Australia: Rape Gangs and Multiracialism
News/Comment; Posted on: 2005-12-14 06:55:05

As Australians defend their women and girls from non-White gangs, whose side are the corporate media taking?

by Our Seattle Correspondent

TO THE Seattle Times: I read your garbled and fraudulent accounts of the race riots in Australia ("Sydney Hit With Second Night of Violence; Cars, Homes, Stores Vandalized; Riots Shock Aussies," Seattle Times, December 13, 2005. p. A11). The riots were not unprovoked "drunk... White... neo-Nazis'" riots against innocent Muslims as you claim.

After years of escalating racial violence by Lebanese gangs, including rape gangs, Australians are finally standing up to Muslim racial supremacists. Lebanese and other Muslims use rape gangs and gang sieges/home invasions of Australian families in order to ethnically cleanse neighborhoods. In a country where all Australians have been disarmed and are not allowed to have guns or large knives, Muslim gangs openly parade arsenals of weapons as the police, afraid of losing their jobs if they show "racism," refuse to protect defenseless Australians. In a country that has been completely disarmed by gun control, Muslims are heavily armed and many Muslims (including Muslim professors at the best Australian universities) openly call for the extermination of the Australian Whites. (ILLUSTRATION: The Whites who retook Cronulla Beach.)

The recent clashes began with the lynching-knifing of an Australian by Lebanese gangsters, and an attack on two lifeguards on Sunday by a Lebanese gang. Then Australians defended themselves against the Lebanese gangsters and the police intervened against the Australians. Australian police spokesmen, like Paul Bugden, are careful to never accuse minorities of racism, which is unthinkable, but always struggle to find ways to denounce the Australians as racists.

On Monday, Lebanese gangs attacked Australians, cars and buildings, parading their weapons, including pistols and assault rifles. Police are too afraid of being called racists to defend the Australians from the these gangs or even to arrest them for illegally possessing weapons. At every step of this pogrom by Muslims against Australians, the Seattle Times denounces the Australians as racists or neo-Nazis. And the Seattle Times refuses to criticize the Lebanese and other Muslims, pretending their gang aggression is only self-defense.

No one reading your account of the events in Australia would recognize what I have just related. Your journalism is again exposed as a mere hate crime: You will falsify anything in order to justify minority hate crimes against White folk, whether in France, Australia or Seattle.

The Seattle Times' support for the Lebanese rape gangs in Australia (and the Alergian rape gangs in Paris) mirrors its gloating a couple years ago that the gang rape of a White man by a gang of Black homosexuals outside the old downtown Main Library was somehow "progressive" or that the rape of several White Christian little girls here by Honduran illegal aliens last summer was just kind of funny. Your support for the Lebanese gangs when they lynch Australians mirrors your support of the Black gangs who lynched Kris Kime in Pioneer Square just a few years ago here in Seattle. (Kris Kime was a hero who tried to save a White woman who was being beaten mercilessly by a Black mob; when the same Black mob that had boasted beforehand that they wanted to kill a White man did kill Kris Kime before innumerable video cameras and the Seattle Police (who had been told to stand down to let the Black mobs have their kill), your Black columnists gloated and strutted and gleefully smeared themselves in Kime's blood to celebrate his horrific beating death.)

Your complicity in this racist assault on European-Australians and European-Americans is despicable. Every issue of the Seattle Times is a hate crime: Your energetic support of any non-White rape gang on Earth that rapes White women or girls is so astonishing that I cannot even find a word to describe such a despicable obsession. One day, dear Seattle Times Editor, if the Muslim or Black or Honduran rape gangs visit your home, you will only have yourself to blame. May you suffer from your own travail with the same intensity that you have laughed at, applauded, and savored the misery of the European-Australians and European-Americans.


J. J. S., PhD Seattle

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