Hilarious PC Language Lesson
Report; Posted on: 2004-08-05 20:30:13

Marxists explain dialectics of Ebonics

All readers who have endured the purgatory of today's 'higher education' are familiar with the landmine-dotted realm of 'hate speech', with the rule of thumb usually being that anything that denigrates White people is fine, while words seen to 'oppress' non-Whites and other 'superior' populations are subject to severe sanction.

Thankfully, the Marxists of the Maoist Internationalist Movement have done a lot to clear up potential embarassment, mob violence, expulsion and criminal prosecution for Whites. Their new "Resolutions on Writing in Context" states:

"[T]he term "cracker" can now be used in context to attack [a] white enemy when the enemy does something evil in a class/national context--cracker prison guards, cracker KKK, the cracker vote swayed by racist appeals etc. If the white in context is of lower-middle class, we can also refer to "trailer trash" or "white trash" and be understood by the masses.

"The ideology that race-related terms should never be used is irrelevant in Amerikkkan context, because the oppressor nation formed on the basis of race and there is nothing that can be done about it now before the completion of the stage of history that re-civilizes the oppressor nation under the joint-dictatorship of the proletariat of the oppressed nations (jdpon). To attempt to eliminate the language of the oppressed before we eliminate the language of the oppressor is upside-down. We should only make sure that the oppressed use their language of enemy in the right contexts to accomplish their goals most efficiently and of course, we should oppose anyone who uses an enemy term to refer to a friend.

"...Although MIM recognizes that some people reference themselves as "niggers" and then call all wimmin "bitches," and then has [sic] the effect of changing the meaning of both terms, MIM reserves use of "bitch" as an enemy term and is more friendly to the position that all wimmin are 'hos.

"Referring to all wimmin as bitches is wrong though. Some hos are friends of the people. If the problem is money, then the term ho is better than "bitch." If the point is that a middle-class womyn grubs for money like she was going to die, then yes, that is a "bitch." There is normal average level ho life and then there are those who go beyond that even in money questions and that is a bitch. The system makes all wimmin hos, but within that some people have a revolutionary or progressive attitude toward changing the system and others are wrapped up in it."

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