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Captain CSS's new xine page

Hi everyone, I'm Captain CSS,

bringing to you a css plugin for use with a linux dvd player called xine.
Using our software, you are able to view all of your encrypted and locked dvds without even noticing that someone tried real hard to keep you from doing so... finally dvd playback _REALLY_ comes to linux.

NEW 24.10.2001 updated to latest xine cvs interface changes xine_d4d_plugin-0.2.7.tar.gz [approx 220kb].

17.10.2001 plitsch-platsch says: stupid linux kernel! *quaak* - make sure you don't update to anything beyond 2.4.9 yet

use this version of d4d for xine 0.9.2: xine_d4d_plugin-0.2.6.tar.gz[approx 220kb].

30.09.2001 heyho! Now we can even play back the last chapter of a movie! :-)
xine_d4d_plugin-0.2.5.tar.gz [approx 220kb].
...and a debian package has been built for us! thanks! xine_d4d_plugin-0.2.5.deb.gz

11.09.2001 recolored subtitles and dvd caching for the bsd daemon :> xine_d4d_plugin-0.2.4.tar.gz [approx 220kb].

03.09.2001 whoups - even plitsch-platsch makes mistakes, seeking with the new xine 0.5.2 should work now xine_d4d_plugin-0.2.2.tar.gz [approx 220kb].

01.09.2001 CLUT and other bugfixes, this plugin should work with the current xine CVS and the upcoming 0.5.2 release :-> xine_d4d_plugin-0.2.1.tar.gz [approx 220kb].

Fuck the past - here's the future:
24.07.2001 plugin for the new 0.5.0rc2 release - all hail plitsch-platsch :> xine_d4d_plugin-0.2.0.tar.gz [approx 220kb].

There is a website that offers a xine version complete with this plugin included... check it out on

a note to everyones favorite guys:
hey you ph00lz at the mpaa! pandora's box is open...
you can NEVER put the pin back in!

think about it: we only want to view the dvds that we bought from YOU (for lots of $$$) ...

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