrey7 on Dec 19, 2005 11:00 AM    [Report this comment]
Isn't it strange that there's a mass murder movie premiereing on Christmas,and, NAZI's are sending Xmas cards?
Any one with a soul can see there is an awful lot of PURE HATE being passed around. If not from " The holy Order of the Aryan Crotch",it's the Conservative Anti-Christs,making
wars and advancing policies that are anything but christian.
Sure the young teacher Jesus told us to Love our enemies and neighbors. He'd really be pissed at what's been done back of his name now. He taught us that we live forever,never truly knowing death. He was killed,in body, for teaching the truth.
The resurection proved he was right. He even had to show up twice to make the point.
Fact is my Friends,there are more of these eliteist,self-
serving,christian masquarading,greed absorbed,children of God,that die in their sleep than we could ever kill off in war. Their torture will be eternal and their next existance will be will be a catbox maggot.

[« Reply to this comment] [Post a new comment »]

» RE: I'm dreaming of a white...NAZI Posted by: turbocrusher
» montana freeman Posted by: dean
The human race....
Posted by: morticia on Dec 19, 2005 11:43 AM    [Report this comment] completely, congenitally mad.

[« Reply to this comment] [Post a new comment »]

» RE: The human race.... Posted by: Pepper
» montana freeman Posted by: dean
Gandhi goes beyond just non-violence
Posted by: ecofascist on Dec 19, 2005 5:31 PM    [Report this comment]
Most people just look at Gandhi as a forerunner of non-violence. I respect Gandhi for his ideas on governance, economics and social ideas. The Western media focus more on his struggle for independence and non-violent methods. Gandhi was inspired by American Transcendalist writers.

As far the Nazis, do you know guys know what great things they did for Germany? I don't worship Hitler or the Third Reich since they had their flaws. But I believe that national socialism has potential for EVERY race. Any race or tribe in the world can use NS to reach higher levels of development. I think you guys are the real fascists and hate-mongers who are not willing to discuss all this openly.

Indians are not racist for the reason that some dumbfucks like to use fairness creams. Indians tend to be Conservative Traditionalists. Most people confuse terms and use it against them.

I pity the liberals and neocons as the just fool America and the rest of the world. I hate America or what it has become and not simply for being America. The American dream is just an illusion and will destroy indigenous cultures and tradtions, not to forget rape the planet of it's resources. Americans should wakeup before it's too late.

Here are some my ideas on certain issues:

1.All homosexuals and other queer gender types should be given full rights as any other heterosexual citizen.

2.ALL drugs must be legalized.

3.The central governmen must be minarchist in nature.

4.Power must be localized, with autonomous communities co-operating with each other.

5.Remove ALL affirmative action and laws restricting freedom of speech.

6.Candidates irrespective of their political ideology(yes even commies) should be allowed to contest elections.

7.All homosexuals, drug addicts, alchoholics and other junkies should be segregrated from the sober populace and given certain districts, where they can live the life they want. All govt funded rehabs should be closed.

[« Reply to this comment] [Post a new comment »]

Hate Speech
Posted by: Motorwolf on Dec 19, 2005 5:55 PM    [Report this comment]
“France is a bitch, don’t forget to f—her to exhaustion. You have to treat her like a whore, man! . . . France is one of the bitches who gave birth to you. . . . I am not at home and I don’t give a damn, and besides the state can go f—itself. . . . I pee on Napoleon and General De Gaulle. . . . My niggers and my Arabs, our playground is the street with the most guns. . . . F—ing cops, sons of whores. . . . France is a lousy mother who abandoned her sons on the sidewalk.” PolitiKment IncorreKt, Mr. R (French rapper), Diamond Entertainment, 2005. See Homegrown Gangstas, Weekly Standard, Sept. 23, 2005.

“We’re all hot for a mission to exterminate the government and the fascists. . . . France is a bitch and we’ve been betrayed. . . . We f—France, we don’t care about the Republic and freedom of speech. We should change the laws so we can see Arabs and Blacks in power in the Elysée Palace. Things have to explode.” De Rire aux Larmes, Sniper (French rapper), Warner Music, 2001. See Homegrown Gangstas, Weekly Standard, Sept. 23, 2005.

“Kill the white people; we gonna make them hurt; kill the white people; but buy my record first; ha, ha, ha”

“Kill d’White People”; Apache, Apache Ain’t Shit, 1993, Tommy Boy Music, Time Warner, USA.

“Niggas in the church say: kill whitey all night long. . . . the white man is the devil. . . . the CRIPS and Bloods are soldiers I’m recruiting with no dispute; drive-by shooting on this white genetic mutant. . . . let’s go and kill some rednecks. . . . Menace Clan ain’t afraid. . . . I got the .380; the homies think I’m crazy because I shot a white baby; I said; I said; I said: kill whitey all night long. . . . a nigga dumping on your white ass; fuck this rap shit, nigga, I’m gonna blast. . . . I beat a white boy to the motherfucking ground”;

“Kill Whitey”; Menace Clan, Da Hood, 1995, Rap-A-Lot Records, Noo Trybe Records, subsidiaries of what was called Thorn EMI and now is called The EMI Group, United Kingdom.

“Devils fear this brand new shit-I bleed them next time I see them- I pray on these devils- look what it has come to; who you gonna run to when we get to mobbing- filling his body up with lead, yah; cracker in my way; slitting, slit his throat; watch his body shake; watch his body shake; that’s how we do it in the motherfucking [San Fran...

[« Reply to this comment] [Post a new comment »]

A contradiction in terms
Posted by: Musi on Dec 19, 2005 6:28 PM    [Report this comment]
White supremacists who describe themselves as Aryans make the same mistake as the Nazis: The term Aryan is the descriptor given to people of subcontinetal India.. they are in fact as black as a coffee bean. It has naught in the athropological sense, to do with fair skin, blue eyed Brunhildes, but rather with dark sninned Gupta's.. Oh well sheeples are born each day.

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Look at the source and stop blaming the ACLU
Posted by: Richie the C on Dec 20, 2005 3:15 AM    [Report this comment]
I'm 1/2 German and 1/2 Jewish. I blame myself for everything.

FYI: The ACLU has nothing against Nativity scenes. They just can't be paid for with government money. You've got your own church and lawn for that.

The ACLU doesn't support racism, but the rights of people, who may be racist, to express their opinions. Outlawing racists doesn't make them go away, it drives them underground. Personally, I would rather have them out in public and on the record, so that we know who they are, and at the very least have the honesty and courage to come forward. Then we can have a dialogue.
We don't like a lot of what other people are saying, but we can't just go around calling each other stupid. People's actions are often based on their own experiences and accumulated pieces of information and not always a desire to subjugate others.
Think of how many generations of Germans were harassed after WWII for something with which they had nothing to do. Part of the abuse is scapegoating, part of it was real anger, and part of it was an ability to comprehend that Germans could be anything else, Albert Schweizer and Einstein be damned.
What I mean is that we need to listen to people's complaints and address them before we simply tell these people that they're stupid. You don't always know what people had what experience with a certain ehtnic group. If you deny people the opportunity to express themselves they simply become more desperate and isolated in their activities.

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Forty-four years ago: a white Christmas gone South
Posted by: sklopfer on Dec 22, 2005 7:14 AM    [Report this comment]
AS 1961 CAME to a close, some white folks in the Mississippi Delta were dreaming of a "white" Christmas when they decided to keep their black customers away from the city of Clarksdale’s annual parade.

Their tune changed when Coahoma County’s NAACP chapter led by popular civil rights activist Aaron Henry sponsored a major boycott over the Christmas shopping season of 1961. Downtown stores were all heavily dependent on black trade giving the boycott both immediate and lasting effects.

Medgar Evers, head of the state's NAACP, and Henry had met with President Kennedy over the summer during the NAACP convention in Philadelphia. National board members traveled from Philadelphia to Washington, D. C. on a "freedom train" where they talked with the president and others over the severity of their problems.

"President Kennedy listened to us intently, was very cordial, and gave us a tour of the White House," Henry later wrote in his autobiography, A Fire Ever Burning.

Several months later, Clarksdale’s mayor decided there would be no Negro participation in the local Christmas parade: his decision would result in the first major confrontation in Clarksdale since 1955.

Aaron Henry and others were stunned and affronted by the mayor’s edict. It was tradition for the black band to play at the end of the parade, followed by floats from their community. There seemed to be no reason for this decision, except that the mayor "apparently resented the progress we were making all over the state," Henry said.

The announcement came in November and was supported by the Chamber of Commerce. Henry and Evers called for a boycott of downtown stores with the slogan: "If we can’t parade downtown, we won’t trade downtown." Handbills were printed and a newsletter sent out asking for blacks to join in the boycott; merchants felt pressure from the start.

White Christmas Gone South

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It's important to understand the racial situation in prisons
Posted by: thedude on Dec 23, 2005 12:18 PM    [Report this comment]
I am not supporting or defending the Aryans, the skinheads, the neo-Nazis or any of those idiots, of course. But you do have to keep in mind that in prison, races don't mix at all! The Black, the Latinos, the Asians and the Whites are all separated into their racial groups by the prison and stay with "their own" during all activies and times. I wonder if there would be so much attention if the article was about Black women who were doing this kind of activity and were talking about their "racial purity"? Would it make a difference if these women were any other color besides white?

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