Denver National Vanguard: Supporting the Columbus Day Parade
Video; Posted on: 2005-10-25 23:22:59

V-News video report: National Vanguard lets European-Americans know they are not alone as anti-White protesters attempt to disrupt White heritage parade.

by Kevin Alfred Strom

THIS COLUMBUS DAY was different in Denver, as you'll see in this quarter-hour film (download below) by V-News video producer Ted Wansley. This Columbus Day, National Vanguard members were on hand to let proud Italian-Americans and other European Americans know that they are not alone in their struggle against the media-minority-multiracialist coalition that opposes every manifestation of White heritage and White consciousness (and who had even succeeded in having the Denver Columbus Day parade banned for almost a decade in the 1990s).

And our news team was on the spot -- with Kelly Williams reporting from the parade staging area and Ted Wansley reporting from the anti-White protest site -- to document exactly what went on. (ILLUSTRATION: V-News gets the official police position on the events of the day.)

You'll get an inside look as National Vanguard receives detailed information from behind enemy lines, and as protesters attempt to stop the parade with their bodies and make the White marchers step in phony "blood." You'll also see the techniques used by the Denver police to thwart the disruptors' plans.

The police position was summed up by the officer interviewed by V-News, who stated that both sides -- the White heritage side, and the anti-White side (which, ironically, consisted mostly of misled Whites, victims of the prevailing media/academic orthodoxy which denigrates everything European) -- had First Amendment rights to express themselves, and it was the department's job to make sure that all were able to exercise their rights without restraint. (ILLUSTRATION: Kelly Williams, top, and Ted Wansley report for

No one attempted to stop the anti-Whites from expressing their point of view, even though it was obvious that one of their main purposes was stopping the parade.

One of the more amusing moments in the film is the encounter with the masked "mirror man" (many anti-White activists appear on the streets in masks, in an attempt to hide their identities since they often commit blatantly illegal acts) who directly engaged our team in a bizarre confrontation. He carried a large, heavy wall mirror to purposely reflect the sun into the eyes of parade vehicle drivers -- a real danger to the life and limb of everyone in the parade and in the crowd as well.

As you watch the video, you'll also get a glimpse of the growing multimedia outreach capabilities of the Denver Unit of National Vanguard, and get to see their informal get-together after this outreach event.

We hope you enjoy this film!

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