The health and safety section of Volume I concentrated mainly on tool-related safety. With this volume the risks are more complex, and the variety of systems described makes it difficult to pinpoint particular risks. In general...

In relation to the previous section on combustion, there are very specific safety rules...

The other main precaution must be to ensure that your activities do not in themselves cause environmental pollution. Opening the pipes on a large fuel storage tank could cause massive pollution. Likewise setting fire to a farmer's barn full of pesticides could create a major catastrophe.

As well as the common sense things like not releasing fuel, always remember that you actions could cause problems later. If you cut power cables, and short the wires because your cutters were not sharp, when the systems is turned on you could cause a short that might start a fire. For safety's sake, it is a good idea to develop some sort of calling card to tell people you were there, or at least use a marker pen to leave a warning to the owners/operators.

As noted previously, the most important thing to take with you is your common sense

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