David Irving the 'Anti-Semite'
Report; Posted on: 2003-12-20 19:51:39

by Kevin Riley O'Keeffe

Upon reading Mr. Edgar J. Steele's article concerning controversial historian David Irving's recent talk in Moscow, Idaho, and of the partly successful Jewish conspiracy to deny Mr. Irving a venue in which to make that presentation, I was struck by the fact Mr. Irving (pictured) has apparently heeded the words of Mr. Steele and has incorporated at least one of his suggestions into his remarks (as I had the privilege of hearing for myself at a recent Irving event held at a German restaurant in San Francisco).

According to Mr. Steele, he "asked Irving why he does not simply acquiesce, as I do, and say, 'So what? Do you blame me, after all that the Jews have done to my family and me?' He visibly blanched at the suggestion and allowed as how he did not wish to attract the wrong element."

Interestingly (and refreshingly) enough, Mr. Irving made that same statement, nearly word-for-word, at the San Francisco event. I don't have a transcript of Mr. Irving's remarks before me, but the good gentlemen did choose to describe himself as one who does not like the Jews, specifically citing all the harm they had caused him, his family and career, as a perfectly rational justification for such dislike on his part. He further went on to note that when sensible Whites are combined with Muslims, Arabs, Blacks, east Asians and many Latin Americans who also dislike the Jews and their vile machinations, we so-called "Anti-Semites" do, in fact, constitute a democratic majority of the Earth's population. Mr. Irving also noted that were it not for the fact that the so-called "security fence," being built by the ultra-Zionist fanatics of the Ariel Sharon regime, was being used to steal substantial tracts of Palestinian land, that this Jewish move to wall themselves off in another ghetto might reasonably be deemed a blessing of historically unprecedented proportions! These are hardly the words of a man who seeks to disavow himself from the "Anti-Semitic" smear our Levantine landlords have pelted him with.

I'm not certain why Mr. Irving has so changed his tune. Perhaps he realized that he's in America, not Canada or his native Britain, where merely expressing open dislike of the Jews is considered sufficient grounds to open a criminal investigation. Thankfully, the once-proud people of the United States have not (yet) permitted themselves to be humiliated to quite the extent that our brethren throughout nearly all other Western nations have, and thus can still express their opinions without actually fearing the prospect of a warrant being issued for their arrest. Not that this isn't in the cards; the Jews simply haven't quite managed to do such a complete end-run around the First Amendment as of this writing. There's no doubt that Michael Chertoff and the ADL are working feverishly towards this goal, and perhaps John Ashcroft believes that in exchange for aiding them in this, Jehovah will reward him with an extra shiny halo upon his ascent to the Big Rock Candy Mountain in the sky.

Whatever the reason for Mr. Irving's apparent partial conversion to the open espousal of our sacred cause (I like to think it may have something to do with the opportunities for conversation with sane, White men and women, such as Mr. Steele in Idaho, and some of the fine people I met that evening in San Francisco, and the thoughts such discussions tend to arouse in the minds of the intellectually honest), White Nationalists and all others who rightly oppose the Jewish plan for the planetary enslavement of all Gentiles, should welcome this development and encourage Mr. Irving to be even more forthright in his opposition to the despicable Jews. You can view a list of planned, future speaking engagements featuring Mr. Irving by visiting the following link:

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