Black Muslim Update: Oakland Store Arab Kidnapped
Report; Posted on: 2005-11-29 13:51:59

Found after 12-hour "ordeal" -- cops looking into Black Muslim splinter sect

As reported here at V-News yesterday, Oakland, California is bracing for potential Black violence against Arab store-owners after alleged members of a violence-prone Black Muslim splinter group allegedly destroyed two Arab-owned liquor stores, one of which was burned down Monday morning (Nov. 28, 2005). Violence may also flare between the sect and members of the "official" Nation of Islam Black Muslims, whose West Coast leader condemned the attacks and called for the arrest of the perpetrators.

Around a dozen Black bravos clad in Black Muslim uniforms last week smashed up the New York Market and San Pablo Liquor after confronting the Yemeni owners about selling alcohol to neighborhood Blacks. The incidents led to community condemnation, with Oakland police brass clearing the official Nation of Islam of involvement at a Saturday press conference. The New York Market was gutted two nights later. Police say they are seeking arrest warrants for six of the alleged assailants who were identified thanks to store video surveillance.

Now the media is reporting that the Arab owner of the New York Market, Tony Hamdan, was also kidnapped. Hamdan was abducted by persons unknown around the time his store was firebombed and was discovered in the trunk of a car in a nearby city after being held for an estimated twelve hours. Police have not officially linked the kidnapping to the earlier trashing, but the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is investigating the fire as an arson, citing evidence of accelerants. A witness described a group of "bald men in jogging suits" (race unspecified) leaving the scene around 1:20 am.

Observers have speculated that the miscreants may be connected to an area Black Muslim splinter group founded by the late Yusuf Bey, who ran a "Black Empire" in the area based on tax-supported non-profits and other businesses.

While Oakland police -- who are not known for Sherlock Holmes-like investigative skills -- should investigate the possibility that some aspects of the incidents are possible hoaxes (extremely common in racial cases) -- the chilling fact is that the Bey group was accused of at least one earlier confinement and torture incident. In 2002 they allegedly tortured two real estate speculators over a four-hour period, with Bey reportedly inciting his followers to kill "White cops" intent on rescuing the victims.

Black Muslim violence in the Bay Area involved the unspeakable torture-murder of White victims, at least one of whom was held and butchered alive for hours in San Francisco in the 1970s Zebra serial killings. The Zebra killers also murdered an Arab convenience store clerk. Believing Saleem Hassan Erakat, a Jordanian, was White, the Black Muslim killers shot him to death in his Larkin Street store in San Francisco.

Arabs, who traditionally despise Blacks and have enslaved them on sight for hundreds of years, own 80% of Oakland's liquor stores. The tensions are reflected elsewhere in California, where Blacks have targeted Koreans and are being displaced by Mestizos.

While various Black Muslim groups believe they are just as Muslim (if not more so) than Sunni or Shia Arabs, their "religion" bears little resemblance to Islam. Founded by a charlatan amongst illiterate Blacks in 1930s Detroit and Chicago, the "religion" teaches that Whites were created by an evil Black "scientist" aeons ago to oppress Black people, who are allegedly god-like beings kept down by "blue-eyed devils" using alcohol and religion to brainwash "civilization-building" Blacks. In their favor, the Black Muslims oppose Zionism and race-mixing and urge strict racial separation.

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