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Alright everybody,

   I have not spoken in quite some time. Because, quite frankly, there has not been much to say. But, now I will clear the air and tell you exactly what happened so all the bullshit sites can get the facts straight for the first time.

   At approximately 9:10 AM Pacific Time Tuesday morning, roughly 47 uniformed federal marshals and postal inspectors from Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with assistance from the LAPD, served a search and seizure warrant for 4 Extreme Associates and 1 Armageddon Entertainment movie. The movies were:

1. Extreme Teen #24
2. Cocktails #2 - Director's Cut
3. Ass Clowns #3 - Director's Cut
4. 1001 Ways to Eat My Jizz
and last but certainly not least PBS' favorite:
5. Forced Entry

  Along with seizing copies of these movies, they seized "sales records, distribution records, invoices, transaction records, records of payments and
deposits, profit/loss and financial statements, records of accounts payable and accounts receivable, expense records, customer lists, employee records, notes, correspondence and other business papers which reflect or relate to the production, advertisement, distribution, and the sale of the films. . ."

  There were no arrest warrants. Nobody was arrested. And,
Extreme Associates doors are now and will remain open for business selling the fine quality Extreme product that you have grown to love. This will INCLUDE all of the videos which are part of this obscenity investigation as we stand by our product and feel that nothing we have ever produced is obscene. The only thing we may be guilty of is bad taste.

  As this is a preliminary investigation, there was nothing more and nothing less. So everyone can cool their jets. And for the record, the complaint
which led to this investigation came out of Pittsburgh, PA and not out of Kentucky and not because of anything any former actress may have said or not said. This had to do with mailing a customer - a private individual - videos which they requested, paid for, and accepted! Now this is where we stand aswe know it and I will expand on more as our attorneys fill me in on the case of;

                                      THE UNITED STATES vs EXTREME ASSOCIATES (that's what the warrant says)!

Now with this official statement out of the way, I can now open up my big fat mouth and give you some of my feelings on the situation. . .

I definitely will not sit here and cry a bunch of tears. Remember when the PBS Frontline special came out (which a number of the inspectors made
reference to when conducting interviews), it was I who challenged law enforcement to come after us for obscenity. So, while some may call this
Karma, I want to remind everyone that I invited this. But, I must say that I feel honored and privileged because I always thought it would be some local law enforcement sanctioned by Deborah Sanchez and the LA Vice Squad (the same people who went after Max and Seymour), but fuck, we had the fucking FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, more than 40 agents, grace us with their presence. Add the money they spent to fly agents from Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, put them up in Los Angeles for a minimum of 10 days (the extent of the warrant), and pay them their significant salaries, plus the unknown future costs (which we have to assume will be at a bill of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF TAX PAYER DOLLARS - and,
as this is a FEDERAL CASE that means it's your money no matter which state you're from).

Mind you, this business has not seen a MAJOR FEDERAL OBSCENITY INVESTIGATION in over 10 years. I guess we now have lived up to our reputation.

I find it completely ridiculous and disheartening that on the same day that these federal agents delivered "shock and awe" to us, halfway across the
world, the very same government is currently bombing Iraq in the name of "OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM!" The government drums up support for the war by telling us that they are attempting to liberate the Iraqi people and give them the most precious freedoms we enjoy. Meanwhile, on the homefront, the quietly attempt to limit this AMERICAN freedom. The key word is quietly. But as anyone who knows me, and the government should know me well enough by now, should know that

Starting today, we will be giving you periodic updates in the case of THE UNITED STATES vs EXTREME ASSOCIATES. The very same media that thrust us into the spotlight will now have their much anticipated main event. So make sure you stay tuned because we are just getting started. To the few in the industry who have supported us, and you know who you are, I thank you and appreciate it, even when my actions at times were completely retarded.

And for those of you who hate us (and I know that would take us all 10 days of the warrant to list), I will simply accept your thank yous quietly, with
maybe a passing wink or smile, when it is us who fights this case and wins standing up for the entire business and allowing you to continue your
business unhampered by the government. It will be us that will be listed in the books as the ones who beat the United States government. Hey, maybe in about 10 years I can get the Hal Freeman "Freedom Isn't Free" or Reuben Sturman award or even that Good Guy thing. Ahh fuck, I don't want anything except for maybe a little peace and quiet (and a Milos Forman directed movie about my life).

Robert Zicari (a.k.a. Rob Black)

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