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The Boyfriend Destroyer

Originally the name of a speed seduction pattern, the boyfriend-destroyer has been expanded by ASF to incorporate methods designed to make a woman doubt her boyfriend. The pattern version has the player associating negative feelings of being trapped, controlled, and unhappy with the man she is currently with, and contrasts this with feelings of freedom, independence, and not being smothered by her man. This is similar to the anti-player methods in that it utilizes the technique of minority-party politics, whereby the "party" that is out of power gains power by criticizing the current elected officials until they are given a chance.

What makes the boyfriend-destroyer so powerful is that most men make their lovers unhappy over time, and she cannot refute what you are saying unless she gives you a chance, thus giving you the sex you want before you ever have to prove yourself. The boyfriend-destroyer pattern uses NLP theory to supposedly manipulate her mind to react directly to the embedded commands, but I've always found that a bit dubious: one double-entendre the routine utilizes is talking about moving in a new direction (which is supposed to get her turned on because her brain processes it as nude erection). If you believe in NLP, you'll find this valid; if not, you probably won't be able to deliver the phrase with a straight face.

Foxhunters use a more logically-based boyfriend-destroyer, either by waiting for the Fox to be humbled (at which point her self-esteem is low and her shield is gone), or as an advanced strategy, by being the first to warn her that she is being played, dealing with her anger and storming off, then waiting until such time as she returns after she realizes he was right (predicting that a Fox is being played and will be dumped is about as risky as predicting the sun will rise).

Advanced players go as far as to set up boyfriend-destroyer scenarios by allowing the boyfriend to play Bluto, and then turning his own behavior against himself with remarks such as "What does he think you are, his property?" The player then makes his exit, the boyfriend gets chewed out, resentment builds, the player does nothing, the boyfriend tries everything, and with almost no effort, he successfully breaks up the relationship, at which point he can move in very easily.

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