Abramoff Lobbying Questioned

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Jack Abramoff's career is appalling, but lobbying remains critical to a democratic society and enshrined in our Constitution.
Barely a Drop of Fraud: Why It Shouldn't Taint Our View of Science (Post, January 8, 2006, Page B03)
Alito's Challenge (By David S. Broder, January 8, 2006, Page B07)
A Tribe Takes Grim Satisfaction in Abramoff's Fall: Desire to Protect Casino Revenue Made Coushattas Receptive to Lobbyist's Pitch on Access (Post, January 7, 2006, Page A01)
Abramoff Case Aids Region's Charities: Uneasy Lawmakers Unload Donations (Post, January 7, 2006, Page B03)
Abramoff and His Vanishing Friends (By E. J. Dionne Jr., January 6, 2006, Page A19)
Fashion: Jack Abramoff, Wearing a Guilty Look (Post, January 6, 2006, Page C01)
Bush to Give Up $6,000 In Abramoff Contributions (Post, January 5, 2006, Page A01)
In Florida, Abramoff Again Pleads Guilty: Admission Completes Corruption Defendant's Shift to Government Witness (Post, January 5, 2006, Page A04)
McCain's Day to Crow (By Richard Cohen, January 5, 2006, Page A15)
Ehrlich, Other Local Officials to Return Abramoff Funds (Post, January 5, 2006, Page B02)
Jack in the Box (By Howard Kurtz, January 4, 2006; 10:33 AM)
Abramoff Pleads Guilty to 3 Counts: Lobbyist to Testify About Lawmakers In Corruption Probe (Post, January 4, 2006, Page A01)
GOP Leaders Seek Distance From Abramoff: Hastert to Donate Money Given by Lobbyist's Clients (Post, January 4, 2006, Page A10)
Throughout a City, Lessons of the Fall (By Dana Milbank, January 4, 2006, Page A11)
Ehrlich Urged to Return Abramoff Funds: Md. Democratic Party Says Giving Back $16,000 Is 'Only Ethical Option' (Post, January 4, 2006, Page B08)
Legal Literature: Plot, Character, Action!: Abramoff Documents, Latest in the Genre (Post, January 4, 2006, Page C01)
The DeLay-Abramoff Money Trail: Nonprofit Group Linked to Lawmaker Was Funded Mostly by Clients of Lobbyist (Post, December 31, 2005, Page A01)
The Fast Rise and Steep Fall of Jack Abramoff: How a Well-Connected Lobbyist Became the Center of a Far-Reaching Corruption Scandal (Post, December 29, 2005, Page A01)
When the Cutting Is Corrupted (By E. J. Dionne Jr., December 27, 2005, Page A25)
Pundit Payola (By Michael Kinsley, December 23, 2005, Page A21)
Ex-Director of Md. GOP Testified on Ties to Abramoff (Post, December 22, 2005, Page B08)
Thou Shalt What?? Ralph Reed's Flack Writes a Little Blue in a Red State (By Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts, December 22, 2005, Page C03)
Abramoff Reportedly Negotiating a Deal in Which He Would Plead Guilty, Testify (Post, December 21, 2005, Page A05)
2nd Senator to Return Abramoff Funds; Lobbyist Paid Columnist (Post, December 17, 2005, Page A02)
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