Another Anti-White Race-Hate Murder Ignored by National Media
Posted on: 2006-09-23 20:33:18

The overwhelming majority of violent crime in America is non-White in origin, and the number of White-on-nonWhite attacks is tiny, with the vast majority of racial incidents being nonwhite-on-White in nature.

The Jew-owned national media never fails to seize upon the smallest White-on-nonWhite incident as ‘evidence of White racism” while deliberately ignoring the vast number of anti-White attacks which take place. The reason they do this is simple” if the media gave the same prominence to the far more numerous anti-White attacks, there would be outrage and an upsurge in pro-White racial consciousness, and that, above all else, poses the greatest threat to Jewish hegemony over America and the West.

As a result, violent anti-White attacks, if they are reported at all, are only covered locally, as this case from New York shows: (Consider what the national coverage would have been if it had been a White who was “notorious for hating Blacks”…)

Carmine Randazzo from Queens, NY, was stabbed to death by a nonWhite notorious for random attacks and tirades against whites.

"I wish I was there [to stop it]," said youngest son Carmine Randazzo Jr., 39.  Carmine Randazzo Sr., 78, was stabbed five times in the arm, back and torso Saturday afternoon after visiting a Queens flea market during his regular neighborhood stroll.

Mixed race William Scott, 28, jumped out from behind a building on Parsons Blvd. near Goethals Ave. in Hillcrest and attacked Randazzo without provocation, a police source said. Queens neighbors said Scott had a history of random public violence - and one woman said he once punched her husband in the head on the street.

Galda Rochleder said she once saw Scott attack a man with a bat, screaming, "You white m----------r!"

"He's always muttering to himself, walking back and forth, when he sees white people," she said. "He'll say under his breath "You b-----ds, I hate you."

Scott, who sources said gave a full confession in Randazzo's murder, has prior convictions for robbery and criminal possession of a weapon.

"He was a loving, caring father with a passion for life," said son Joseph Randazzo, 50, who has served 21 years in the NYPD. "He was a self-taught man, always reading."

Carmine Randazzo Jr. doubted yesterday that he will ever be able to find forgiveness for his father's killer. Even though I know I should," he said, "I don't think I ever could."

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