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Who is Ernst Zündel? Why is he loved by so many - and equally demonized and vilified by others? Get to know the one-man powerhouse Revisionist who has dedicated his life to clearing Germany of the blood libel of the "Holocaust". [More]


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Im deutschen Blätterwald gibt's viele gehorsame Pudel!


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December 31: *** Holocaust Heresy Trial resumes on 9 February 2006 ***


December 27: Revisionism in Iran, in France and in the World


December 27: A noted California professor speaks up on the so-called "Holocaust"


December 16: Update on the Zundel Case - and a Call for a Global Christmas Card Campaign


December 16: Presse- und Meinungsfreiheit verteidigen!


December 4: Holocaust 101 in Spanish - "Holocausto 101"


December 1: Gerd Honsik: Zundels Verdienst 


November 30: Mehr über den Zundel-Ketzerprozeß 


November 29: Europe Seen Cracking Down on Holocaust Revisionists 


November 28: British Ian Buckley on The Trials of Ernst Zundel: "God have mercy on mankind!" 


November 27: Die Holocaustjustiz verläßt das sinkende Schiff "Offenkundigkeit" Von Horst Mahler - Dritter Teil 


November 26: Der Zundel Ketzerprozess: Befehl ist noch lange nicht Recht! - Zweiter Teil


November 24: SHAMIR: You won't say "boo" to a goose, let alone the Jewish lobby.


November 23: Der Zundel Ketzerprozess: Befehl ist noch lange nicht Recht! - Erster Teil


November 21: Der Zündel Prozeß - Erster Verhandlungstag


November 21: Faurisson: The UN Decides a Universal Ban on Revisionism


November 17: Two more reports about Day 2 of the Holocaust Heresy Trial in Germany


November 16: The Zundel Case in Germany: Just plain old common sense


Sept 24: Who is Ernst Zundel - Updated biographical information (With pictures)


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All media interviews about the politically motivated imprisonment of Ernst Zundel - or interviews requested for Ingrid Rimland - will be given by Mr. Mark Weber, Director of the Institute for Historical Review.  Write to [email protected] or call (949) 631-1490.