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  1. No one is indispensable, but some people
    The Daou Report
    3 days ago
    are much more important than others. The...
  2. A7news: Rockets Strike IDF Base Near Ash...
    Blogdigger WMV Media - Latest links for .wmv files
    17 days ago
    If you can not see this email properly, ...


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  1. Prayers for Sharon - Jan 06 11:46 AM
    Prime Minister Ariel Sharon brought an entire country to its knees Thursday. There were critics who voted against him.
  2. Guru Gobind Singh's birth anniversary celebrated
    Kaumundi Online - Jan 08 9:45 AM
    : The Sikh community of Kochi and the adjoining areas celebrated the 340th birth anniversary of Sri Guru Gobind Singh, at the Gurudwara here.
  3. Iran sets nuclear research date
    Herald Sun - Jan 07 3:01 PM
    IRAN is to end its two-and-a-half year suspension of nuclear fuel research next week , a senior official announced, overshadowing the launch of talks with Russia on compromise proposals to end the nuclear stand-off with the West.
  4. Rice: Support for Peace Wide in Israel
    Voice of America - Jan 05 10:32 AM
    Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Thursday she believes Israeli support for peace with the Palestinians is broad-based despite the potential departure from politics of the gravely ill Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.
  5. A City That Runs on Faith
    KTLA 5 - Jan 07 1:06 AM
    Loma Linda, famous for its groundbreaking medical center, is led by Seventh-day Adventists devoted to health and spiritual growth.
  6. 5 current and former pension figures charged Federal grand jury issues 20-count indictment
    San Diego Union-Tribune - Jan 06 7:05 PM
    Indicted: Ron Saathoff, Cathy Lexin, Terri Webster, Lawrence Grissom and Loraine Chapin. 5 current and former pension figures charged
  7. His final battle, Thursday, January 05, 2006
    Argia - Jan 05 12:50 AM
    After nearly eight hours of emergency brain surgery meant to halt a ‘massive hemorrhage’ in his brain, Ariel Sharon was moved this morning into intensive care, and Ehud Olmert, his loyal deputy, became the acting prime minister for the next 100 days or until Sharon is able to resume his functions.
  8. Israel’s Political System
    Foreign Relations - Jan 06 5:27 AM
    Seats in Israel’s legislative assembly, the Knesset , are assigned through a system of nationwide proportional representation: Rather than electing individual candidates, voters cast ballots for an entire party.
  9. Options running out after Iran snub
    Asia Times - Jan 06 3:55 AM
    Seemingly oblivious to increasing the chances of potentially fateful confrontation, Iran this week abruptly informed the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that it would resume nuclear-fuel research next week, and as a follow-up, failed to show up for a scheduled meeting with the UN watchdog to explain what it intended doing.
  10. Cyril Kern, redux, Wednesday, January 04, 2006
    Argia - Jan 04 1:35 AM
    Last night's revelation by Channel Ten that the police have admitted to a court that they have reason to suspect Ariel Sharon and his sons accepted and kept some $3 million in bribes from Martin Schlaff and his brother, via Cyril Kern, reopened the Kern affair, but it is much too soon to determine if the renewed scandal involving the premier will have an impact on the elections.
  11. Iran snubs UN nuclear watchdog
    Herald Sun - Jan 05 9:32 AM
    TALKS at the UN atomic watchdog on Iran's nuclear programme failed to get off the ground overnight when Tehran's delegation abruptly returned home, while Washington again threatened to seek its referral to the UN Security Council.
  12. In today's Gazette
    Evening Gazette - Jan 05 1:29 AM
    An online auction for a Teesside sprout has topped £1,000. A man who claimed he was assaulted by police after being caught urinating in the street has won his case.
  13. Palestinians Declare Truce Over
    Baltimore Jewish Times - Jan 04 10:08 PM
    Will the Palestinians start the new year with a renewal of violence? That has been the question asked by many nervous Israelis in the final weeks of 2005, as the "truce" declared by Palestinian terrorist groups early last year came to an end.
  14. Poll: 25% of voters could change their minds before elections
    Haaretz Daily - Jan 03 12:21 PM
    Twenty-five percent of eligible voters are liable to change their votes before election day on March 28, according to a Haaretz-Dialog-Channel 10 poll conducted Monday under the supervision of Professor Camille Fuchs of Tel Aviv University.
  15. City Pages - Splitsville?
    Minneapolis City Pages - Jan 03 8:38 PM
    I. On Tuesday evening, December 20, the city of Minneapolis anointed 13 new cops during a swearing-in ceremony at the Zurah Shrine Center in south Minneapolis.
  16. Controversial peacemaker Skate remembered
    Northern Territory News - Jan 03 3:16 PM
    SIR William Skate once defended himself against corruption claims by saying "if I had to choose between my wife and my country I would choose my country".
  17. Palestinians May Delay Election
    Spiegel Online English - Jan 03 6:26 AM
    The Palestinian Authority has threatened to postpone its elections this month -- something no one in the west wants to see -- if Israel insists on keeping some Palestinians from the polls. Also, a whistleblower stirs trouble with a tale of sexual corruption in Britain's immigration office, and Swedes in Stockholm hate their new traffic fees.
  18. The ultimate solution of the Palestine-Israel conflict, as Hamas too has realised, lies in the two-state solution along
    Greater Kashmir - Jan 01 10:10 AM
    Middle East, after more than five years since the Al Aqsa Intifada began, is experiencing a relative peace. Positive developments are taking place within Israel. After pulling-out from Gaza in August this year, Ariel Sharon has broken ranks with the right-wing Likud to form his own party, Kadima.
  19. Hamas looms as key to peace process
    The Australian - Jan 02 7:13 AM
    AT the start of a year in the Holy Land that promises more uncertainty than hope, a once unthinkable scenario is being touted as a solution for lasting peace.
  20. Summary of Editorials from the Hebrew Press
    [Press Release] Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Dec 28 3:58 AM
    Haaretz writes: "The State of Israel must let East Jerusalem's Arabs vote in the Palestinian Authority's legislative council (parliament) elections.
  21. A look at the events and people of the past year, January to July
    Hancock County Journal-Pilot - Dec 29 8:46 AM
    Memorial Hospital Association donated the former B.I. Mueller Family Clinic building to the Agape Christian Fellowship Church of LaHarpe. The church will use the building as a center for its Operation Care, a ministry that offers clothing, food, utilities and other services to families.
  22. Israel edges away from Palestinian vote ban
    AFP via Yahoo! News - Dec 25 11:34 AM
    Israel edged away from a ban on voting in east Jerusalem in next month's Palestinian parliamentary election in order not to give leader Mahmud Abbas a pretext to delay the ballot.
  23. Haaretz poll: Livnat, Naveh, Sa'ar favorite choices for Likud list
    Haaretz Daily - Dec 28 12:21 PM
    Members of the Likud Central Committee who select the list of party candidates for the March Knesset elections want the top posts (after Likud chairman Benjamin Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom, whose no. 2 spot is guaranteed) to go to MKs Gideon Sa'ar, Danny Naveh, Limor Livnat, Uzi Landau and Gilad Erdan, in that order.
  24. Israel edges away from vote ban
    iafrica African News - Dec 25 10:48 PM
    Israel on Sunday edged away from a ban on voting in east Jerusalem in next month's Palestinian parliamentary election in order not to give leader Mahmud Abbas a pretext to delay the ballot.
  25. US confident Jerusalem vote issue can be resolved
    AFP via Yahoo! News - Dec 21 2:53 PM
    The United States expressed confidence that Israel and the Palestinians could resolve a brewing dispute over the right of Palestinians in East Jerusalem to vote in elections next month.
  26. Israel edges away from vote ban
    The Australian - Dec 25 2:59 AM
    ISRAEL today edged away from a ban on voting in east Jerusalem for next month's Palestinian parliamentary election in order not to give leader Mahmud Abbas a pretext to delay the ballot.
  27. Israel rethinks ban on Palestinian polls in Jerusalem
    USA Today - Dec 25 3:15 AM
    Israel on Sunday edged away from a ban on voting in east Jerusalem for next month's Palestinian parliamentary election.
  28. Israel backing off on barring Jerusalem poll
    Gulf Times - Dec 26 12:33 AM
    JERUSALEM: Israel yesterday edged away from a ban on voting in East Jerusalem in next month’s Palestinian parliamentary election, with an official saying it did not want to give President Mahmoud Abbas a pretext to delay the ballot.
  29. Senate Republicans confident deficit cuts will win approval
    St. Petersburg Times - Dec 20 10:26 PM
    WASHINGTON - On the eve of a showdown, Senate Republicans expressed confidence Tuesday they had the votes to assure final passage of $39.7-billion in deficit cuts, and Vice President Dick Cheney hurried home from the Middle East in case his Senate vote was needed to break a tie.
  30. Record Holiday Travel Predicted
    R News - Dec 23 8:00 PM
    If you're getting ready to hit the highway for a holiday getaway, you won't be alone. More people are expected to travel this holiday season than ever before. AAA says more than 63 million people will travel for the holidays. That's according to a recent survey.
  31. Vote propels militant Hamas
    The Christian Science Monitor - Dec 18 2:15 PM
    As Fatah faces a leadership crisis, so too does Israel's ruling Likud party, which is voting to replace Sharon.
  32. Analysis: Sharon's stroke boosts Mofaz
    World Peace Herald - Dec 19 7:06 PM
    WASHINGTON -- Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's stroke reported Monday appears to have been a minor one, but even so, it looks likely to further enhance the clout and political prospects of his tough, ever-under-rated defense minister, Shaul Mofaz.
  33. Sharon suffers mild stroke
    World Peace Herald - Dec 19 7:37 AM
    TEL AVIV -- Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was rushed to a hospital from his Jerusalem residence yesterday evening after suffering a minor stroke, raising questions about the health of the 77-year-old leader as he runs for re-election in March with a brand new political party.
  34. News Analysis: Vote Propels Militant Hamas
    The Palestine Chronicle - Dec 20 7:33 PM
    "The infighting distracted Fatah from presenting a coherent message to voters, leaving Hamas with an easy anti-incumbency campaign.." TEL AVIV - Only a few months ago, Hamas seemed an underdog to President Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah party in the campaign for the Palestinian legislature.
  35. Vote counting begins in Iraq
    World Peace Herald - Dec 17 7:37 AM
    BAGHDAD -- Iraqis began counting votes yesterday, with electoral officials and Western diplomats expressing confidence that reports of fraud would not undermine overall results of Thursday's record-high vote for a new national assembly and government.
  36. Vote propels militant Hamas
    The Christian Science Monitor via Yahoo! News - Dec 19 12:00 AM
    Only a few months ago, Hamas seemed an underdog to President Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah party in the campaign for the Palestinian legislature.
  37. Burke's Price Tag For New Election Equipment: $300,000
    Morganton News Herald - Dec 22 7:46 AM
    MORGANTON - With only a month left to decide on new voting machines, county election officials are scrambling to meet a state-imposed deadline. Election officials across North Carolina were told earlier this year that voting machines must produce a paper trail.
  38. Bush: Iraq Vote a Landmark for Liberty
    Fox News - Dec 19 6:29 AM
    People on both sides of the political aisle are applauding President Bush for being more candid about reality on the ground in Iraq but many Democrats still think the president needs a concrete plan for troop withdrawal.
  39. Biofuel targets receive strong support
    The Sunday Mail - Dec 21 8:11 PM
    A FEDERAL Government target of 350 megalitres of biofuel production by 2010 would not only be met but exceeded under a new action plan, Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane said today.
  40. Editorial roundup
    New Orleans Times-Picayune - Dec 21 11:14 AM
    When a federal air marshal shot and killed a man at Miami International Airport last week, it marked the first fatal shooting by an air marshal since their ranks swelled following the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.
  41. Daily Email News - Free!
    Israel National News - Dec 20 12:06 AM
    ( Kadima and Labor party politicians said the results of the Likud primaries vote for a new chairman are good for their parties.
  42. Morales pledges to control coca
    Sarasota Herald-Tribune - Dec 21 1:35 AM
    Bolivia's soon-to-be president, Evo Morales, a coca farmer under pressure to crack down on cocaine, pledged Tuesday to keep controls on coca but said he will study expanding the area where it can be legally grown.
  43. To Serve and Disrespect
    Minneapolis City Pages - Dec 20 2:54 PM
    Shortly before 11:00 p.m. on November 17, Shae Walker was picked up by Minneapolis police officers outside his grandmother's home at 37th Street and Third Avenue South in Minneapolis.
  44. 10m vote as Saturday ratings war reaches climax
    The Scotsman: Entertainment - Dec 17 4:32 PM
    SINGER Shayne Ward and cricketer Darren Gough topped the votes in last night's reality TV clash of the year.
  45. U.S. Ambassador Bolton: It's a Fantasy That Israel is Treated Fairly at UN
    New York Jewish Times - Dec 19 6:02 AM
    NEW YORK, New York (IMRA) -- A record 1000 people came to the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) National Dinner on Sunday night at the Marriot Marquis Hotel in New York City. The U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, was ZOA's Keynote Speaker.
  46. Strictly or X Factor?
    BBC Radio 1 - Dec 16 4:27 AM
    Did you watch England cricketer Darren Gough become the first ever bloke to win Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday night? Yorkshireman Darren bigged up his dance partner Lilia Kopylova: "She has turned me into some sort of dancer. I cannot believe I had the confidence to do that tonight."
  47. Williams, Cropp Push To Tweak Stadium Lease
    Washington Post - Dec 16 9:46 PM
    Mayor Anthony A. Williams and D.C. Council Chairman Linda W. Cropp yesterday asked Major League Baseball's president to agree to changes in a stadium lease agreement and pressed federal government officials to help pay for infrastructure upgrades near a new ballpark along the Anacostia River, city...
  48. Bush Admits Approving Eavesdropping Dozens of Times
    Fox News - Dec 17 7:59 AM
    President Bush said Saturday he personally has authorized a secret eavesdropping program in the U.S. more than 30 times since the Sept. 11 attacks and he lashed out at those involved in publicly revealing the program.
  49. Unique Online Marketing Opportunities for Marketers
    WebProNews - Dec 16 8:39 AM
    Marketing online has become fiercely competitive. Marketers are attempting to unravel and decipher online marketing to succeed.
  50. Win or lose X Factor Shayne will party
    Manchester Online - Dec 15 1:35 AM
    X FACTOR star Shayne Ward is heading back to Manchester for a party - win or lose in Saturday's final. He told the M.E.N: "I can't wait to go home and see all my family and everyone who's supported me - to spend Christmas with my family."
  51. Empowered Kuwaiti women give boost to Islamists
    World Peace Herald - Dec 14 1:51 PM
    KUWAIT CITY -- Granting full political rights to women has given a strong political boost to Islamist forces in Kuwait, the first woman to serve as a cabinet minister there said.
  52. Sunday, December 11 - Dec 11 2:12 AM
    Israeli defense minister quits Likud Party to join Sharon
  53. Dollar down
    The Sunday Mail - Dec 11 12:41 PM
    THE dollar opened slightly weaker today despite support from the recent commodity price surge, while investors prepare for central bank governor Ian Macfarlane's address tomorrow.

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