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Saturday 31.12.2005
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Guides and articles

Burn the image to DVD

After the ripping process has finished, you simply go to Mode menu again and select Write under ISO selection.

Now you need to select the image file from the harddrive. Click the source filename in DVD Decrypter's window and it pops up a file dialog. Note that if you have other than NTFS filesystem, you might have multiple files on your harddrive now, one of them is with extension .DVD and this is the file you need to select -- if you have NTFS, select the only file you see in the directory you selected and click OK.

Ready to burn

Now simply check that all the settings are correct. Use test if you want, use burn-proof if your drive supports it, change write mode to DVD, keep data type as Mode 1/2048 and choose write speed according to your drive's specifications. Then, click the copy symbol in bottom of the window and wait while the disc burns.


Now you should have a DVD-Video backup that can be viewed with most modern stand-alone DVD players -- just remember that not all DVD players play these discs. Compatibility issues can be caused by the burning speed, the DVD player or by the DVD media. Should things go wrong the first thing to do is make sure you have followed our guide literally. Next try the process with some other DVD media -- the quality of the discs really makes a huge difference in DVD-Video use.

For all comments, further questions and suggestions should be posted to our discussion forums.

Table of contents:
· Introduction and requirements
· Rip the DVD with DVD Decrypter
· Burn the DVD image to DVD-R

Created: 11 May 2002   Last updated: 20 October 2004

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