December 15, 2001

NOTE: Is this the first time you've read the page? Read the initial information first, then come back to this update.
First of all, I'd like to thank everyone that's supported my webpage. I've gotten countless messages of encouragement and gratitude from scene members, and non-sceners. Without your support, this latest update wouldn't be possible. First of all, I must admit something; I am guilty of spreading false information as well. I put in countless hours of research for the original webpage, and unfortantly, one part of it ended up being incorrect. ttol is in fact NOT David Ford. David Ford is ttol's gay friend, and ttol DID administrate his gay porn slash shell-service web page, as well as his other project, ttol is a seperate person though, and that is where I was wrong. ttol is not David Ford. However, we do now know who ttol really is! We already know he's a Linux fan, and he likes Bugtrack, but we didn't yet know that he liked Quake 3 Arena. Look at this response to his post about a security flaw he unveiled. Apparently, thanks to him unveiling this fault, it caused lots of cheating. Look at this angry Quake fan's webpage.

Wondering why many ra3/tdm servers have been down lately? ttol.
Wondering why many people are now using aimbots in ra3+tdm?
Wondering why your servers have been crashing randomly?

This hax0r ninny has been fuckin up the q3 community real bad. Releaseing new bots
for every osp, and point release. Trying to give people bad names. And now recently he has released a server crasher program. He has been crashing res/cal
league matches etc..

Wondering how to make it stop?
Make this fagg0ts life a living hell ;)
Wayne Chang
113 Farrwood Drive
Bradford, MA 01835, US
Phone: 978-590-8505
[email protected]

The above would be ttols personal information. You can do whatever you want with
it. Aka mail bombs, e-mail flooding, prank phone calls, drive by's. Whatever u
want. Be creative in making this lil faggot, small nuts, bitch face, shit licking, ass fisting, cum guzzling, life suck. Maybe then he will learn not to be
such a gay.

It seems too good to be true! Could this really be ttol? Yes! Before I even saw this page, another of his old scene "friends" looked through his old data for me, and he found the same name and address he once used to snail mail ttol some things. As for the phone number, he doesn't pick up, which makes sense since he's visiting his family in Taiwan. Speaking of which, since he's not at home now, let's call his (confirmed) current location in Taiwan:

area code: 886
cell phone: 931377563

Now that we've gotten the facts straight about who ttol actually is, here's a quick new story about his DCiSOS.COM career. It wasn't actually his webpage, he was just a staff member. The people who actually owned it were complete lamers, who weren't in the slight bit in the scene. They were just pub leeching lamers, and to this day that's all they are. But even those lamers recognized that ttol was full of shit, and they KICKED him from the site, for his constant bullshit updates!

In summary, what is ttol? Nothing but a Taiwanese gay porn shell service administrator who has tried for countless years to be accepted in the scene, but has earned nothing except rejection, and in turn chooses to make fradulant webpages full of phoney information about the scene, in hope that he may one day be a part of it. Think twice before you believe anything he writes up. That's all for this update. Thanks again to all the supporters. Now, anybody up for some fun prank calling, or snail mail pranks?

Recently ttol has made a webpage about the scene busts. Unfortantly, most people are believing what he says to be true. In order to do a favor for the scene, and all people that are lead to believe his lies, I've made this webpage. While it may be long, I BEG of you to read the entire thing. It WILL be worth it!

First matter is his scene history. Many people seem to think ttol is actually qualified to talk about the scene. He certainly has been around for a long time, but he has hardly participated, as you will see. He first started out with his webpage called It reported on the 0day game rips scene. Thanks to our friends at, we can see tons of versions of his page. Click here to see versions of his webpage throughout time, which started in 1999. If you don't feel like sifting through all that awfully hard-to-read text (use some fucking readable colors, Dave), here's the only real item of interest.

Packed By : The Tree of Life
Thanks to Kdogg for help with this patch!
Razor 1911 welcomes The Tree of Life to the Blade!

Incase you can't tell, ttol stands for The Tree of Life. ttol joins his first group! Shame it doesn't last long. What's he do? He's a fucking packager. It doesn't take long before Razor 1911 realizes he doesn't do shit, and he's kicked. Lucky for him, his friend kdogg is no longer a member either, and is a part of DIVINE aka DVN. It's a shame that didn't last long; our good friend was kicked from DVN also! I must apologize for this part. I wish I had more information on how long he was in these two groups, what he actually did, and why he was kicked. If anyone wants to come fourth with more on this, be my guest. What I said above is all I'm aware of.

By Nov 10, 1999, was dead. While the page still lasts today, it has no content. Our friend was just idle for a bit, until his next big conquest... DREAMCAST! UTOPiA released essential software for Dreamcast piracy, which was the first step in being able to download DC ISOs. Like many people, ttol was excited about this... so excited, he started a new webpage! Welcome DCiSOS.COM! The webpage first started as a PUB LIST... yes, you read that correctly. IT LISTED PUBLIC FTP SERVERS TO DOWNLOAD WAREZ FROM! ttol and his crew of lamers downloading warez from pubs (remember, ttol is a scene reject. He was kicked from both groups he joined) soon shifted the path of the webpage, and just turned it into a warez news page. ttol made a whole new advancement in being a fraud and angering the scene when he posted a FAKE interview with a UTOPiA member. Anybody from the group will tell you the interview was bullshit. Not only that, but in ttol's quest for fame, he made a SECOND fake interview, this time with Sega! (NOTE: seems to have had trouble archiving; both the links are mirrors of ttol's work.) Like all lame things, eventually came to an end, thankfully. With a clear history of being a scene reject wanting attention, everybody that knew about his history was very pleased to know he was doing nothing.

Are you tired of reading yet? Well, don't stop now, the funniest part is yet to come! Now that we have heard of ttol's history of being rejected from the scene, and making fraudulant webpages in order to gain fame, let's look more at him. We know what he did in the scene... let's see what his real life was like!

A quick Google search gives us a nice starter. Apparently, ttol really likes Bugtraq and Linux - just look at all the posts such as this one. Scroll down until we get to ttol's response, and let's look at his interesting signature:

|The Media and the Monster: Which is the Creator and which is the creation?|
| System Administrator/DNS Network Administrator/Keeper of Gods |
| (c)1998 | [email protected] ||

ttol is a systems administrator for and! AMAZING! Take a deep breath and calm down from the shock that he's actually older than 13. Now, back to our friend Have a look at the archives of
WARNING: This page contains images that are unsafe for work. Do NOT look if you have family or peers looking at your monitor.
Make sure you look at the ones from 1998. By 2001 it sucks. Now, what's this page? OH MY FUCKING GOD! TTOL USED TO ADMIN (or still admins?) A SOFTCORE GAY PORN PAGE SLASH SHELL-HOSTING SERVICE! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I wonder if he still offers shells and other services? Let's look at his prices. Even better, let's look at the info page for the admin aka ttol!

My mailing address:

c/o David Ford
Pacific Tradewinds
4108 W. Ave., L, Apt #11
Quartz Hill, CA 93536

Please make checks payable to:
David Ford,

Make sure you don't miss this complete gem that might be easy to miss. I'll make sure to quote some good parts.

I'm a guy, single, white and yup..I'm gay. My life is filled with computers, a few small hobbies like digital electronics, and a bit of role-playing games. My love belonged to someone for a while. From beyond the keyboard, I met someone who meant so much to me. That above verse was written when I was doodling on the screen with him in mind.

I'm on IRC(EFnet) nearly 24/7 but I limit my regularly programmed channel intake to just a few. I do tend to wander about and visit others now and then. If you'd like to visit, I'm Blu3Viper. Nothing really special about my nick; blue is my favorite color and Viper ...well, that just sorta popped onto it. is the site that I am putting the better part of my work into of late. I enjoy code(C) and several pasttimes of both lively and quiet natures. (gonna ask me yet? heehee) hint: some might have something to do with my 4x4 Ranger -sly smile-

Who would have known Dave was going to get older and change his name to ttol and become a scene reject?! I'm sure you guys can easily find out his phone number with the info we have above. Feel free to call him up.

What's this all amount to? Basically, think of it as a VH1 Behind the Lamer presentation. With all this talk about who is a narc, it's obvious who the real narc is: ttol. He makes a public webpage for anyone to see, where he just hands out information about scene sites and scene members. The worst part is, most of it is lies. Just look at his history. He has a history of trying to get attention by creating phoney webpages. ttol is not a part of the scene, he is a reject from it. Hopefully, after you read this, his foolish little outcry for attention will end, or at least stop attracting so many unknowledgable people. Please help expose ttol for the scum he is. Next time you see someone believing ttol's bullshit, point them to this page. Not only that, but keep doing more research. I'm sure there's tons more dirt we can dig up on him. Just don't let anyone catch you looking at his gay porn.