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    GOP Vixen
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    Fulbright in Malaysia
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  1. Victims of Bombings in Israel Seek Damages in New York Open this result in new window
    New York Times - Jan 06 9:03 PM
    Victims of suicide bombings in Israel filed a federal lawsuit against a major British bank, claiming that money was transferred to Hamas.
  2. Temple Beth Israel picks successor to Rose Open this result in new window
    Portland Oregonian - 1 hour, 0 minute ago
    In July, Michael Z. Cahana will become rabbi of Congregation Beth Israel when Emanuel Rose retires after 45 years of service. Cahana, 46, is senior rabbi of Temple Israel of New Rochelle, N.Y. He was elected Nov. 20 by members of Congregation Beth Israel, a Reform congregation.
  3. In Israel, future hangs in balance Open this result in new window
    International Herald Tribune - Jan 06 7:04 AM
    As Prime Minister Ariel Sharon of Israel was rushed back to the operating room Friday, Israelis focused on a future without him in power.
  4. Sharon's vision for Israel is a road map for his heirs Open this result in new window
    Salt Lake Tribune - Jan 07 12:14 AM
    JERUSALEM - Even if Ariel Sharon can no longer lead Israel, some of his boldest ideas are likely to outlive him: that the dream of expanding Israel's borders is unrealistic, that uprooting Jewish settlements is possible, that Israel doesn't have to wait for a peace treaty to separate from the Palestinians. Sharon did not complete his plan to draw Israel's final borders, but he may have paved
  5. ISRAEL AFTER ARIEL Open this result in new window
    New York Post via Yahoo! News - Jan 06 3:00 AM
    The news from Israel is grim: Prime Minister Ariel Sharon remained under sedation yesterday following lengthy emergency brain surgery necessitated by a massive stroke. Even if he survives, doctors said, "it will not be possible" for him to return to work "under the current circumstances."
  6. Uncertainty in Israel Open this result in new window
    Kansas City Star - Jan 07 12:24 AM
    For most of his life, Ariel Sharon’s name was hardly associated with efforts to forge peace between Israel and the Palestinians.
  7. Economic outlook for Israel seems stable Open this result in new window
    International Herald Tribune - Jan 06 3:03 AM
    Ariel Sharon's departure from Israel's political scene probably would leave intact the economy he bolstered and the stock market that hit a record just before he entered the hospital on Wednesday.
  8. Israel's political vacuum Open this result in new window
    The Christian Science Monitor via Yahoo! News - Jan 06 12:00 AM
    Israel is facing a political realignment that could reverberate through the entire Middle East for years to come. The health crisis that has removed Prime Minister Ariel Sharon from the political scene has created a political vacuum that Israelis compare to the assassination of former prime minister Yitzhak Rabin in 1995.
  9. Israel awaits word on Sharon's condition Open this result in new window
    Australian Broadcasting Corporation - Jan 07 12:38 AM
    Israel is bracing for the end of an era as Prime Minister Ariel Sharon remains critically ill in a medically-induced coma after undergoing more surgery.
  10. Israel's Olmert Seeks to Prove Leadership Credentials (Update3) Open this result in new window - Jan 06 9:41 AM
    Jan. 6 (Bloomberg) -- Israel's Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, thrust into power by Ariel Sharon's stroke two days ago, has less than three months before the country's general election to establish himself as a credible national leader.
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