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  1. Telegraph: Muslims boycott Holocaust Day...
    19 hours, 39 minutes ago
    Melanie Phillips notes this story in the...
  2. Auschwitz: not that funny
    2 days ago
    Filed under: Controversies It probably g...
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    The Gutter
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  1. Jewish leader offended by Auschwitz ad Open this result in new window
    UPI - Jan 05 9:02 PM
    KRAKOW, Poland, Jan. 5 (UPI) -- A Krakow bus company has angered Polish Jews and relatives of Auschwitz survivors and victims with ads for tours that feature a picture of barbed wire.
  2. Auschwitz: not that funny Open this result in new window
    AdJab - Jan 05 7:49 AM
    Filed under: Controversies It probably goes without saying that one should approach things like the Holocaust with kid gloves, lest you risk defending a whole lot of people. An ad in Poland for a bus company which offered round-trip ticketsto Auschwitz featured a photo of a barbed wire fence, and text which read, "Auschwitz? With a return ticket? From the city center? Yes, it is possible."
  3. Auschwitz Ad Blasted Open this result in new window
    Baltimore Jewish Times - Jan 04 1:08 PM
    A Polish Jewish leader is criticizing a Polish bus company's recent advertisement for round-trip tickets to Auschwitz, with barbed wire in the ad's background. The advertisement is "outrageous and beyond tasteless," said Piotr Kadlcik, chairman of Poland's Union of Religious Jewish Communities.
  4. Temple Beth Israel picks successor to Rose Open this result in new window
    Portland Oregonian - 1 hour, 0 minute ago
    In July, Michael Z. Cahana will become rabbi of Congregation Beth Israel when Emanuel Rose retires after 45 years of service. Cahana, 46, is senior rabbi of Temple Israel of New Rochelle, N.Y. He was elected Nov. 20 by members of Congregation Beth Israel, a Reform congregation.
  5. British Muslim body to boycott Holocaust Day again Open this result in new window
    AFP via Yahoo! News - Jan 05 9:34 PM
    Britain's main Muslim umbrella group is to boycott National Holocaust Day for the second year in succession, the Daily Telegraph said.
  6. In modern Munich, cheer and optimism live alongside reminders of darker days Open this result in new window
    Austin American-Statesman - Jan 06 2:34 PM
    MUNICH — In the rapid-fire opening scenes of Steven Spielberg's new film "Munich," we are instantly launched back to Sept. 5, 1972, that fateful day when all eyes turned toward the West German city and the horror that unfolded at the Olympic games there.
  7. Film full of memories for Hungarian writer Open this result in new window
    International Herald Tribune - Jan 05 4:13 PM
    Imre Kertesz's autobiographic "Fateless" is not a chronicle of the Holocaust as such. Rather, it is a coming-of-age story set amid humanity's ever-repeating cycles of barbarism.
  8. He survived Auschwitz and the 'Angel of Death' Open this result in new window
    Sun Herald - Jan 01 11:49 PM
    After escaping the gas chamber at Auschwitz twice, William Schick was leery when the prisoners in B2B, his unit in the death camp, were ordered to report for a new assignment.
  9. Muslims boycott Holocaust Day Open this result in new window
    Hindustan Times - Jan 06 7:44 AM
    The Muslim Council of Britain, the country's main Islamic umbrella group, has decided to boycott the National Holocaust Day for the second year running saying that the January 26 event was not "sufficiently inclusive."
  10. Albert Speer Jr emerges from Nazi father's shadow Open this result in new window
    Reuters via Yahoo! News - Jan 05 5:19 AM
    As the son of one of Hitler's closest aides who spent much of his childhood at the dictator's mountain retreat, Albert Speer knows more than most Germans what it is like to live in the shadow of the country's Nazi past.
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