Baton Rouge Whites Mob Gun Stores
Report; Posted on: 2005-09-11 00:28:37

Panic as state capital becomes Black evacuation camp.

by Jeff Davis

Baton Rouge, Louisiana’s state capital, is separated from the Big Easy by more than 75 miles of Interstate 10. It’s a much whiter city than New Orleans (over 50 percent). The city is populated with state workers, university academics and students, and businessmen. Baton Rouge has been asked to absorb an estimated 100,000 refugees from New Orleans, about 95 percent Black. These unwanted refugees have already worn out their welcome.

It started last week -– several near-riots at local Wal-Marts and grocery stores among the hordes of Black refugees, fights and disturbances at gas stations caused by people fleeing the flooded city, a spate of burglaries and the sudden presence of drug gangs from New Orleans roaming the streets of Baton Rouge and clashing with the local gang members over turf. This week local residents are complaining of being in traffic for hours trying to get to school or work, of frustration and fear about what kind of city Baton Rouge will be with at least 100,000 evacuees and rescue workers added to the 227,000 residents it had before the storm. There have been runs on gun stores, locksmiths and security companies. Even the local animal shelter was mobbed as locals rushed to get a guard dog for their homes.

A big question mark is where the authorities will house the tens of thousands of displaced Blacks on a semi-permanent basis until New Orleans is rebuilt. The buzz right now is about a number of large camps consisting of RVs and trailers, even tents. But what neighborhood will want these Rwanda-style refugee camps next to them?

More subtly, the local authorities and media are starting to put pressure on local homeowners to “open their hearts” -– and their homes, by taking in families of refugees. That’s cutting it close to the bone, and most likely it will be where the Whites draw the line. Good compassionate liberals or not, White Baton Rouge residents simply don’t want Black slum denizens in their homes. They don’t want all their valuables disappearing as some crack head ransacks their house. There’s a good reason why these Black refugees don’t have Black family members in other states willing to put them up.

Jim Siegmund, who recently returned from military service in Iraq, said he did not think there was anything to worry about. Still, holding a cellphone in his hand and comparing it to a 9-millimeter handgun he said: “When push comes to shove, this won’t protect you, but a Glock 9 will.” Joel Phillips, a 38-year-old contractor, said he had never owned a gun in his life, but after watching an angry argument at a gas station, he stood in line for three hours at Jim’s Gun Store to buy a 9-millimeter handgun and then went with a friend to a firing range over the weekend to learn how to use it.

Baton Rouge is suddenly a majority Black city, and the White citizens are alarmed and getting ready for something approaching race war. “These people will not assimilate here,” local resident Frank Searle said. “They put up with the crime in New Orleans, and now it’s staring them in the face, but up here that’s not going to be tolerated. People are going to handle it individually if they have to. This is the South. We will take care of it.” Unfortunately the South is still controlled by the liberal North.


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