Chosen for Pornography
Opinion; Posted on: 2005-08-13 14:12:45

New York Press illustrates Jewish obsession with sexual perversion.

WARNING! Adult Content: Subject matter may be unsuitable for young children.

AT THE JEWISH Twin Sister Incest website, twin Jewish sisters can be seen "Washing, Posing, Spanking, Undressing, Bondage, Master Bating." All, it seems, without a trace of satire. The identical twins in question may be known to some New Yorkers—they’re Victoria and Marissa of the Sisters Grimm, the trash-rock band that appeared regularly at Coney Island High. Others may know them as Rocket and Leather from More Dirty Debutantes "88" and other adult videos. In private, these nice Jewish girls—originally from Brooklyn—may smirk and giggle about their foray into porn, but there’s nary a wink on the site. They’re working the Jew angle hard, and make it clear that in order to see the goods, you must first sign up for Adult Check, the online porn industry’s standard pay system.

Does this contribute to anti-Semitism? Or is it just a convenient site for multi-fetishism? Where else can one find real twin Jewesses engaging in incestuous lesbianism with a touch of bondage and sadomasochism?
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