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  1. Hillary Clinton, AIPAC And Iran
    2 days ago
    'Israel, however, continues to develop a...
  2. Joshua Frank: Hillary Clinton, AIPAC and...
    ArabAmerican.Net - A site for progressive Arab-Americans and their friends.
    3 days ago
    Joshua Frank: Hillary Clinton, AIPAC and...
  3. With friends like these...
    The American Thinker
    4 days ago
    What do AIPAC, the NAACP and the ACLU ha...
  4. "Pro"-Israel Group AIPAC Refuses Comment...
    Debbie Schlussel
    9 days ago
    By Debbie Schlussel Why won't AIPAC--the...


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  1. Joshua Frank: Entrenched Hypocrisy: Hillary, AIPAC and Iran Open this result in new window
    The Palestine Chronicle - Jan 03 10:18 PM
    As the top Democratic recipient of pro-Israel funds for the 2006 election cycle, Senator Clinton now has Iran in her cross-hairs. President Bush’s position on Iran is “disturbing” and “dangerous”, reads a recent screed written by AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee).
  2. Felony Plea of GOP Lobbyist Sets D.C. Players Scrambling Open this result in new window
    Forward - Jan 04 8:43 PM
    At the height of his influence as a high-flying Republican lobbyist, Jack Abramoff once boasted that his Washington, D.C., kosher deli would become a locus of Jewish power in the capital.
  3. Iraq: A war for Israel Open this result in new window
    Kurdish Media - Jan 05 7:06 AM
    The United States Invasion of Iraq in March-April 2003, and the occupation of the country since then, has cost more than fifteen hundred American lives and many tens of billions of dollars, and has brought death to many thousands of Iraqis.
  4. Chabad's Man In D.C. Open this result in new window
    Baltimore Jewish Times - Jan 04 12:38 PM
    Rabbi Levi Shemtov, Chabad's representative in Washington, bears certain similarities to the menorah whose lighting he engineers each year on the White House lawn: big, warm, and impossible to ignore.
  5. The Middle East's Leading English Language Daily Open this result in new window
    Arab News - Jan 04 4:05 PM
    There is the law and there are principles of justice and sometimes they are not quite in alignment with one another.
  6. Ex-AIPAC Officials Contemplate Suing Pro-Israel’s Lobby Open this result in new window
    Arab News - Dec 31 4:09 PM
    WASHINGTON, 1 January 2006 — First came the news last year that two high-ranking employees of America’s top pro-Israel lobby were caught spying for Tel Aviv and a Pentagon analyst was providing them with the information.
  7. Peretz Open this result in new window
    Haaretz Daily - Jan 01 12:31 AM
    Amir Pererz of the Labor party is also a weekend item. The party is doing terribly in the polls, and Peretz just lost the political consultant who was the architect of his victory within the Labor.
  8. Bill and Kathleen Christison: Let's Stop a US/Israeli War on Iran Open this result in new window
    The Palestine Chronicle - Dec 31 9:48 AM
    Supporters of the global peace movements by definition oppose the solving of international problems through warfare, and they also oppose the further proliferation of nuclear weapons.
  9. Resigning From The Democrats & The Zionist Agenda Open this result in new window - Dec 30 5:32 PM
    In dropping out of the Democratic party, you have taken a courageous step and I appreciate the many reasons you offer.
  10. Pro-Israel group criticizes US policy on Iran Open this result in new window - Dec 25 10:22 PM
    LONDON, December 26 (IranMania) - After years of unwavering support for the Bush administration, the powerful pro-Israel lobbying group AIPAC has begun to sharply criticize the White House over its handling of Iran's nuclear program, according to Washington Post.

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