Christian Colleges Offer Free Tuition to Katrina Refugees
Report; Posted on: 2005-09-13 13:04:05

Guilt-driven response carries potential problems

Preying on the decency of White evangelicals, a major coalition of high-ticket, mainly White Christian colleges is offering free tuition to Blacks displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

The Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU) has announced a major effort to induct Blacks as students at its member campuses, all (considerable) expenses paid. Following the national trend, many of these colleges will be helping to relocate Blacks to White areas. Lily-White Eugene, Oregon's Northwest Christian College is one school providing free tuition, room and board, and books to refugees.

Pro-'gay' rights televangelist Jerry Falwell's Liberty University, a non-member of CCCU is less generous, only offering free distance learning. Pro-Zionist madman Pat Robertson's Regent University is offering a free semester.

Average White born-again Christians who send their children to evangelical schools have, likely as not, had to scrimp and save to provide their kids with opportunities outside the Third World dominated, liberal public school system. These parents desperately want their children educated in a setting with a semblance of commitment to traditional Western values. Now, not only do their hard-earned tutition dollars have to pay for a free ride for Blacks, school doors will be opened to the very people these parents wanted their children to avoid.


Katrina on campus

Katrina threatens another White community of faith

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