The more reactionary elements of the anti-environmental movement will, I am sure, immediately seize on section 10.4 on 'combustion'. We believe that the introduction to that section must be re-emphasised. Such extreme measure are only for use when the seriousness of the environmental destruction warrants the use of such practices, and all other options have been considered.

The rest of the Volume is fairly straightforward. We hope that the concept of analysing a target in terms of the energy flows within a 'system' will enable you to objectively study your target, and then carry out the most appropriate sabotage to produce the desired result.

In comparison to Volume I, this volume has been a little more technical. I must apologise in advance that Volume III (currently in preparation) will be even more technical. But we hope that you will eventually be able to progress to a point where all the Volumes in this series will be of some assistance to you.

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