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Creativity: An Idea Whose Time Has Come
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Our People need a religion where Race is the foundation, a religion that is rooted in Nature, and a religion that celebrates our past and secures our future. We need a religion that is reinforced by overwhelming evidence and that is based on history, logic and common sense. I firmly believe that this religion is Creativity. Creativity is considered a new religion (founded in 1973 by Ben Klassen), but the laws of our creed are not new and were not invented.RAHOWA!Creativity puts into words that which Nature established from the beginning of time. We regard our bloodlines as the most sacred virtue on Earth, and just like the honeybee we have a particular function in the survival of our “colony.” Nature has given each of us strong instinctual urges that give us our own particular characteristics that have helped us survive for all these thousands of years. These characteristics are passed on through a never-ending chain of generations. I am truly awe struck at Nature’s remarkable genius. There are those people who think that man is above Nature, that we have somehow conquered her. This is completely untrue! Even with all of our scientific inventions we are still creatures of Nature. Therefore, we must follow her laws, or she will phase us out of existence just as the dinosaur, and a host of other creatures that no longer walk this planet. The White Race has been careless in safeguarding our bloodlines. We have such a rich history and an amazing heritage. Each and every member of our Race should be bursting with pride. When looking to our past we see that it is our People who have built this world, we are the creators of civilization from the ancient Egyptian, Roman, and Greek civilizations to the European civilizations who eventually crossed the Atlantic and set up their communities in a new land. It was OUR People who traveled north to Alaska and west to California. Our Folk produced explorers such as Leif Erikson and Magellan, artists such Leonardo da Vinci and Rembrandt, musicians such as Verdi and Mozart, inventors such as Thomas Edison and James Watt, literary geniuses such as Jack London and Goethe. Our ancestors gave us women like Hypatia, Queen Boudicea Joan d’Arc, Queen Isabella, Amelia Earhart, Leni Riefenstahl, and many others! The brilliant accomplishments of our People are endless, a legacy to embrace and to preserve! A religion where Race is the foundation, a religion that is rooted in Nature, and a religion that celebrates our past and secures our future: Creativity!

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