Guy Ritchie: Kabbalah Ruined My Film
Report; Posted on: 2005-09-15 13:48:14

Madonna's husband blames Kabbalah for his new filmic dud.

The English husband of 'skanky' Kabbalah devotee Madonna Ciccone is blaming the Jewish occult practice for ruining his new film, according to reports.

The lackluster "Revolver" has been universally panned by critics, who found it to be as compelling as watching paint dry. Ritchie had already axed Madonna out of the flick in a desperate attempt to stop the madness as it became increasingly clear the film was going to be a mess.

Now Ritchie says that the bizarre, elaborate Jewish rituals he was forced to perform to please his wife are to blame. According to one report, Guy thinks the film suffered "because he should have spent more time on set and less time taking part in rituals."

Kabbalah is a controversial occult practice that has gained popularity among Hollywood elites lately. While some think it is an expensive, totally commercial scam, elements of the belief system display genuine Jewish pathologies and obsessions. The origins of the practice appear to lie in Jewish appropriations of late Hellene Neo-Platonism and Gnosticism, which have become overlaid with Judaic superstition.

Today Kabbalah gurus sell magic water, expensive red strings and pricey 'courses' and solicit donations from the rich and fatuous.

While Madonna has not been heard giving her opinion in her manifestly fake English accent, the Pontiac, Michigan native is said to be displeased with her husband's disillusionment.

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