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The NSA is spying on American citizens!

Are they violating our rights?
Or did they finally "get a clue"?

Daryl Bradford Smith authorizes the spying. Click here

"Oh my God!"

Please listen to this speech of ex-Zionist Benjamin Freedman

This is from 1961. How many more decades of suffering do we need before people take this issue seriously?

Benjamin Freedman's speech.  Click here

Contaminating the Truth is a Crime

Darly Bradford Smith will not back down

• Rense's writers send people in the wrong direction; some articles have serious mistakes that are never corrected; and some articles are poorly written.

• Rense may be influenced by Sam Newhouse or other Zionists who routinely deceive us.

• Most important, Rense's mixing of absurd UFO stories with 9/11 and Zionism is giving a bad image to research on 9-11 and Zionism.

Get a clue!  Click here (updated 6 Jan 2006)

The French Connection is now offering Educational Courses to help you earn your Masters in Deception
Lesson #1: Aliens and Religion
The fine line between Beliefs and Deception

Is the "Holocaust Historiography Project" accurate?

The Holocaust is a significant event in human history, especially now with the arrest of people who question the official version of it. We should identify and remove the false and deceptive information.

Click here for the Holocaust Historiography Project

The Columbine Massacre

Here is a different perspective for you

Click here for judicial-inc.biz

Zionists, Monarchies, and other Criminals

People of all races, religions, and nationalities are growing tired of Zionists, Monarchies, the Rothschilds, and other criminals. In fact, Rabbi Dovid Feldman just asked me (Daryl Bradford Smith) to help him educate the Hasidic Jews around the world as to the danger of getting caught up in the backlash that is building against Zionists. Rabbi Feldman does not want their community to become victims of the growing anger towards Zionists; rather, he wants Jews to join in the fight against Zionism.

These criminals  have been torturing the world for centuries. Some of us have had enough of their abuse.

Learn about it, and prepare for battle. Click here

A response to the criticism of the Iranian President 
from Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss 
of Neturei Karta International,
Jews United Against Zionism
"Orthodox Jews have always prayed and till today, continually pray for the speedy and peaceful dismantling of the Zionist state."
Click here for their statement

The disgust of Zionism and Israel is worldwide, and supported by all races, religions, and nationalities. We are fed up with their corruption, war, and abuse.

Zionists attacked the USS Liberty

The attack on the USS Liberty was a failed attempt to fool the USA into attacking Egypt. The Zionists (and their Useful Idiots, such as the McCain family) got away with this and other crimes, which is why they had the confidence to do 9-11. Can we get some help spreading information about the corruption before our nation is destroyed?

Click here for the USS Liberty site

Click here for our Jan 5th interview with James Ennis

The criminals are
determined to remain in control

The expression "The 9-11 Bowel Movement" is an unpleasant but accurate way of describing the BS that comes from most of the 9-11 "Truth Seekers"

Click here!

Why are we 
tolerating their abuse?

Put these criminals on a list 
for a 9-11 Reign of Terror

Click here!

Hufschmid's comments on how they get away with these crimes

Also, his article:

How do we distinguish truth from lies? The truth does not need protection!

Having trouble believing Hufschmid?

Then try this remark from Theodor Herzel:

“It is essential that the sufferings of Jews.. . become worse. . . this will assist in realization of our plans. . . I have an excellent idea. . . I shall induce anti-Semites to liquidate Jewish wealth. . . The anti-Semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews. The anti-Semites shall be our best friends”.
This quote was at JewsAgainstZionism (they change their quotes daily)

Help us spread this information. Tell your friends about The French Connection. Don't wait for other people to do anything; we are on our own!

Another article by Hufschmid on the media:
The Media is the Enemy

A view of the New York Times from a physician, Dr. Khodr

Tired of corrupt leaders?
It is time we move the human race beyond this primitive existence of monarchies, exploitation, corruption, and wars.


Wiesenthal Center accuses Chavez of anti-Semitism
The French Connection is demanding an apology from the Wiesenthal Center for their blatant anti-goyism.
NASA hits bottom; they will pay Russia for rocket trips
More amazing, the bonehead Republicans at freerepublic are talking about it without blaming it on liberals. Is the deterioration of the USA now so obvious that even Republicans can see it? What will be next? Will those boneheads talk about 9-11 without blaming it on the Arabs? And will liberals do something beside complain about Bush and feel sorry for themselves?
Howard Stern to get $220M in Sirius Stock
Why is it so easy to find money to pump out propaganda and juvenile, obnoxious entertainment? Why can't The French Connection find funding like this? How can a nation take care of itself when the citizens support the people who screw them? 
U.K. chief rabbi warns of `tsunami of anti-Semitism'
The rabbi is worried that Holocaust denial is spreading, and that goyim are becoming angry.
Death from bestiality; Seattle Times most popular news story
They try to blame the popularity on the Drudge Report, but the media is well aware that most people love sexy photos of Jon Benet Ramsey and stories of bestiality. This might be why Whitley Strieber wrote a titillating story about his rape by aliens from space (near the end of this article).
Iran's President calls for committee to prove Holocaust is a HoloHoax
An analysis might help free the Goyim from their emotional bondage to Israel. Who would have expected Iran to have more guts than Europe or America? Did any of you "Remote Viewers" see this coming?
Bush and Hillary Clinton most admired people?
Is this poll accurate? If so, no wonder the USA is deteriorating.
More corruption exposed; this time with 9-11 loans
Many companies that were not victims took loans. They claim they did not realize it was for victims of the 9-11 attack. Oh, sure. How can a nation of selfish people possibly survive?
Five defense lobbying groups help keep sex slave trade alive and well
Don't put all the blame on the lobbying groups; after all, they have an effect only because the USA is a den of immorality and selfishness. Most Americans don't care about 9-11, sex slaves, Katrina, the endless wars, or the USS Liberty. The criminals and lunatics are running loose. Are we going to let these jerks destroy our nation?
James Bamford on the NSA eavesdropping
Europe plans to install a superior alternative to America's Global Positioning
Accuracy and coverage should be better. Also, Europe will not have to depend on the USA for positioning signals, but why would that bother them? Don't they admire and trust us?
Articles from Felicity Arbuthnot
  • Saddam Trial: Arraignment or Apology
  • The Release of "Dr. Anthrax"
  • Katrina was a Category 3
    As with the 9-11 attack, the truth leaks out very slowly. But will many people care? The Katrina Commission Report has been available for months already. A few days ago tests proved that the broken levees were strong enough to survive. Do we need President Bush to admit the levees were blown up?
    Prominent Irish Republican unmasked as a British spy
    And now the scandal is dragging Tony Blair into it. How many of the "patriots" and "9-11 truth seekers" are working for some government or criminal network? Have you noticed that The French Connection does not get any support from the truth seekers or patriots? This is not a coincidence. There are more deceivers than truth tellers. Please tell your friends to check out The French Connection. Don't let them become a victim of the deception.
    January may become "Jewish History Month"
    Just what the American goyim need; more anti-goy propaganda.
    Senior Iranian cleric comes forward to deny Holocaust
    Iran is not backing down. One of the cleric's remarks: "After the Second World War, the Zionists have spread lies that Hitler, Austria and Germany killed more than six million Jews in the furnaces..." 
    Will Iran force Americans and Europeans to deal with the Holocaust? Will Americans start to show some courage and give the world a reason to admire us? Will we defend freedom of speech, or support the arrest of people who doubt the official story?
    Sen. Conrad Burns will now return money he got from Jack Abramoff
    At least 25 officials have given back "contributions" from Abramoff. It does not seem difficult to buy an American official. After all, Abramoff seemed to influence dozens all by himself, according this news article. A few hundred people like Abramoff could buy our entire nation. Or has our nation already been bought?
    EU leaders threaten Iran with santions over Holocaust remarks
    It is OK for the USA to slaughter Arabs, use uranium weapons, and accuse nations of being the Axis of Evil, but when Iran doubts the official Holocaust story, Europe threatens retaliation. What would happen if Iran announced that 9-11 was a US / British / Israeli operation? Or what if Iran said the European monarchies should be abolished?
    Patriot Act renewal fails in Senate
    Could this be a sign that our corrupt officials are aware of a growing anger towards them? Now, if we can get the news reporters to realize that they will also go to the guillotine if they don't stop covering up the crimes. The excuse "But I was just following orders" ain't going to work this time.
    Article about Mohamed Atta on Jack Abramoff’s boat
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    Friday, Jan 6
    These audio files were recorded from the free-to-air live stream.
    Ted Pike, on Benjamin Freedman's speech, and the problems with Zionism
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    Thrusday, Jan 5
    These audio files were recorded from the free-to-air live stream.
    James Ennis, officer of the deck on the USS Liberty as it was it being attacked by Isreal
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    Wednesday, Jan 4
    This audio file was recorded from the shoutcast free-to-air live stream.
    Morgan Reynolds
    Tuesday, Jan 3
    This audio file was recorded from the shoutcast free-to-air live stream.
    Eric Hufschmid, on the deception on message boards, the deception with the NSA spying, and Indira Singh. 
    Friday, Dec 23
    Ted Pike, on the ADL. The second hour gets into the mental incompetence of the Americans


    Thursday, Dec 22
    Wayne Kyle, about the attack on the USS Liberty

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    Wednesday, Dec 21
    Annie Machon, ex MI5
    Tuesday, Dec 20
    Rabbi Dovid Weiss, on the dangers of Zionism.
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    Friday, Dec 16
    Sabah al-Mukhtar, on Saddam's trial, the holocaust, Zionism
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    Wednesday, Dec 14
    Kee Dewdney, on the scientific evidence of 9-11, and who was behind the attack
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    Tuesday, Dec 13
    Eric Hufschmid, on the manipulation of the 9-11 movement (4.5 mb files)
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    Thursday, Dec 8
    Randy Atkins and Eustace Mullins
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    Wednesday, Dec 7

    Father Bruce Kent
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    Felicity Arbuthonot Internationally respected journalist, 15 visits to Iraq
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    Michel Chossudovsky Econonics Professor, GlobalResearch.ca
    John DeCamp Former Senator who wrote The Franklin Coverup
    Kee Dewdney Mathematician, computer scientist
    Stan Deyo Earthquake researcher
    Siebel Edmonds Ex-FBI translator. Now a whistleblower?
    ? Big questions here
    James Ennis Officer, USS Liberty
    Geri Guidetti microbiologist, bird flu
    Dennis Halliday Secretary General UN Mission in Iraq, 1991 - 1998
    Eric Hufschmid Author of book and video that exposes 9-11
    Noreen Gosch Mother of son kidnapped for sex slave
    Kay Griggs Wife of Marine Corp Col., exposing blackmail in military
    John Kaminski New questions about this man
    Helje Kaskel Wife of victim of Estonia sinking who is exposing it as government operation
    Imad Khadduri Iraqi nuclear scientist, Saddam's bomb builder
    Dr. Karen Kwiatkowski, Lt. Col, ret. Pentagon policy division, Near East desk
    Charles Key Oklahoma State Senator, OKC truth seeker
    Reg Keyes Ran against in Tony Blair for seat in parliment
    Leland Lehrman Jewish radio host driven off air by Zionists
    Wayne Madsen
    ? Big questions here
    Henry Makow Savethemales.ca
    Dave McMichael ex-CIA and Standford Research Institute
    Ray McGovern 27 years CIA, security briefed Presidents
    Sabah al-Mukhtar Arab Lawyers Association (Britain)
    Eustace Mullins A true icon in the battel against Zionism
    Ralph Nader Just Ralph
    Henry Niman Scientist following the bird flu
    Benton Partin USAF General, ret., exposed OKC bombing, but of no value with 9-11
    Michael Collins Piper Investigative reporter, specialist in Zionism
    Rev. Ted Pike National pray network, free speech advocate
    Morgan Reynolds Professor; chief economist for Department of Labor
    Doug Rokke Director of the U.S. Army Depleted Uranium Project
    Scott Ritter Former UN weapons inspector, suspected pedophile (Scott, show us the the messages you sent to the 14 year-old)
    Mike Rivero Heavyweight
    William Rodriguez Last person out of the WTC tower
    Jimmy Rothstein NYPD detective
    Jim Shepard Owner, New Millennium Concepts
    David Shayler Former MI5 officer
    Count Hans von Sponeck Secretary General UN Mission in Iraq, 1999 - 2002
    Dr. Ernest Sternglas Physcist, father of the anti-nuclear movement
    Kevin Zeese Democracy Rising


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    Hufschmid's videos and articles will change your view of the world.


    Dr. Michel Chossudovsky, a professor at the University of Ottawa.

    Spies,Lies and Whistleblowers:
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    David Shayler and Annie Machon, former MI5 officers, talk about MI5 and MI6 and their terrorist connections.

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