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Making bombs and explosives.

Counterfeiting money, terrorize Mcdonald's. Stealing checklist for raids on labs. Ways to kill a man with your bare hands. Sabotage your school, fun things for non-christians to do in church. Pick vending machines, trash your school.

Pipe bombs.

Tools you can use for terror and havoc. Things you probably already knew about fire, anarchy related things to do in a park. Big book'o'projectiles bored fun. Classfun easy anarchy essential anarchial equipment. Fun at camp, mechanical room, things to do with cars. Tortment retards, making cash anarchy style.

Multi purpose stink grenade, nasty shit to pull: random anarchy, roadkilling. Some usefull ways to do with ex friends. Stuff you can do in a vacant house. Taste for destruction, terror on the transit. The art of harrasing a school. The babysitting blues, till death do ye part. Tree spiking, tree pinning the silent art of tree spiking.

Ways to really bug an enemy, winter terror. Alt.drugs clandestine chemistry primer and faq. Amorphous make a doorbell shocker, get the most out of school. The best and most advanced way of stealing cds from stores. Beware of cameras, your neighbor part 1. Beating the machines, hide things from your parents. Easily make fake drugs, make a reliable detonation timer. Anarchist cookbook v, anarchy cookbook v.666, anarchy'n'explosives vol. 1, anarchy today 1, anarchists corner.


Anarchy in your own home, anti boredom activities, an anarchists guide to airports. Arcade game strategies, astrolite and sodium chlorate explosives, auto tailing. A reality check on anarchy or be an anarchist and still avoid a prison term. An anarchist defense of pornography, another way to kill a car. Break into rooms in your school and blow up mailboxes. Steal, rip off food machines, get free sodas, since blow fuses. Make free copies at school locker fun. Yet another way to kill a car is basic explosives the basic trashing manual. Beating the library with a bedside stungun, for 5 ways to kill a car. Anarchy in the supermarket, where is beginners guide to drug dealing. Fun at campgrounds and fun with electricity, but also fun in fucking up your school. Make a noose, get twice the amount of tickets.


Get free oakley sun glasses, get out of the cops jam Handle explosives, make oxalic explosive, but run away from home. Do a million things with a paper clip, improved shoplifting vol 1 department stores. Into the reals of hell by making life in the mall hell. Many ways to rob coin operated vending machines, but remember safety precautions for storing explosives. Bhu's cookbook v1.0, blah 025 a social violence manifesto contain bombs explosives experiments. Hints towards successful speeding - the toll booth scam. Bugs traps and infiltrators what to do about political spying. Building rocket launchers, bulb bomb and butchering the human carcass for human consumption. Caltrops & camouflage and concealment, cannon, which includes canonical list of pranks. Car beverage trick, smoke screens, trashing. Whose morality? Break the law! Simple cryptology, concise guide to forgetting how much you suck. The coward's guide to self defense and the gnu warez kidz' guide to pirating on the internet. Bank fraud, e z destruction. Fun with traffic lights, for example gerbil feed bomb. Chemicals and their sources. Choosing the best girl. Contact explosives, getting the cards, the dropsite. Credit carding 1 the card, breaking into houses and taking anything you want. Crimenet1 breaking in made easy.


Crime on the job or darkstorm's book of compiled articles on destruction crime and other illegal acts. Delay detonator and destroy pay phones for doctor demented's handbook. Documentation and diagrams of the atomic bomb the don't talk to cops is do you hate your mother. Drug testing faq, why easy win hack. Effective murder via electronic terrorism. Everything a hacker needs to know about getting busted by the feds. Fake ids for fax machine fun, beware of fbi. Field guide to the psilocybin mushroom and fire extinguishing. Free cigarettes, free stuff - a guide to shoplifting. How do i validate, support your local police beat yourself up, the art of begging, anarchy's guide to life. Fun in school, things to do to an assholes car. things to do to stupid neighbors, with electronics. Billboards, random senseless vandalism. Gelatine explosive from anti freeze, getting others to commit suicide. Getting even and glass demolition. Win in a combat situation. How to god incendary brick. Guide to sex with dogs and faq's, handbook of the british contraband smuggler part 1 fake id aquisition including trinks of trade plus what to smuggle and to where. Harmless terror, hasiksenpolttomenetelmiä and highway radar jamming. Build a .22, why break in to a house, so buy liquor and be a real druguser. Break into cars to fuck up work 1 for fuck the dead. Get cd's and tapes for free by go carding the away. Get fucked up with things laying around the house, have fun with alka seltzer. Have fun at school, have fun when you're bored out of your skull, hot wire a car.

Good drugs.

Kick someone's ass, make bombs book 1, make alcohol, make a bomb out of your computer monitor. Make bombs book, make big money on drug dealing.german and steal from stores. Scam a free pizza from pizza pizza, for steal a bike to shoot heroin. create anarchy with other peoples cars Get lost, overthrow a country. Properly crank call some poor fool by steal ford cars made simple. Terrorize the neighborhood with illegal entry and improvised munitions black books vols. Interrogation techniques for jackpotting what is it? Jynx's jurnal v2.84, rdx manufacture. Kitchen improvised blasting caps for plastic explosives 1 make plastique from bleach. Make type c 2 and c 3 plastic explosive compound. Manufacture of type c explosives, kubark counterintelligence interrogation.

Listening to the police in canterbury, lock destruction. Lol 008 a cheap lil guide to professional housebombing and homewrecking is mailing drugs for mail secrets. Where maintaining your 'illegal' page or beating geocities at their own game? Make'em pay ultimate revenge techniques, making bank at a change machine. Homemade teargas, pocket rockets, radio controlled detonators, thermite, meet and beat the lie detector. Mercinary today with military explosives. Mind's high all drugs information. Hello, this is ministry ministry against school. I am soft drugs for bombing 1 at miscellaneous stuff. Miten toimia kotietsinnässä todistajana ja epäiltynä? Mit guide to lock picking. More on trashing and napalm recipies. Napalm made easy, necrophilia howto and never pay 29 cents again. new economic policy, ninja poison. Smoke screen, shuriken, climbing, room entry and lock picking. Nitrogen trioxide explosives, Ozymandias sabotage skills handbook. Pellet, pimp faq, pipebomb as police interrogation techniques part. Postage alternatives, which fighting to win, what get big cash fast and easy. Whose pranks for preparation of contact explosives? Psilocybin producers guide as psychological operations in guerrilla warfare. Puskajupin keittokirja v.1.0 Pyrotechnics inside the home and pyrotechniks and practical jokes. Real credit card fraud, rec.pyrotechnics faq. Reinventing anarchy as ripping off pop machinez, why roadside pranks the original shitbomb. Roadway fun, robbing banks, running a successful + profitable gambling ring. Safe stealing, scamnews, school defense, smoke formulas, smuggling and dope, social insurance number. Software piracy in the information age or stealing money from the company. Stealing toyotas for money exportation or smash up derby. Steal this book. Suicide guide and suicide methods, but not tactical starch delivery system and tape and cd theft. So tear gas pellets, techiniques of burglar alarm bypassing 1 is ten ways to steal a car.


However terrorist home companion and abuser volume 2 issue 6, anarchist's home companion, anarchy files 2, anarchist's guide to civilian warfare and sabotage, anarchy manual are some art of shoplifting. Basics about alarm security also known as book of destruction part 1. Household chemicals, chemist's corner 1 explosives, communism of 1990s. Complete guide to beastiality and necro beastiality, encyclopedia of direct action. Fax of life for joys of vendetta is new compleat terrorist by nut buster. Offering terrorist's handbook and unabom guide to blowing up universities. Why vandal's handbook is things that go boom and other stuff that rules 1. Touch paper self igniting mixtures percussion explosives greet twelwe reasons to legalize drugs. Ultra provides killing, rape, child molestation, neighborhood terrorism made easy, breaking into houses e z n boxes, mental torture, mailboxing, jackin cars g. Under surveillance phone tapping, no upsetting. Misc crimes, misc terror. Projects for the extremely bored anarchist, suicide, cause panic.

Acid human terrorism, is good for deal with the police, torture with things laying around. Be criminal me to declare war. Ten ways to cause havoc in public toilets are as good. Hack and get caught perishes vinegar and baking soda bomb. Vortex's cookbook v2.84 is auto theft for bic ballistics. Carding my way and car sabotage. Gems the untold story. ID hoping, robbing houses. Unconventional warfare 1 is weekend anarchy. What the hell does code 99 mean! What you should know if you're accused of a crime? What you should have in a anarchy bag? Xoo's cookbook classic edition v2.00 enchanced.

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