The REAL Rules of Carding!

By Dr. Chip of Red Sector! (Hi Bill!)

Disclaimer: Even though I do know this information, it in no way suggests that I use it.

How to get CC #'S

This is pretty easy. It isn't really necessary nor safe to use CC #'S that you get off a board unless the board is highly elite and you know you can trust the person and the CC number is not going to be used by anyone else.

Also, to people who post CC #'S - Make sure that you are posting it on a board on which no one except elite people are reading it. If a rodent (word courtesy of King Blotto) happens to be on a general board in which someone posted his mothers CC #, there is a 100% chance that kid will tell his parents, and the sysop might get nailed for it. It's happened so be careful.

The easiest way to get cc #'s is to go to a trash bin of a place that uses cc #'s. If the place doesn't bother burning the papers, you can usually find hundreds and hundreds of #'s on a good day. If you work in a Gas station, you can get millions of the things a day.

If you want to nail some guy you know, and you can break into his car. Most people will save their CC #'S and its registration right in the glove compartement for records about their gas. Just break into the car, grab one of those papers, and voila!

A few warnings, many banks now have cameras set up to watch the trash- bins. You can either spray the camera with spray paint or cover it with a sheet, but then just quickly grab some and run. You never know if the cop will be watching that camera. Remember, the best way to go cc # looking is to get with a friend who is in a car, watching for other people.. Also, it is best to go late at night, the later the better, the guards are usually so stupid that they won't even bother watching. Most people that I know don't even bother with banks trash-bins though. The only time it's good to do that is if you're also trashing for hacking info. If you just need some CC #'s then just find some good place that uses CC's and trash it..

There are other ways such as credit bureau's that you can get credit card numbers as well as telephone numbers, and lots of other fun information. However, as a whole, stay away from credit bureau's like CBI and especially TRW. TRW has gotten extremely dangerous. If you enter a false pw, the the call is immediately traced. If you decide to use credit bureaus that fine, but as whole, there is no real need to. just go trashing for new cc numbers, and you real won't have anything to worry about. If you trash a place in which the customers are rich, you usually won't have to worry about the card being valid.

A note--> Visa and mastercard have changed over to a new type of carbon. In other words when you tear the copies , the number on the carbons gets split in half. (thanx Bomb Jack). There are still ways around this. Have a friend of yours that works in one of these places just write down the numbers. A friend of mine works in a place where they take all the cc carbons, chuck them in one barrel. he then takes them out to the trash.. (or does he??)

well, that just about covers methods of how to get cc #'s. if you would like to try your luck with credit bureau's then read the file, TRW information or other files which have to do with credit bureaus. I am not going to go into detail about them.

Explanation of CC #'s

You've got this garbage, but you don't know exactly what kind of card it is or anything else. Well, to find out what kind of card it is here is a brief summary of the number of digits and the information you need to know to use the cc's properly.
        Expiration date-look for 
          something like 4/85 
        Usually has an Interbank number 
          that is 4 digits long 
        Name of person 
        Expiration date - same form as 
        Name of person 
     Visa Gold 
        Same as normal Visa but have 16 
     American Express 
        Expiration date - these 
          have beginning and ending
          expiration dates that you have 
          to know like- 10/83-7/85 
        Name of person 
     American Express Gold 
        Expiration date - same as normal 
         Note-These cards have a 5000 
          dollars in them at least so 
          look for them 
     American Express Platinum 
        Expiration date - same ??? 
        Has a 1,000,000 dollar limit i 

                 I would like to thank King Blotto for
                 his help on this section about voice
                 validation numbers.. 
Many times people will post numbers that will "check" the credit card for the amount of money that you type in. However, there are many problems with this. The major one is that when you call the number and type in that amount, it is subtracted from the card. In other words, if you have a card that has 500 $ in it and you "check" it for 300 dollars and then try to use the card, there will only be 200 dollars in the account so it won't work. Now another idea that has been suggested is to have just a small amount entered, just to check to see if the card is valid. This will work, but make sure you enter something like 50$, since validation of cards is not done usually on orders that are under 50 dollars.

Here are some of the "voice validation numbers that I am talking about. 1-800-842-1250.. Another one is 1-800-228-1111, when you get a carrier, do #+5317007000220959+card number + the expiration date + the amount of the purchase. The recording will tell you if it is valid or not. (Thanx to the COSMOS BBS for that last one). However, there shouldn't even be a need to check on them. As long as you get them from a somewhat rich place, and don't use it for anything extravagent (A black porshe, for instance), you shouldn't have anything to worry about.


Ok, the part everybody's been waiting for. You have that stupid number in your hand but how do you use it? There are many ways to use the numbers and I'll go through as many as I can right here.

An important thing to remember is - Never use a CC # more that once. You can use the same cc at the same time, but don't use a cc # one month and then try to use it again the next. The best time to use a CC #'S is at the end of the month when the bills arrive. That means you have an entire month to use the card.

OK, now for the uses. There are two kinds of uses that you can u ze a CC for. Number one is "for yourself". You can use the CC to add to your computer, your home, or whatever else you want to add to. The other type of use is revenge. You can use the CC either to get back at the person who owns the CC, or get back at other people which will be explained further into the tutorial.

Mail order catalogs

Places that say that they will accept cc # orders are great places to order from. However, a quick inside tutorial is needed here. She is going to ask you for your phone number to check you out. There are two ways to get around this. Number 1 is to call from a pay fone in your town and wait until she calls back. Wait about 15 minutes, if she doesn't call back by then, she's not calling back. A note.. 50% of the time the lady will give the number to shipping to validate. The guy will then call you the next day. If you want to get around this tell the lady that you are calling from out of state and won't be at this number tomorrow. She'll probably fallfor it. An extremely good way of using a pay fone is to get the fone number of the CC owner forwarded to the phone booth. This can be a little difficult for the beginner CC'er Though.

The second way is to find a good loop in your state and call the other end and give her the first end. This is the best way there is. Remember though, if you tell her that you live in Conneticut, but the loop you give her is in Pennsylvania, and she notices, you will be in trouble. Continuing on this thought, you need an address to which to send your new found goods.

There are many different places to have the goods shipped to. Remember, don't send it to your house!! Not very intelligent. Because you're not going to send it to your house you must use a drop zone. A drop zone is a house thatnear one of your friend's house or your house. The perfect drop zone has nobody living in it, and is currently waiting for a buyer. Another perfect drop zone is a neighbor who's going away to some place like England for a 3 month vacation. The only problem with that is that the person might have their mailheld at the post office. However, U.P.S., which packages are sent through, often doesn't listen, and just sends the sucker anyway. I recently read that another good place to use as a drop zone is a friend's house. What you are then supposed to do is to have grab the package as soon as it arrives, and when and if the cops come, just say that you had no idea what they're talking about. I advise against this. They will probably continue to suspect you, andyour if your friend's parents come across the file before you or your friend do, you might have a little explaining to do. If you want to CC and you can't find a good drop zone, don't send it to a friends house, just send it to an old ladies home, who's too lazy togo out and get her mail. Just swing by the house every day and check and see if the package arrived.

Ok, so you have your drop zone, you have a fone number to give the "nice" lady, so now's the big moment. Give the place a call. Be sure to sound as cool and collected as possible. If you hesitate alot and worry, the lady will become suspicious. Sound a little bit annoyed at the lady, like you have better things to do, but be polite. Then just order what you want, she will ask for the name of the person, his CC #, his expiration date, and all the otherstuff I listed above. Don't be stupid and hesistate on the guys name. It does not assure the lady that you are really John Fredrickson or whoever. Remember, be catious with what you buy. It is possible to get 20 meg hard drives, but they usually will check you out more. If you want to get a joystick, but say, "what the hell, I might as well go for a hard drive too..", buy the hard drive with one card #, and the joystick with another. That way, you'll at least get the joystick.

Phone Sex Numbers

There are tons of these, phun fone sex numbers that you can get out of any porno magazine alive. If you need any of these just check in your newest porno magazine like velvetand they're listed there. If you are too young to get these magazine, still want to try this method, and can't find someone who can get them, I can give youa list of them that I got from a board somwhere.

Anyway, when you call up, talk in a deep voice (If you have a really high voice, have someone else do this) and act like your really desperate. The "nice" lady will then say something like "We have tons of hot girls just waiting here to serve you." You have to give most of these ladies a lot more information that the fone order places. She'll usually ask for a fone number, an address, andall kinds of other shit. Then she'll hang up, while she is checking your infoand then later call you back. A fun thing to do is to call this lady, and convince her to call a loop where you have about 15 kids on the line. As soon as she calls, have a little fun with this lady by saying things like..

       "Do you do this for a living?" 
       "You're no good at this, I want my money back!!"
       "Are you doing this because you love my mind?" 
       "Does your mother know you're doing this?" 
       Have everybody on the line scream "Whore!!!!!!!!!!!" or "Slut!!!!!"
Just sit there until she's finished, (she'll start screaming, "i'm coming, I'm coming!!", and then have everybody on the line go at the same time, "Aaaaaaaaaah!!!". It phreaks the lady out..

Another thing you can do is to have the lady call up a guy you really hate and watch through his window as he tries to explain to his wife why "Wonderful Wanda" just gave him a call and said he asked for some serious phone sex.

Computer Shows

A lot of Computer shows have telephone lines set up so they can demonstrate their modems. What you do then is to walk around until you find one of these places and say.

"Excuse me, my father is at work right now, but would like to buy that 1200 baud modem and two joysticks (more about the two joysticks later), but can't get down to the show. Can he call you and give you his credit card number. You can then call him back and check him out"

It usualy takes a while to find a sucker that will do this but when you do. Have one of your friends call the number while you stand and talk with the guy. Make sure your friend talks in a "fatherish" voice. Chat it up with this guy. When he asks for the number, give him the number of the pay fone. Your friend will then be called back upon which he will reply "Yep, I ordered it." Voila! You now have a 1200 baud modem and two joysticks.

Important things to consider about this last method, if you do get caught. Now I will explain why to get two joysticks, it doesn't have to be two joysticks, it can be two microchips, it doesn't matter. If you do get caught (it's never happened to anyone I know, but this is a pre-caution), tell the cops that you were doing this since this guy told you that he would give each of you a joystick with his credit card number if you would go in. Say that he had no cash and couldn't get into the show, and he left his credit card athome or something. Remember, creativity in this situation may save the cat, not kill it. Then, lead the cops outside and show them where you were supposed to meet this guy and give it to him. He, obviously, won't be there so you say,"Shit, he must have seen me with you and ran! I didn't know I was doing anythingwrong, he just wanted to get this modem really badly but didn't have his credit card with him or any cash" Act really stupid, because this really is a lame excuse.

If you find a really stupid looking salesmen, especially the foreign ones (they wouldn't believe that anything like this would ever happen) this method will work extremely well.

Destoying a person's credit - This is by far the easiest revenge method of credit carding. Just call up one of those "voice validation" or "credit card validation" numbers and type in the CC #of a person that you hate, and then keep typing in high amounts of money until all the money in his account has disappeared. Then when he goes to buy something, all the money on his Credit Card will have suddenly disappeared.

                  (* An important note to rodents in    *) 
                  (*  audience.  do not use methods of  *) 
                  (*  revenge unless the person really  *) 
                  (*  deserves it.  Do not clear out a  *)
                  (*  person's credit card because he   *) 
                  (*  won't let you play in his yard    *) 
                  (*  remember sandza!!!                *) 
                  (*    he didn't deserve what he got.. *) 
                  (*  so be smart, but have fun         *) 

Advanced Credit Carding

Ok, you've come this far. "What's next?" you ask. Well, the more advanced thing to do and the best thing to do if you are successful is to get a real plastic (Credit card). If you steal one, go wild with it the first day, since the person will probably call in and report the card missing after a while. Make sure you have a copy of the person's signature, a fake id, under his name, or anything else useful. If your signature looks totally different than the signature of the person, you will get nailed. Things to remember: Don't getcaught!! Act older than you probably are. The older you are, the better chance of success you will have. Again, act casual about it. Biting your fingernails is not a good sign of a good customer. Another thing to do is to stay away from big places. I do know of people, (not personally, A friend ofmine works there and at least 4 people have been caught for doing this) Visit small stores and small places. Sometimes you can take the stuff back and return it for money. Don't use the CC's at banks for cash unless you want to get caught.

Another great advanced method is to get your own fake cc card. These are the best. Have the card shipped to a drop zone or house, and once you get it, go wild. Use it at all the places which don't check out your credit rating (there are a few stupid places that don't)

You can also`?et fake Lechmere cards, Sears card, or any other type of money card if you work at it. Just be careful. I've been informed that merchants are supposed to detain illegal Credit Carders by peaceful methods, but I think that if a person is using a fake credit card, they're not going just say, "Please come with me, unless you don't want to." If you're in a small store,make a run for it. If you're in a big st{{re, and the clerk informs you that the card is invalid (If he thinks the signature isn't right, he won't tell you, but if he watch to see if he calls security) then just act huffy, grab your fake card angrily, and walk out of the store in a huff.

Well, that about sums it all up. This file is now about 10 pages, I think, so enjoy. The version that you are reading now is version 2. I will probably end up adding things or changing things as time goes on so look for version 3. If anybody has any questions or comments just leave me E-mail somewhere.


DISCLAIMER: Once again, I'd like to remind everyone that this in no way suggests that I use illegal CC #'s. This is just information that I've heard, know, have figured out, and have made up.

Important note: If you get busted, don't come crying to me, the penalty is stiff so if you want to enter the realm of cc fraud, do it knowing you're on your own.

Later Dude(s)...