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Teaching European Americans to hate and fear themselves

Agitprop consists of the repetitious harangues and disinformation messages from the dominant media culture and the corporate entertainment culture that tell ordinary European Americans whom to hate and fear. It frequently takes the form of constant agitation about alleged atrocities or hate crimes that tell European Americans to hate and fear themselves. It doesn't stint at telling so-called minorities to hate and fear European Americans, too.

The framework for agitprop may be located in Lenin's famous questions: "Who? Whom?" In other words, "Who is agitating whom?" is always a relevant question.

Atrocity Propaganda

European Americans learned that atrocity propaganda works as they observed the loss of their sons, daughters, wives, and husbands in the Spanish-American War, World War I, and Gulf War I. Atrocity propaganda has never ceased regarding World War II, and even Vietnamese War atrocity propaganda from the A.D. 1960s and A.D. 1970s played a part in the presidential election in A.D. 2004.

Enlisting European American Soldiers In Other People's Wars

Agitprop is employed in killing young European Americans in other people's battles. And recall the baby incubator hoax (perpetrated by US Congressman Lantos and Kuwaiti royals) that provided the final push toward Gulf War I in A.D.1991.

Dividing The Races

Domestically, one of the most significant recent agitprop campaigns was in A.D.1996 alleging black church arsons. Spreading hatred against European Americans over the political and social landscape, this hoax was eventually debunked, but whether the truth caught up with the agitprop will always be an open question.

Two Agitprop Films

Two of the most prominent hate films made right after World War II were produced in 1947. One was based on passive-agressive psychology, and the other was based on an aggressive psychology.

One was "Gentleman's Agreement" which had the sole purpose of smearing European American taxpayers, voters, workers, and leaders who maintained steadfastness in fighting in World War II. This film was a classic example of hatred manifested through a passive-aggressive psychology. It was a vicious thank you note to all European Americans for their sacrifices in World War II, and it didn't take long to deliver.

A second was "Crossfire" which had the sole purpose of smearing Europan American soldiers on their return to the USA after World War II. It was as vicious an application of aggressive psychology as can be imagined. By portraying returning European American soldiers as evil creatures, it became a horrifying and hateful thank you note to all returning European American veterans.

A bitterly ironic aspect of both films is that critics fail to notice the hateful, smearing, and left-wing racialist nature of the films. But they are both classic agitprop examples of disrespect, deception, divisiveness, and disparaging artful anecdotes and negative stereotypes.

It is long since past time to identify these films as the agitprop vehicles that they were, and that they continue to be.


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