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    Egyptian Paper Questions 'Holocaust' Dogma
    Report; Posted on: 2005-12-20 03:34:15 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Revisionism is hot in the Middle East

    "Holocaust" dogma, which holds that six million Jews were systematically liquidated by the Germans in WWII, is so shaky that governments across the Western world have to actually imprison people who openly question it.

    This fact has caught the imagination of observers in the Middle East, where the "Holocaust" has been used to enforce acceptance of Israeli policy, no matter how destabilizing. The President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, was nearly assassinated after recently questioning the propaganda while scoring the West for condemning Middle Eastern "human rights abuses" even as Western journalists, historians, authors and others are jailed.

    The latest Mideast source to question "Holocaust" dogma is the semi-official Egyptian newspaper Al-Masaa, whose columnist Hisham Abd Al-Rauf whose column, "Israel's Lies," contained the following.

    "The world is truly discriminative and oppressing. Israel spreads whatever lies it wants, and the so-called 'cultural' world congratulates it and views these lies as absolute indisputable facts. Israel refers to Palestine as a land without a people, which was inhabited by a people without a land, who established its country there. Sometimes it refers to Palestine as the land of the Jewish people who returned to it after long years of exile and diaspora.

    "Even the 1948 war, which led to the declaration of the establishment of [the State of] Israel [is called], in the language of falsification and terror, the 'War of Independence,' in which the Jewish people participated.

    "Sometimes Israel reminds the 1948 Arabs [i.e., the Israeli Arabs] that it did them a favor by letting them continue [to live] within its borders, which have not yet been settled. Israel claims that the land of Israel belongs historically to the Jewish people alone!

    "We've had enough of the lies and the falsification of the facts with which the [Israeli] textbooks are replete. The most serious lie is the Jews' Holocaust, which they have exploited in order to extort global solidarity.

    "What this truth means is that these massacres, which Israel alleges that the Nazis perpetrated against the Jews, never happened. The famous execution chambers [i.e., the gas chambers] were no more than rooms for disinfecting clothing."

    "According to what we know, [the most recent of these researchers] is the courageous British historian David Irving, who paid a heavy price for his courage. Some other historians have proven that some of the massacres alleged to have been perpetrated against the Jews in World War II were carried out in coordination with the Jewish leadership, in an effort to push [the Jews] to emigrate to Palestine.

    "The onslaught against the Iranian president has intensified merely because he posed a logical and proper question to the Western countries, which planted Israel in the heart of the Islamic world, and which protected and continue to protect it. If you feel sorry for the poor Jews, why don't you establish their country on your lands?!"
    Source: NV Staff

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