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Hasj & Weed:

General Information about hemp as a drug;

Hasj: resin from the hemp-plant ("cannabis sativa") pressed together in little cubes or slices, colour ranges from lightbrown to black.
Weed (marihuana): dried flowering tops of the female hemp-plant, looks like dried flower-tops or (when cut:) tea-like, colour ranges from grey-green to brown-green.
Hasj-oil:Concentrated extract from hasj or marhiuana.

Hemp is after alcohol and tobaccoe the most widely used drug. It is either smoked or eaten (external link). The active ingredient is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the higher the THC-level the stronger the effects. Hasj ususally contains more THC than weed, hasj-oil can contain up to 50% of THC.

Using a normal dose of hasj or weed could have the following



The alt.hemp FAQ

Hemp- frequently asked questions, detailed information on ALL possible uses of hemp

First: the hemp-faq's introduction

Part 1: What's all this fuss about hemp?
Part 2: So why aren't we using hemp, then?
Part 3: Does it? Doesn't it? Is it true that?
Part 4: Why is it still illegal?
Part 5: Sources by question number
Part 6: About the alt.hemp FAQ.

You can ge the latest version of the alt.hemp-faq at hyperreal.com (outside link) and the newsgroup alt.hemp.
If you want to use drugs, read this first.

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