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    Oakland: Black-Yemeni Tension Ratcheted Up
    Report; Posted on: 2005-12-20 11:46:08 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    "They came in three abreast, carrying a flag, like it was the president of the United States."

    Tensions between Yemeni merchants and Black Muslims, which seemed to have cooled after the recent arrests of four Black alleged vandals, have increased once again in the Black-dominated slum city of Oakland, California.

    In the latest incident, columns of Blacks clad in the trademark Black Muslim uniform of suit and bow tie paraded into the Arab-owned Happy Times liquor store in paramilitary formation (complete with a flag) and demanded that the clerk cease selling alcohol to local Blacks. The Blacks left a card identifying themselves as members of a group connected with Your Black Muslim Bakery, a splinter of the Nation of Islam Black separatists led by Louis Farrakhan.

    As reported here, the bakery bunch were in the news recently after four members were arrested in the trashing of two other Arab-owned liquor stores in the area. The owner of one was kidnapped and held for twelve hours before being found by police locked in the trunk of a car. His establishment was also torched and looted. Yemenis own 80% of Oakland liquor stores.

    Abellh Ali, son of the Happy Times owner, said the Blacks asked him "what kind of a Muslim" he is for selling liquor, consumption of which is forbidden under Islam. The Arab might well have asked the Blacks the same thing, since, unlike genuine Muslims, followers of NOI teachings believe such highly-heterodox, un-Islamic "theological" points as the deity of Blacks, the devilhood of Whites, the incarnation of Allah in the person of a mixed-race swindler and the creation aeons ago of Whites by a rogue "Black scientist" in an ill-considered experiment.

    Arabs hold a deep antipathy towards Blacks, who have been enslaved on sight by Arabs for centuries. Oakland "officials" are anxious to quell Arab retaliation; Arabs are wily and accomplished fighters more than capable of wreaking havoc on Black criminals.

    The bakery sect has been having succession problems since its founder died recently while facing allegations of impregnating underage girls. One claimant to the throne was found buried in a shallow grave months after disappearing; another was shot dead.

    The Arab-Black racial tensions reflect similar problems elsewhere in California, where Blacks are being pushed aside by Mestizos.

    Black Muslims frighten Oakland market's clerk
    Source: NV Staff

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