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Family: Myristicaceae
Genus: Myristica
Species: fragrans

Usage: 5-20 grams of ground nutmeg is ingested. Fresh ground is best. Can also be taken in a "space paste" concoction (see below). Space paste is difficult/expensive to make and tastes like shit; however, it may actually decrease the side effects.

Effects: Possible nausea during first hour; may cause vomiting or diarrhea in isolated cases. Takes anywhere from one to five hours for effects to set in. Then expect severe cottonmouth, flushing of skin, severely bloodshot eyes, dilated pupils. Personally I compare it to a very, very heavy hash buzz. "Intense sedation". Impaired speech and motor functions. Hallucinations uncommon in average (5-10 gm) doses. Generally followed by long, deep, almost coma-like sleep (expect 16 hours of sleep afterward) and feelings of lethargy after sleep. May cause constipation, water retention. Safrole is carcinogenic and toxic to the liver.

History: Nutmeg was a very important trade item in the 15th and 16th centuries. It was a precious commodity due to the enormous medicinal properties of its seeds. Slaves on the ships bringing nutmeg to Europe got in trouble for eating part of the cargo. They knew that a few large kernels of nutmeg would bring them a pleasant, euphoric feeling, and relieved their weariness and pain. Nutmeg was even used when the feeble King Charles II almost died of a clot or hemorrhage. His death a few days later did nothing to detract from its useful reputation. Rumor spread through London that Nutmegs could act as an abortifacient. The ladies who procured abortions from nutmeg were called "nutmeg ladies."

Interaction precautions: MAO inhibitor

MAO stands for MonoAmine Oxidase, an enzyme that breaks down certain amines and renders them ineffective. MAO inhibitors, then, are substances that interfere with the action of monoamine oxidase, leaving the amines intact. If the amines in question are dangerous, they can cause nasty--even deadly--side effects. Furthermore, it is dangerous to combine MAO inhibitors. If you are taking a prescription drug that is an MAO inhibitor, like prozac or most anti-depressants, avoid using any substance listed as an MAO inhibitor here.

The bottom line is this: when using an MAO inhibiting drug, don't ingest anything that contains potentially dangerous amines, or any other MAO inhibitor. If a substance is listed as an MAO inhibitor here, it may be dangerous when used in combination with any of the following substances:

amphetamines (even diet pills)
dill oil
parsley oil
wild fennel oil
coffee (or any substance that contains large amounts of caffeine)
aged cheeses
any tyrosine-containing food
any other MAO inhibitor

Active Constituents: Methylenedioxy-substituted compounds: myristicin (non-amine precursor of 3-methoxy-4,5-methylenedioxyamphetamine [M-MDA]) elemicin, and safrole.

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