Guilt March Hosts Named For Plagiarist
Report; Posted on: 2004-08-29 02:38:01

Kunta Kinte-Alex Haley Foundation named for fictional hero, plagiarist

A weird, cult-like European religious organization is leading a 'march' this fall in the Eastern US to 'shame' Whites for the horrors of Black slavery. Lifeline, a UK group whose White leader received ‘inspiration’ for his ‘mission’ after experiencing a divine visitation, is hooking up with the American Kunta Kinte-Alex Haley Foundation for the US leg of the Slavery Reconciliation Walk. The bizarre spectacle will see deluded Whites shuffling along clad in yokes and chains with Black 'guards' playing bongo drums, supposedly to highlight the historical 'guilt' of all Whites and seek 'expiation', 'forgiveness' and 'reconciliation.'

According to Lifeline, the mission will have a full agenda: “we will…pray on site with insight at places associated with the slave trade. Walk in the yokes and chains and bring the message of apology to Africans of the Diaspora.”

A few problems arise with the guilt-soaked circus. For one thing, at least one city has waived the fee deposit demanded of all other processions for police and other public services, an apparent violation of church/state separation.

For another, the kick-off procession is based on the ‘experience’ of a fictional character in a plagiarized novel – ironic for a supposed clarification of supposed historical wrongs! As Lifeline says, "Annapolis is a very significant location for the start of the expedition. It was here on Sept 29th 1767 that Kunta Kinte, the hero of Alex Haley's novel Roots, is supposed to have arrived on the slave ship Lord Ligonier. The plan is that we will have a re-enactment there on that date, with the opportunity to express apology in what will probably be a very public context.” A re-enactment? Kunte Kinte never existed outside of the plagiarized book – and potent anti-White weapon – Roots!

Another problem is the fact that Lifeline’s US allies -– the Kunta Kinte-Alex Haley Foundation -- are named for both the notional Kunte and the ‘author’ of Roots, the disgraced liar Alex Haley. Haley not only, in the words of Black journalist Stanley Crouch, “plundered” the work of novelist Harold Courlander to forge his glorified airport paperback, he made out that it was a painstakingly researched genealogy of his own family and was forced to pay Courlander $650,000. Haley’s other claim to fame was a questionable ‘as-told-to’ Autobiography of Malcolm X, conveniently published after Malcolm’s death, with whole swathes dedicated to besmirching the great Black Separatist leader The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, at that point in the crosshairs of both the FBI and organized Zionism.

Even though Jewish involvement in the slave trade is never mentioned, and despite the history of massive White slavery in America, as well as Indian and even Black ownership of slaves, not to mention evidence that Black slavery in America was not the sado-masochistic fantasy of popular legend, the guilt march organizers are even less literate in the history of the issue. In fact, much like the ‘Holocaust’, truth is of less value in today’s politically-driven presentation of history, an especially easy sell given the increasingly dumbed-down curricula current in what passes for public education in the US.

Slavery Reconciliation Walk Schedule

Sept 25-30 Annapolis
Sept 30-Oct2 Baltimore
Oct 2-6 Boston
Oct 6-8 Newport RI
Oct 8-11 New York
Oct 11-14 Charleston
Oct 14-20 Richmond (including a walk from Jamestown to Williamsburg.)

Black Roots of Slavery: Role of Africans ignored

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